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Super AirTraffic Control Cheats, Tips, Tricks & Hints to Get a Super High Score

Do you love arcade games and airplanes? If you do, then Huuuge Games’ latest mobile title called Super AirTraffic Control is just the game you need! Available for both Android and iOS devices, Super AirTraffic Control challenges you to land planes and helicopters safely by drawing lines, avoiding that they crash into each other. Though it sounds easy, you will discover that it can get really complicated. No need to worry though, as we are here to provide you with useful pointers that will help you land all the planes safely and smoothly.

So keep reading and discover our best tips and cheats for Super AirTraffic Control!

1. Drawing S-Shaped Lines May Save You From Troubles

Earn time by keeping your planes in the air

super airtraffic control high score

As planes begin to load up, you will need to earn some extra time to prevent them from crashing into each other. Drawing S-shaped lines will allow you to keep them in the air for a longer time, but still on their landing direction.

2. Keep Your Planes Under Control

Always look out for incoming planes

You always need to make room for new incoming planes. So make sure you land first those planes that are closer to the landing strip. You can use the S-shaped lines to keep nearby planes as close to the landing strip as possible. This way there will always be room for incoming planes. Just make sure you send all the new planes towards their correct landing strip.

3. Planes Will Always Keep Moving, Even If The Line Is Gone

Change their direction by drawing a new line

You will see that, even if the line you have drawn for the plane ends, your plane will keep moving in the direction you set for it. If you want to change their direction, draw a quick short line and they will change their course until you redirect them. However, don’t wait too long to give your planes proper instructions or it will all turn into a chaos.

4. You Can Play Single Speed Or Double Speed

Play double speed only when you can afford to

You can play Super AirTraffic Control at single speed or at double speed. However, you should only use the double speed option when there are no planes or only one plane on your screen. For the rest of the time, make sure to take things easy and play methodically. Unless, of course, you want to put your skills to a test and see if you can cope with double-speed.

5. Completed Levels Can’t Be Replayed

But you can replay failed missions

super airtraffic control cheats

The only way to replay a completed level is by deleting and reinstalling the game. However, you will be able to replay failed levels as many times as you need to. And the good news is that each new attempt comes with new planes and a new order. So you may get lucky enough to get a new set of planes that you will find easier to control.

6. If You Can, Use A Tablet To Play

Mobile phones offer you less space to control your planes

Tablets offer you a huge advantage when playing Super AirTraffic Control: more space to control the planes. So, if you can, use a tablet to play the game.

7. Watch Video Ads To Revive

Start over the level from where you left it

The first time you crash a plane, you are given the possibility to restart the level from where you left it by watching a video ad. When the video ad ends, you will go back to the exact moment where you left the game and you will have to land only the planes you had left over. If you don’t like ads, you can always purchase the No Ads option for $2.99. Or you can turn off your Internet connection. However, if you do so, you won’t be able to restart the level from where you left it by watching a video ad.

And this is it for our list of Super AirTraffic Control cheats, tips and tricks. We hope you will find them useful. If you have questions or you would like to share extra tips with us, don’t be afraid to comment below!