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Gravity Rider Cheats, Tips & Tricks to Dominate Your Opponents

A new and exciting physics-based racing title from Vivid Games, Gravity Rider is a colourful and futuristic motocross game available for iOS and Android platforms that challenges you to keep your balance while speeding through sci-fi themed 3D race tracks. Do breathtaking tricks, avoid deadly traps such as spikes or shurikens, play with a realistic physics-based engine, move blocks to activate ramps and buttons, and challenge other top racers! You can earn coins and gems, upgrade your bike, and open lots of prize boxes.

Are you ready to become the best gravity rider in the galaxy? Read on for our Gravity Rider cheats, tips and hints and get ready for a thrilling adventure.

1. Learn How To Control Your Movements

Use the most appropriate one in each situation

gravity rider cheats

Holding forward to accelerate is the main movement. However, there are more moves that you need to control if you want to keep on track and improve your time. Tilting the bike forward and backward not only allows you to do flips but also to knock over objects or ride over them. If you hit the back button, you will slow down and avoid knocking over objects or hit an obstacle.

2. Watch Video Ads To Win Gems And Open Chests Faster

Double your rewards

Watching video ads practically allows you to win everything in Gravity Rider. Visit the store area to win coins and 20 gems by watching video ads. And not only that: you can claim amazing free boxes anytime by simply watching a video ad. When you open a chest, you can double the rewards by watching a video ad. This is also valid for the coin rewards as well.

3. Win Chests By Completing Tracks

Earn stars to get better prizes

gravity rider tricks

In Gravity Rider, chests are won by completing tracks successfully. What you may not know is that the more stars you manage to earn, the better the content of the chest that you win. When unlocking a chest, you have several options: you can either wait for the chest to open on its own, or watch a video ad to open it instantly. If you want to open the chest immediately but you don’t feel like watching ads, you can always pay gems to open it.

4. Collect As Many Coins As Possible

Use them to upgrade your bike

Coins are extremely important because you can spend them on valuable upgrades. So make sure you collect as many as possible. You can then use them for lots of useful upgrades: engine acceleration, enhanced speed, improved rotation, increased stability on the track, or better wheels to improve the grip. Collect cards from the chests to get new parts. Keep in mind that you will always need coins to upgrade the existing parts. However, you won’t need to spend any coins for installing new parts.

This wraps up our quick guide for Gravity Rider. If there are other tips you know and you would like to share them with us, use the comments section below to drop us a line!