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Suicide Squad: Special Ops Tips, Cheats & Guide to Defeat Your Enemies

Suicide Squad: Special Ops is Warner Bros’ official game for the upcoming movie Suicide Squad, and it puts you in charge of a special task force that’s made up of highly dangerous incarcerated Super Villains. This is a first-person shooter where you can control three different Suicide Squad members (Harley Quinn, Deadshot, and El Diablo), and master their weapons and special abilities. As you explore the in-game world, you can collect ammo, health packs, and various upgrades that can help you last longer against your enemies, and you can also compete against players from all over the world as you try to climb the leaderboards.

While this might seem like a simple game, but in reality Suicide Squad: Special Ops is more difficult than you may think. For one, the mechanics of this game are especially high-stakes in nature; if you lose one member of the Suicide Squad, you won’t be getting them back at any point of the current run. And if all three members get killed, that’s the end of the game. So read on, as we now bring you our special list of Suicide Squad: Special Ops tips, cheats and hints.

1. Be Aware Of What’s Around You

It goes without saying that you should always be on the lookout for enemies that may be around you. But if there are nearby enemies that aren’t exactly visible to you right away, you’ll be notified by icons that appear, pointing you to where they’re located. An exclamation point will appear if the enemies are making their way toward you, so do be careful about this, especially when the exclamation point turns red, as that means the enemy is preparing to attack. Always be on your toes, as you can never tell where the enemies will be sneaking up on you. Also be aware of what your allies are doing at any given time, because once again, you lose a team member for the duration of the game once he or she has been killed.

2. Know What Each Squad Member Does

Each of the members of the Suicide Squad have their own specializations, and you should take note of this when deciding who does what and when. For starters, Deadshot lives up to his name by being an expert on the assault rifle, and triggers “marksman mode” by firing away with direct hits to an enemy’s head. He isn’t entirely useless up close, though, as his wrist guns are quite effective in close-contact fighting. El Diablo makes use of fire-throwing as his main skill, though you’ll have to deal with comparatively significant cool-downs. Lastly, Harley Quinn uses her baseball bat for fighting up close; get enough hits in and she’ll launch into “frenzy mode.” Her revolver, however, is often her weakness as it takes a while for her to reload it.

3. Strategically Plan Your Lineup Arrangement

The game will require you to play as all three Suicide Squad members in a game, and once a team member dies, another member will take over as the POV character you’re controlling. As such, you can select the order in which you’ll be playing all three. Keeping in mind the fact that a character’s death is “permanent” within a game, it’s important that you properly strategize when choosing the order for controlling each character. As it would mostly depend on your play style, you can save Deadshot for last if you’re the type who’s good in ranged combat. Conversely, you can make Harley Quinn your first character if you prefer melee attacks, or save her for last if she’s the one you’re most comfortable with.

4. Focus On Positioning

As the other two squad members follow your POV character and arrange themselves based on your position, this is something you also want to plan beforehand. Consider this simple example – running forward, then running behind would force your teammates to move in front and fight off the first waves of enemies. That’s all well and good as it allows you to survive longer, but the game bases your score on the number of enemies you kill while controlling a character. That means you may have to take it easy when it comes to letting your two teammates do your dirty work. And, going back to our original point, you should choose a position where you know you won’t get cornered, as enemies tend to appear from the sides and edges when you least expect them to. Look at where your teammates are firing to get an idea of where enemies are appearing, should you be feeling a bit confused and disoriented in terms of your position.

5. What To Do In Lieu Of The Save

Yes, we’ve mentioned it several times in this strategy guide, but it is one of the things you really have to get used to in the game. You do not get second chances once you die, and that’s mainly because the game won’t allow you to save anything. This isn’t your traditional action mobile game, and we’re thinking Warner Bros did this on purpose to add some (or a lot of) challenge to Suicide Squad: Special Ops. So what’s to do if you cannot save your progress?

The best alternative would be to pause your game, though this tends to yield hit-or-miss results. Pausing right before a wave of enemies appears or just after one of your characters die is fine. You can stop, collect your thoughts, and take stock of what you just did and what needs to be done. But if you pause in the middle of an attack or ambush, that won’t pause the attack. Ergo, you’ll be dead once you return to the game, and maybe even while you’ve still got the game paused.

6. Purchase Passive Upgrades

Supply Drops take place every two to three waves or so, and these offer you with a host of upgrade options. You may, for instance, be asked if you want to refill armor for one of your squad members, mainly the one who’s presently selected. In this case, don’t go for that option unless you need to refill your health. What you would want, in most cases, is the passive upgrade; increased damage and health drop chance increases, for instance, are permanent upgrades that could do you a world of good!

7. Reload In Between Waves

Last, but not the least, we would suggest that you use the short period of time in between waves of enemies to recharge El Diablo (or to let him cool down), or to load up on any ammo that you may find nearby. You can also take this chance to go back and collect an ammo crate. And if you’ve just gone through a wave of enemies, go get the health power-ups that they had dropped. And, as a bonus tip for health power-ups, you should always have a melee weapon handy if you’ve got to get past a group of enemies who are separating you from the health boost.