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Subway Surfers Blast Beginner’s Guide: Tips, Tricks & Strategies to Solve Puzzles and Complete All Levels

Subway Surfers is an endless runner mobile game published by Kiloo Games in 2012 (and later by SYBO Games in 2020). With its popularity, it was no surprise that they eventually created Subway Surfers Blast: a puzzle spin-off set in the same universe with slightly older versions of the main characters.

With mechanics reminiscent of Candy Crush, Homescapes, and Cube Blast: Match Puzzle Game, Subway Surfers Blast is a breath of fresh air in the franchise. From its fun and colorful art style down to its funky beats, you’ll feel right at home in this wonderful spin-off game while experiencing something exciting and new! Follow Jake and his three friends Fresh, Tricky, and Yutani as they try to restore and rebuild their favorite hangouts from the ground up.

subway surfers blast cover
Could this be your new obsession?

The game starts with Jake finding their Skate Park hangout in bad condition. He’ll ask you to help him fix it up. But how do you help him? Similar to the concept of Homescapes, you play a puzzle game, matching similar tiles together, to earn Stars which are used to unlock upgrades to the Hangouts.

At the time of writing this guide, there are 4 Hangouts you get to fix up and remodel, namely: The Skate Park, Skate Heaven, The Diner, and The Rooftop Garden. The main difference between Subway Surfers Blast and match-3 games like Homescapes or Candy Crush is the fact that this game does not let you swipe pieces to make matches. Here, all you need to do is tap 2 or more cubes of the same color to make a match.

But just like the games that came before it, Subway Surfers Blast also gives you a limited number of moves to get through the level along with obstacles that you need to get through. Each brand new obstacle introduced gives spice and flavor to the puzzles and will ensure that you’ll never get bored and will always be challenged!

subway surfers blast skate park
What happened to this Skate Park?

As straightforward as Subway Surfers Blast is, there are a few things you can do to improve your game and make the most out of it. We’ve played the game for quite a bit and found some interesting tips and tricks. In this guide, we’ll share with you some practical pointers that can sharpen your technique and introduce you to benefits and rewards you may not even be aware of. Without further ado, we present to you our Beginner’s Guide to Subway Surfers Blast!

subway surfers blast let's get moving
Let’s get to it!

1. Connect Your Game to Facebook or Google

subway surfers blast connect
Connect so you don’t lose your progress!

While it is not a requirement, we highly recommend connecting your game to your Facebook or Google account in order to save your progress. Connecting your account not only ensures that your game will always be saved, but it will also make sure that you can continue later, with your progress still intact, if you decide to delete the game from your device. You will also be able to play your save on multiple devices this way.

2. Utilize Your Power-Ups

subway surfers blast power-ups
Power-Ups: the most important tool in your arsenal.

Power-Ups are an essential part of Subway Surfers Blast and it is impossible to go through a level without it. Power-ups aid in destroying a large number of cubes and obstacles. These can also be combined or applied at the start of your game.

Best Ways to Create Power-Ups

subway surfers blast match
Cubes change icons when they can become a Power-Up.

To create Power-Ups, you’ll need to match a large group of cubes. A quick way to know if a group of cubes can turn into a Power-Up is by observing their icons. Cubes with Rocket icons will turn into Rockets, ones with an Explosion icon will turn into a Bomb and ones with a Spray Can icon will turn into a Spray Can. Some levels only have a few colors and obstacles present, making it very easy to form them. However, in some cases, creating them can be challenging as some will start you off with very few similarly-colored tiles and very many obstacles.

subway surfers blast obstacles
Sometimes there are more obstacles than cubes.

In those cases, it may be advisable to focus on clearing up as many obstacles as you can without using up all your moves to give your cubes enough space to gather. It is natural to only start forming power-ups a few moves into the level.

subway surfers blast mixed
Sometimes colors just won’t match up!

In other cases, you may have a large area filled with cubes but none of those cubes seem to have a lot of cubes matching together. For this situation, you’ll need to spend some of your moves to clear smaller matches until cubes of the same color become connected to each other. Once you have 5 or more, you’ll have enough to make a Power-up!

Types of Power-Ups

There are 3 types of Power-Ups: Rockets, Bombs, and Spray Cans. Each of them does different things and serves different purposes. Knowing when to use each one is the key to winning the level without running out of moves.


subway surfers blast rockets
Rockets clear lines of cubes and obstacles.

Rockets can be formed from a group of 5 or 6 cubes. These power-ups are useful for clearing lines of blocks and obstacles and are especially useful in clearing those that are stacked or far away. They come in two types: Vertical and Horizontal. Vertical Rockets will clear all items in a column while Horizontal Rockets will clear all items in a row.


subway surfers blast bombs
Bombs clear a 3×3 area of cubes and obstacles around it.

Bombs can be formed from a group of 7 or 8 cubes. These Power-ups can blast a 3×3 block area and are useful for clearing clusters and nearby blocks or obstacles.

Spray Cans

subway surfers blast spray cans
Spray Cans clear all cubes with the same color as them.

Spray Cans can be formed from a group of 9 or more cubes. These power-ups will adopt the color of the cube they were formed from and will clear all cubes of the same color when activated. To make the most out of this Power-up, we recommend clearing a few cubes of other colors to increase the number of cubes of the same color before using it.

Combine Power-Ups

subway surfers blast combine
Power-up combos can clear more cubes and obstacles.

To make the most out of your Power-Ups, combine them to become more effective at destroying more cubes and obstacles. Power-Ups can be combined by tapping them when they are next to each other. Below are the effects of each combination:

Rocket + Bomb

subway surfers blast rocket and bomb
Rocket + Bomb = 3-tile-wide cross.

The combination of one rocket and one bomb will result in a 3-tile wide row and column which forms a cross to be blasted. This allows you to clear both adjacent tiles and tiles from far away.

Spray Can + Rocket

subway surfers blast spray can and rocket
Spray Can + Rocket = all colors of the Spray Can turn into Rockets and activate one by one.

The combination of one spray can and one rocket will result in the spray can turning all cubes of the same color as the spray can into rockets. These rockets are activated one by one, blasting rows and columns of cubes while more cubes fall from above. The more blocks are transformed, the greater its effect.

Spray Can + Bomb

subway surfers blast spray can and bomb
Spray Can + Bomb = all colors of the Spray Can turn into Bombs and activate one by one.

The combination of one spray can and one bomb will result in the spray can turning all cubes of the same color as the spray can into bombs. These bombs are activated one by one, blasting 3×3 clusters of cubes while more cubes fall from above. The more blocks are transformed, the greater its effect.

Rocket + Rocket

subway surfers blast 2 rockets
Rocket + Rocket = Cross Rocket that clears a row and column.

The combination of two Rockets, no matter what type they are, will always clear tiles in a cross. The center of the cross is determined by what tile you tap. This allows you to clear tiles in both a row and column while reaching far-away blocks.

Bomb + Bomb

subway surfers blast 2 bombs
Bomb + Bomb = Super Bomb that blasts a 7×7 area.

The combination of two Bombs will result in a Super Bomb which will clear a 7×7 area of tiles. This is an effective way to clear many cubes at once, especially if they are in the middle of the board.

Spray Can + Spray Can

subway surfers blast 2 spray cans
Spray Can + Spray Can = Rainbow Spray Can that clears all cubes and some obstacles in a board.

The combination of two Spray Cans will result in a Rainbow Spray Can that will clear the whole board of its cubes and obstacles. It is the most powerful combination you can form. Obstacles that need two or more matches to clear will only shed one layer.

Multiple Power-up Combinations

subway surfers blast multiple power-up combinations
Multiple Power-ups won’t work the way you think they will.

Having Multiple Power-ups next to each other may seem like a good idea, and while it seems like the game will combine all of these power-ups together, only two of these power-ups will actually be combined to create the combinations stated above. They will usually prioritize the combinations in the order of Spray Can, Bomb then Rocket. We highly recommend not wasting Power-ups in this way.

The Domino Effect

subway surfers blast domino effect
When you activate the Rocket, it’ll reach the Bomb and clear a 3×3 area.

Power-Ups and their combinations can be used in all sorts of ways. While activating them by themselves is acceptable, having them trigger another Power-up or obstacle can create a satisfying domino effect. Rockets can reach all the way to the ends of a board, making them ideal for triggering this effect. They’re especially effective when they are mixed with other Power-ups.

subway surfers blast domino effect 2
When you combine the two Rockets, it’ll reach the other rocket and clear a horizontal line.

Bombs may have a shorter reach, but having them close to other Power-ups or obstacles that affect other cubes can make them just as effective. Spray cans’ reach will greatly vary depending on how many cubes of the same color are present on the board. While the Double Spray Can or Rainbow Spray Can combo is powerful and can wipe out the whole board, mixing this Power-Up with Rockers and Bombs may sometimes be more effective as it will also clear cubes that are falling into the empty spaces of previously cleared cubes.

Don’t Forget Your Starting Power-Ups!

subway surfers blast starting power-ups
You can choose one of each but not multiple of one type.

Aside from the Power-ups, you can form as you play, you can also select Power-ups to use before you start the game to help you win. You can choose between a Rocket, a Bomb, or a Spray Can of a random color. These Power-ups will replace a random cube on your board. It’s up to you if you’d like to use just one or two or all three but take note that these Power-Ups are not unlimited. Once you’ve used them all up, you’ll need to buy them with Coins. Three Rockets cost 100 Coins, three bombs cost 150 Coins and three Spray Cans cost 200 Coins.

subway surfers blast costs
Power-ups are expensive!

If you’re lucky, you might get unlimited Rockets, Bombs, or Spray Cans for a few minutes from a Mystery Box. These unlimited Power-Up prizes will be instantly activated when you obtain it and will automatically appear in your levels until the time runs out.

subway surfers blast time
Make the most out of that Power-up!

3. Use Your Subway Surfers’ Powers

subway surfers blast powers
Each Subway Surfer has Powers that can help you finish each level!

At each level, a Subway Surfer is assigned to help you get through it. At the time of writing this article, there are only 4 Subway Surfers available: Jake, Fresh, Tricky, and Yutani. Each of them has a Power specific to them and 4 Powers that can be used by all of them.

Subway Surfer-specific Powers

subway surfers blast power button
Powers unique to each Subway Surfer.

For these Powers to be activated, you’ll need to play through the game and blast enough cubes and power-ups to fill up the gauge. Once it’s been filled, the button will shine, signifying that it’s ready to use. You’ll have to fill it up every time you want to use it.


subway surfers blast jake
Jake gives you 3 rockets in 1 row with his power.

Jake’s Special Power is introduced at level 4. Activating it replaces 3 random cubes with Rockets in one random row. This Special Power can be useful in clearing lines of cubes and making power-up combinations that require Rockets.


subway surfers blast fresh
Fresh gives you 4 bombs in random locations with his power.

Fresh’s Special Power is introduced at level 5. Activating it replaces 4 random cubes with Bombs in random locations. This Special Power can be useful in clearing clusters of cubes and making power-up combinations that require Bombs. Fresh’s Special Power may be a lot more useful than Yutani’s because his is spread out and is 1 Bomb more than Yutani’s Special Power.


subway surfers blast tricky
Tricky gives you 4 rockets in random locations with her power.

Tricky’s Special Power is introduced at level 6. Activating it replaces 4 random cubes with Rockets in random locations. This Special Power can be useful in clearing lines of cubes and making power-up combinations that require Rockets. Tricky’s Special Power may be a lot more useful than Jake’s because hers is spread out and is 1 Rocket more than Jake’s Special Power.


subway surfers blast yutani
Yutani gives you 3 bombs in a column with her power.

Yutani’s Special Power is introduced at level 7. Activating it replaces 3 random cubes in the same column with Bombs. This Special Power can be useful in clearing clusters of cubes and making power-up combinations that require Bombs.

Common Powers

subway surfers blast common powers
Powers available for all Subway Surfers.

These Powers act as an extra move since using them will not affect your move limit. Unlike Subway Surfer-Specific Powers, these Powers can only be obtained from rewards or by buying them by tapping on them when you have none left.


subway surfers blast sneakers
Clear 1 tile with your Sneakers.

Sneakers are introduced at level 7. They are used to stomp a cube or item of your choice. Items with multiple layers will only shed one layer. These are useful for putting cubes or power-ups next to each other if they are separated by 1 cube or item. Three Sneakers cost 200 Coins to buy.

Pogo Stick

subway surfers blast pogo stick
Clear 1 column with your Pogo Stick.

The Pogo Stick is introduced at level 9. These are used to clear a whole column of your choice. Items with multiple layers will only shed one layer. These are useful for clearing vertical lines of obstacles. Three Pogo Sticks cost 400 Coins to buy.


subway surfers blast hoverboard
Clear 1 row with your Hoverboard.

The Hoverboard is introduced at level 12. These are used to clear a whole row of your choice. Items with multiple layers will only shed one layer. These are useful for clearing horizontal lines of obstacles. Three Hoverboards cost 400 Coins to buy.

Jet Pack

subway surfers blast jet pack
Shuffle cubes with your Jet Pack.

The Jet Pack is introduced at level 15. These are used to shuffle all of the colored cubes and are helpful when there are hardly any matches to make. Three Jet Packs cost 100 Coins to buy.

4. Destroy Obstacles

subway surfers blast obstacles
For every level, there will always be obstacles to challenge you.

While making power-ups are fun and exciting, clearing the obstacles must always be your main priority. The type and amount of combos you make will not give you a higher score or affect the end result. New obstacles are introduced every few levels and apply new and different mechanics to the game. The obstacles listed below are the ones we encountered from level 1 up to level 75.


subway surfers blast balloons
Burst Balloons by matching next to them.

Balloons are introduced at level 1. They are popped when a match is blasted next to them. These are the easiest obstacles to clear as it only needs one match. However, in later levels, they will start appearing in bulk and may drop down from above after clearing some cubes and obstacles. All Power-ups and Power-up Combos are very effective against them.


subway surfers blast crates
Destroy Crates by making 1-3 matches next to them.

Crates are introduced at level 5. Like Balloons, they are destroyed when a match is blasted next to them. Later levels will have crates that will require you to blast matches next to them multiple times before they are completely cleared. You’ll be able to tell how many times they need to be blasted by the way they look. A regular Crate only needs to be hit once. A Crate with a diagonal line needs to be hit twice. A Crate with an X needs to be hit thrice. Power-up Combos such as Spray Can + Bomb or Rocket are very effective against them and can hit them multiple times. Pogo Sticks and Hoverboards can also be very helpful against these obstacles.


subway surfers blast burgers
Bring Burgers to the bottom of the board to collect them.

Burgers are introduced at level 8. To obtain them, you need to destroy the cubes and items below them until they drop to the bottom of the board. Positioning vertical Rockets or Pogo Sticks below them is a quick way to get them to the bottom. Using a Bomb + Rocket Power-up Combo is very effective when collecting multiple stacks or clusters of Burgers. If you are only 1 cube away from the bottom, use Sneakers to help it along.


subway surfers blast basketballs
Make a match next to a Basketball to bounce them off of a cube or obstacle before it leaves the board.

Basketballs are introduced at level 13. These items will bounce to a random tile before getting collected once you match the cubes next to them. This obstacle can help clear other obstacles so it is highly recommended to clear these up before everything else. On most levels, they are usually far apart and aren’t very many. Vertical or Horizontal Rockets are useful for collecting them when they are too far away or if they are lined up. Pogo Sticks and Hoverboards can also be useful in this regard, but Sneakers can prove to be more effective if there are only 1 or 2 of them left.

Subway Lights

subway surfers blast subway lights
Make matches next to Subway Lights to break them. Break all lights in a set to clear them.

Subway Lights are introduced at level 17. Their lights can be smashed by making matches next to them. They come in rows or columns and sometimes even in pairs. All of their lights must be smashed before they can be removed. Using Rockets and Bombs or a combination of the two is very effective against them. Pogo Sticks and Hoverboards are worthy alternatives if the Power-ups are not available. Use Sneakers for the 1 or 2 lights that you just can’t reach.

Mini Amps

subway surfers blast mini amp
Make 2 matches next to Mini Amps to make them explode and destroy nearby cubes and obstacles.

Mini Amps are introduced in Level 21. Making matches next to them will cause them to blare out music. The second time you make matches next to them, they will explode, affecting nearby cubes and items in a 3×3 area. Because of its effects, it is recommended to prioritize clearing them among all other obstacles. All Power-ups, Power-up Combos, and Special Powers can be useful in clearing these obstacles off the board.

Graffiti Wall

subway surfers blast graffiti wall
Clear a number of cubes or obstacles to make Graffiti Walls show what’s behind them.

Graffiti Walls are introduced in Level 31. To break them open and see what it contains, you’ll need to collect the cubes or obstacles on the picture attached to them. Since these obstacles require you to clear a certain amount of cubes or other obstacles, Spray Cans, Bombs, and Power-up Combos may be your best bet in getting rid of them early. Pogo Sticks, Hoverboards, and Rockets may help but only if the cubes or obstacles they require are lined up.

Sub Sandwich

subway surfers blast sub sandwich
Make a match next to a Sub Sandwich to take a bite. Eat it all up to clear it.

Sub Sandwiches are introduced in Level 41. Make matches next to them to take a bite. You’ll need to eat it all up for the obstacle to disappear. One match is equal to one bite, no matter how many cubes are next to the Sun Sandwich. Bites will always start from the end without a wrapper. The Sub Sandwich is cleared when there’s only the wrapper left. Subs usually come in groups and are lined up on top of each other. Vertical Rockets, Bombs (and their combinations) along with Pogo Sticks are very effective against them.


subway surfers blast vinyl
Vinyl requires you to make matches of cubes of the same color as itself.

Vinyl is introduced in Level 51. To break them, you’ll need to match cubes of the same color next to them. Power-ups, Power-up Combos along with Special Powers like Sneakers, Pogo Sticks, and Hoverboards can break them no matter what color they are. Breaking obstacles that can break other cubes and items like Basketballs and Mini Amps is also effective against them. If Power-ups are not available or cannot be formed, Jet Packs can help by shuffling cubes around so that you can clear them with better matches or get matches that can form them.

Roller Skates

subway surfers blast roller skates
Roller Skates will push cubes for each turn until you remove them by matching them next to them.

Roller Skates are introduced in Level 61. Making matches next to them will allow you to collect them. For each turn that passes, these Roller Skates will push all tiles to one side and make them reappear at the other end of the board. Removing them is the only way to stop the tiles from moving. Strategically placing a Horizontal Rocket or Hoverboard along the line of Roller Skates will clear these obstacles easily.


subway surfers blast bubblegum
Bubblegum must be popped by matching cubes inside it.

Bubblegum is introduced in Level 71. To pop it, you’ll need to match the cubes inside of it. Cubes enclosed in Bubblegum will still shift down like regular cubes but the Bubblegum itself will stay in place. Some Bubblegum may start off as empty and will only be poppable once cubes fall into them. Breaking obstacles inside them will not break them but Power-ups hitting them will. Power-ups, Power-up Combos and Special Powers will aid in clearing them, but it all depends on the level of difficulty and placement of these Bubblegum. You may have to apply different strategies that match the situation.

5. Know When to Continue or Quit

Once you’re out of moves, you can pay 100 Coins to play for 5 more moves. If you still lost after that, the next offer will have a Rocket but will cost 200 Coins. Extra moves may continue to rise in cost as you keep buying it for the round. While we understand how frustrating it could be to lose, we do not recommend buying extra moves unless you know for sure that you can win the level within those five moves.

subway surfers blast more moves
You can buy 5 more moves for 100 Coins. Next purchases for the level are more expensive.

In many cases, it is far better to just redo the level and use up your Lives. Not only will you be able to start from scratch, but the cubes you are presented with are also randomized each time, letting you formulate a different strategy per try. Even if the obstacles are the same, this change could still greatly affect the outcome of your round.

subway surfers blast get lives
You can watch an ad to get 1 Life or spend 100 Coins for 5 Lives.

A Life is automatically replenished after 30 minutes. If you’d like to have a quick refill, you can purchase 5 Lives for 100 Coins; a much better deal than using the same amount of Coins to buy 5 moves. If you’re out of Coins and you don’t want to wait for your Lives to replenish, check your pending rewards for extra Lives, watch an ad when prompted in the game, or ask for some from your Crewmates.

6. Join a Crew

subway surfers blast crew
The more the merrier!

At level 21, you will unlock Crews. Crews are groups of players that help each other by sending extra Lives that help them continue through the game when they lose a level. You can request up to 5 extra lives every 8 hours and send lives back by tapping the Help button next to your Crewmember’s request. You can claim the lives they give you by going to your inbox and tapping the Claim button. These Lives can remain there until you need them. You’re also free to chat and socialize with them in the crew chat with the Chat button. As a Crew, you can also work together to increase your overall score in the Crew leaderboard by just playing the game.

subway surfers blast crew activity
Find yourself a Crew you jive with!

To be part of a Crew, you can join one by searching from the list or through the search bar and tapping the Join button. Many Crews displayed to you on the list will gladly take you in. Alternatively, you can also create your own Crew. Creating your own Crew gives you the freedom to choose its name, region, language, description, type (public or private), and minimum level. However, creating a Crew will cost 150 coins.

subway surfers blast join create
Make your own Crew!

If you are unhappy with your current Crew and wish to join a different one, go to the My Crew tab, tap More, and tap Leave.

subway surfers blast leave
You might find a better fit elsewhere!

7. Get More Rewards and Freebies

subway surfers blast player level up
Ad rewards are pretty good.

Rewards in the form of Mystery Boxes can be obtained by leveling up, fully upgrading a Hangout, or passing every 10th level of the puzzles. These Mystery Boxes may contain Coins, Power-ups, Unlimited Power-ups, or Lives for a few minutes. However, if you’d like to get more rewards from your Mystery Boxes, tap the Watch Ad button to unlock the bonus reward. You can also watch an ad every 11 hours from the home screen for more rewards.

subway surfers blast ad reward
More ad rewards!
subway surfers blast good luck
Good luck!

And this marks the end of our Beginner’s Guide to Subway Surfers Blast! We hope that our tips aid you in your cube-matching and your quest to restore Jake and his friends’ hangouts! Did we miss anything? Have you discovered any tricks you’d like to share? Or perhaps there’s a game you’d like us to cover? Let us know through the comment box!