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Stranger Things: The Game: How to Find All Eggos, Lawn Gnomes and VHS Tapes

Stranger Things: The Game is an 8-bit adventure game that is based on a hit TV series. In this game, you are on a mission to save all the missing kids who have gone missing. Every character you unlock will join your team, helping you gain access to various hidden areas around Hawkins town. Aside from rescuing characters, however, the game will also send you on side quests to collect various objects such as Eggos, Lawn Gnomes, and VHS Tapes. You will need to solve puzzles, defeat enemies, and discover new locations if you want to complete all these side quest collections. The good news is that you can find all of them with the help of our Stranger Things: The Game tips and tricks!

The guide below will focus mainly on completing the side quest collections. If you need help completing the game, or finding all the heart pieces, you can check out our other guide for Stranger Things: The Game.

How To Find The Eggos

Gathering all the Eggos in the game will allow you to unlock Eleven as a character. Once you have all eight of them, you just need to go to the northern forest then look for the tree stump entrance in the center. Go inside to find a lock box. Open it and you will find Eleven. She will then be usable in all save files and difficulty modes. The Collections tab have eight Eggos. We have listed the locations of each of them below according to their corresponding number in the Collections tab.

Eggo #1

This is hidden in the Hawkins lab. You can get this after defeating the first boss of the game located in the Hawkins National Laboratory. Use Lucas to shoot the control panels that will open the doors beside the Evil Scientist. Go inside the room to turn off the laser then switch to Hoppen so you can attack the boss. He will drop the first Eggo after you beat him.

Eggo #2

This is in the Forest Maze. Like the first one, you need to defeat the boss so he will drop an Eggo. Just use Nancy to beat the soldiers with her bat until they drop their shields. Once they are vulnerable, just hit them again with the bat. Take the soldiers out one at a time until you defeat them all.

Eggo #3

You can pick this up from the wreckage of the Conspicuous Van. The van is the boss battle for the Middle School dungeon. It will follow you on your bike and you just need to stay on a lane until a warning sign appears. After a couple of seconds, an obstacle will come up on the lane where the warning sign is. You need to move out of the way just in time to avoid the obstacle so that the van will hit it instead.

Eggo #4

This is found in the Sewers. Just use Will to defeat the boss in the Sewers. Hide behind a pillar then run towards the water. You will end up near a pipe which you can enter to emerge on the other side. Attack the Hazmat Gunner from behind and repeat the whole process until you take him out. He will drop an Eggo upon defeat.

Eggo #5

Beat the boss of Hawkins Public Library to get this one. Defeating the Elite Team requires stealth because if you get caught by any of them, you will automatically restart the whole battle. Use Dustin’s pudding to make enemies step on buttons that will trigger traps, or to make them walk in front of laser beams. Once all members of the Elite Team are defeated, they will drop the Eggo.

Eggo #6

Defeat the Tentacle Hydra in the Lab Bunker to get this. Focus on one side at a time in order to beat this boss. Knock the Upside Down bomb into the tentacles to reveal a control panel. Turn on the lasers then use the mirrors to direct the beams towards the side you want to attack. After one round of damage, lasers and mirrors will reset so you will need to keep repeating the same steps over and over until you defeat the boss.

Eggo #7

You can find this inside the fridge of the Wheeler house. The house is the one with the blue roof in the southwest part of town. Just head south from the High School. Keep in mind that you can only access this after you have completed the Middle School dungeon. There is a fridge on the first floor, open it to find the Eggo inside.

Eggo #8

This is hidden inside Bradley’s Big Buy. Once you have Nancy, go to the northeast corner of the store and look for the cracked wall. Use Nancy’s bat to break open the wall to gain access to the freezer and pick up the last Eggo.

How To Find The VHS Tapes

Completing the collection of VHS Tapes will allow you to watch a sneak peek trailer of the second season of Stranger Things. Just go inside Theater# 1 once you have all eight tapes to view the trailer. The locations of the VHS Tapes are listed below for your reference.

VHS Tape #1

This is also found inside the Hawkins Lab after defeating the Evil Scientist. Just go to the room to the right of where the boss battle occurred. You will find the VHS Tape just lying around, ready to be picked up.

VHS Tape #2

After defeating the boss in the Forest Maze, go west to find a keycard. After that, go north to gain access to a room containing the VHS Tape.

VHS Tape #3

You can pick this up after unlocking Will. Just go to the Middle School, head north, then east, then east again. Use Will to go inside the tunnel to find the next VHS Tape.

VHS Tape #4

After unlocking Will, return to the center room of the Sewers. Enter the northeast room from here. The next room will have a wall for Nancy to break. Go through the wall then use Will to enter the pipe. You will find the next VHS Tape after emerging from the pipe.

VHS Tape #5

This is accessible in the Hawkins Public Library after you defeat the Elite Team. Return to the library the go to room in the northwest corner where the three patrolling agents used to be. Enter the room on the right to find the VHS Tape.

VHS Tape #6

This is found in the entrance of the Hawkins Lab Bunker. You don’t really have to do anything special here because you will come across this room as you progress in the game. Just enter the Lab Bunker dungeon and you will find the VHS Tape in the first room.

VHS Tape #7

This is accessible at any point of the game but is easiest to pick up after completing the main story. Just go to Hopper’s house and you will find it on the floor.

VHS Tape #8

The last tape is in the Arcade. You will automatically stop in front of it after the Conspicuous Van chase so you can just head inside to pick the VHS Tape up. It is in the northeast corner of the Arcade so you will have to navigate around the gamers blocking your way.

How To Find The Lawn Gnomes

The Lawn Gnomes collection allows you to open the treasure boxes in Phil Larsen’s house. There are four chests inside the house and you can open one after you collect your third, sixth, ninth, and twelfth Lawn Gnomes. The treasure boxes contain various upgrades for your characters so completing the collection is worth the effort. The locations of the gnomes are listed below.

Lawn Gnome #1

This gnome is named David and can be found behind Hopper’s house after you complete the first dungeon. Hopper’s house is just northwest of the Middle School.

Lawn Gnome #2

This gnome is named Bumble and is found in the Forest Maze. Return to the maze once you have Will then head northeast, then southeast. Enter the pipe using Will to find Bumble.

Lawn Gnome #3

This gnome is named Grumble and is waiting for you east of the Hawkins Lab. Find the narrow path heading south from the road. Keep going south until you find Grumble.

Lawn Gnome #4

This gnome is named Tumble and is located in the forest south of the Middle School. Use Nancy to clear the log blocking your way so you can pick this up.

Lawn Gnome #5

This gnome is named Sam and is inside the Middle School dungeon. From the entrance, just head up two rooms then go left. You will find a door that requires a keycard. Find the card in the next room to open the door. Once inside, have Nancy break the suitcase and the wall behind it to find Sam.

Lawn Gnome #6

This gnome is named Pipsy and he is hanging around the pumpkin patch and corn maze. You will need Will to enter a pipe south of Hopper’s house. You will need Nancy to break a log to clear the path towards Pipsy.

Lawn Gnome #7

This gnome is named Tipsy and is inside the woods to the west of the Sewer entrance. Look for the bear guarding a chest and you will find Tipsy nearby.

Lawn Gnome #8

This gnome is named Robil and is in the Hawkins Lab. You will need Will to find him. Enter the lab then head north, then east. Have Will go into the pipe to find Robil on the other side.

Lawn Gnome #9

This gnome is named Bobil and is found in the Sewers. Just enter the dungeon then use Will to go through the pipe on the left. You will find Bobil in the next room.

Lawn Gnome #10

This gnome is named Wigglebum is in the Public Library. From the entrance, go northeast then southeast. You will find Wigglebum in this room hanging out with a blonde agent.

Lawn Gnome #11

This gnome is named Lord Twinklenose. There is a house with a blue roof west of the High School. You will find Lord Twinklenose inside.

Lawn Gnome #12

This gnome is named Pop and is in the Sattler Quarry. Go to the Sattler Quarry once you unlock Dustin. Follow the southern path, then head east and up. Lure the bear away from the cave entrance using Dustin’s pudding. Enter the cave and go through to the other side to find Pop.

Unlock Additional Upgrades

Aside from the side quest collections, there are also various items you can collect in the game in order to unlock additional character upgrades. There is an upgrade for each character in your team except for Eleven. It is a bit more difficult to complete this collection since there are no clues and you will have to figure out what to do with the items. To help you out, the different upgrade items are listed below.

Camo Backpack #1

There is a room in the far eastern side of the Maze Forest. Find your way around the bear traps and fences to reach the control panel. Go to the room on to the east to find the Lens Filter. Give this Lens Filter to Jonathan who is standing in the woods south of the Forest Maze entrance. He will give you a Camo Backpack in return which increases Lucas’s Rock capacity by 25.

Camo Backpack #2

Enter the Hawkins Laboratory with Nancy. Go to the north east of the lab to find a room with a cracked wall. Use Nancy to break the wall to find the Blue Print inside. Give this to Callahan at the Police Station to give Lucas another 25 slots for his Rock Ammo.

Camo Backpack #3

Open the first chest in Phil Larsen’s home by collecting three gnomes. The third backpack will give Lucas a total of 100 slots for his Rock Ammo.

Aluminum Bat

Buy this at the Hunting and Camping store for $250 to increase Nancy’s damage to 2.

Canadian Tuxedo

Go behind the Florist’s shop to enter a pipe that will lead you to the Librarian’s house. Behind the Librarian’s house is a garbage can that contains the Canadian Tuxedo. This increases Hopper’s damage and charge range when at full health.

D-Cell Flashlight

Open the second chest in Phil Larsen’s house by collecting six gnomes. This increases the duration of Mike’s stun attack.

Lucky D20

Open the third chest in Phil Larsen’s house by collecting nine gnomes. This gives Will a chance to inflict critical damage.

Spiked Bat

Find the Nails in the cemetery. Head west then north from Jennifer’s house. Use Nancy to break a log north of the cemetery to get the Nails. Give it to Steve who is hanging out on the east side of the map. He will give you the Spiked Bat in return. This increases Nancy’s damage to 3.


Open the final box in Phil Larsen’s home by collecting all the gnomes. This increases the number of pudding Dustin can hold by 50.

One of the most fun things to do in a retro game is to complete all the side quests. With the help of our Stranger Things: The Game tips and tricks, you will get all those Collection items in no time!