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Last Colossus (iOS) Guide: 6 Tips & Tricks to Crush Your Enemies

Last Colossus is a new iOS-exclusive simulation game from Game Stew, that combines action and RPG elements. In this game, you are a commander who discovers a giant robot after crashing landing on an unknown planet. It features old-school pixel graphics that helps give a retro vibe the game. You will need to battle against different enemies and bosses in order to survive. Play through nine chapters of RPG battles and aim for the best possible ending. The game will give you various opportunities to make choices in the game. These choices will determine your future. There are three different possible endings so try to unlock them all. If you need help getting all three endings, then you will need our Last Colossus tips and tricks for some pointers!

1. Defend Your Base

When you look at the map, you will be able to tell the location of enemy squads as they are marked by inverted triangles. These enemy squads move closer to your base every time you enter a battle. If they reach your base, they will attack it so try to get rid of them before that happens. Prioritize the nearest squads and work your way outward until you defeat them all. If your base gets damaged, you can use the Repair option to fix it. Unfortunately, this costs a lot of resources. The amount of resources you need to repair your base is equal to the amount of damage you received.

2. Upgrade Your Colossus

There are several upgrades that you can give your Colossus, including health and weapon upgrades. These cost resources but they give you great advantages in battle so upgrade as much as you can. Prioritize upgrading Energy because you need it for every little thing you do in battle. Having a lot of energy means you can use your weapons and abilities a lot without needing to recharge. You should also invest resources into upgrading your Accuracy because hit percentages can be very problematic in this game. You want to be able to land punches and that will be increasingly difficult to do without Accuracy.

3. Master The Controls

The controls of the game is simple enough to understand. There are three different buttons on the screen. The first one is for locking on to targets. The second one is for adjusting the direction you are facing. Lastly, the third button is for sending out a radar ping that shows you the location of enemies. Keep in mind that the pings are only temporary so you will need to do it often to keep track of the blips that appear. Focus on the brighter ones because those are the actual enemies. Random buildings may sometimes appear as dim blips on your radar so don’t get confused.

4. Use The Right Weapon

One way to come out of combat unscathed is to take out your enemy before they can even react. They will not attack you until it is their turn. Use the time you have to scan, locate, and lock-on quickly so you can hit enemies multiple times before they can counter. In order to eliminate your opponents quicker, you will need to use the right weapon. Each weapon has its own specialty depending on range, target unit type, and other things. Make sure you read the description of each weapon carefully so you can use one that will deal the most damage given your situation.

There are different attacks that are available in the game. These are executed differently so think about which type is best for each scenario. The Phaser uses a fluctuating power gauge in order to determine the effectiveness of an attack. You need to time your attack perfectly or you will end up dealing less damage. Your best bet if you are still starting out is the Punch. The Punch has the best accuracy in the early games and you will be depending on it while you still don’t have better weapons.

5. Watch Out For Aces

Once in a while. you will encounter enemy aces. These guys are beefed up versions of your enemies. They have higher health and damage. Be very careful when you encounter these guys because they actually have the ability to shoot you out of the sky. Just recharge as often as you can and wait for the right opportunity to attack. If you need to recharge quickly, try targeting a building. It won’t affect the inhabitants of the building and for some reason, it helps you recharge in a fraction of the time.

6. Don’t Touch The Panel

When you are at the power plant and you see something that says Slide to Open, do not touch it. It is a trick that the game has made to trap any curious minds. If you slide the control panel open, you will discover that it is actually a self-destruct button. It will blow everything up and end your game before you can even react.

Take control of your robot and blow away your opponents in Last Colossus! Just follow the tips and tricks above and you will emerge victorious! Also, if you’ve come across additional hints, that we haven’t shared in this guide, then feel free to drop us a line in the comment section!