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Storyngton Hall Guide: Tips, Tricks & Strategies to Breathe New Life into the Mansion

Storyngton Hall is a classic match-3 game with a charming Victorian twist created by Russian developer BIT.GAMES, that’s now available for iOS and Android devices. The game is structured like most match-3 titles out there, and is quite reminiscent of smash hits in the category such as Gardenscapes. Having said that, the backdrop of Storyngton Hall is quite different, as it’s imbued with a strong historic vibe. The game is set in Victorian England and is centered around a noble family who has just come into an inheritance.

The storyline is, without question, one of the highlights of Storyngton Hall, as it provides a compelling background for the match-3 puzzles players have to solve. In the beginning, we’re introduced to the Green family who has just moved into their new home – an old mansion that’s in dire need of renovation. The Green’s daughter Jane is the main character and she is passionate about writing. One day, she dreams, she will publish her very own romance novel.

Her parents, however, have other plans, especially her mother who decides to throw a ball at Storyngton Hall so that Jane can find herself a proper suitor. Jane’s not really interested in hosting the event, but keeps up appearances to please her mother. As part of the preparations, players will be asked to help Jane choose her dresses and accessories so she can look her best. Given the game’s dress-up component, it’s pretty safe to assume that Storyngton Hall is aimed towards the female demographic, but it’s certainly not limited to that segment alone.

storyngton hall gameplay

Story aside, Storyngton Hall is really quite a pretty straightforward match-3 challenge. The goal is to successfully complete levels so that you can collect blue stars. These represent the currency for unlocking renovations around the mansion, new outfits for Jane, and more.

Each challenge boasts its own objective which usually involves clearing a number of tiles of a certain colors or destroying/collecting special tiles or both. Players have a pre-allotted number of moves at their disposal to reach the goal. To clear tiles, users have to match 3 or more gems of the same color. The story is divided into chapters, and each introduces new special tiles on the board, so players will never experience a dull moment.

Another reason for that is because Storyngton Hall gets hard very quickly. The first few chapters offer a pretty relaxed experience, after which puzzles abruptly get a lot more challenging, so brace yourself for that. In an effort to provide some support, we’ve created a comprehensive Storyngton Hall guide for which we’ve gathered a series of strategies and tips that will hopefully provide you with the assistance you need during the game’s inevitable tougher levels.

1. Always Strive To Make Bigger Matches

Players should make a point of going after bigger matches right from the get-go. This way they can train themselves to pay closer attention and so increase their chances of quickly spotting these kind of opportunities when they arise on the board.

While pursuing only standard classic 3-tile matches is a good enough strategy for the first few challenges in Storyngton Hall, you’ll soon have to ramp up your playstyle if you want to avoid getting stuck in a cold streak. Failure to complete a level will result in the loss of one of the five lives you get at the beginning of a day.

storyngton hall tips

When you run out of lives, the game will put you on hold until a new one is generated. To avoid having to interrupt your playing session, strive for bigger matches of four or more tiles. Matches of this kind can create Boosters (more on the that in section 3) and you’ll need all of the power-ups you can get in order to unlock the later chapters of Storyngton Hall.

Moreover, our advice is to try and focus your attention in an effort to visualize the impact of a move before actually making it. Ask yourself: what happens if I make these tiles disappear? Will the action unlock the possibility of creating a larger match? Give it a try and hopefully you’ll be able to make it your default thinking pattern while playing this game. Don’t rush things, as there’s no penalty for taking your time to scrutinize the board carefully and then make your move. The levels are not timed.

2. Try Solving A Hard Level Multiple Times

Like every match-3 game, Storyngton Hall comes with its own collection of Boosters and power-ups – tools to help you in your quest to become a puzzle master. However, since the game gets difficult quite fast, our recommendation is to try to solve levels on your own as much as possible during the first chapters. This way you will be able to accumulate a good stash of Boosters, as well as other resources including gold.

There aren’t many ways to get extra Boosters in Storyngton Hall, except for unlocking chests as you progress throughout the chapters, so it’s a good idea to try to preserve them as much as you possibly can. You are going to need them as you move further in the game.

how to complete hard levels in storyngton hall

While it’s indeed frustrating not to be able to solve a puzzle from the first try, don’t just give up after you’ve failed once or twice. Our advice is that you attempt to solve a tricky puzzle at least five times. You see, the outcome of a level can be heavily influenced by the initial tile loadout and overall arrangement of the gems on the board after that. Sometimes you can be less lucky, while other times faith might smile upon you and reward you with a pretty convenient layout.

There’s a trick that we wish to outline here. If you start a level, but from the beginning you can tell that the loadout is not in your favor, you can quickly exit and start the level anew with a new loadout. Don’t worry, you won’t lose a life in doing so, so go ahead and try it yourself.

Try different strategies and don’t rush to make the first match your eyes fall upon. It won’t always prove the best idea. Instead, survey the board attentively to find the matches that suit your purposes. Don’t always do what the game nudges you to do, either. When you’re inactive for a few seconds, the game will quickly suggest your next possible move. But keep in mind that it might not be in your best interest to take up the proposal. It’s preferable to try and use your head instead until you find the better alternative.

3. Use Your Boosters Wisely

You won’t have to wait long until a hard puzzle comes along in Storyngton Hall. If you already tried the strategies that we outlined above with no results, it might be time to bring in some reinforcements.

Sure, you’ll be able to make Booster throughout the game on the board, and we’ll talk about them in a bit. But your chances of succeeding will grow considerably if you start a level with some Boosters already ready and waiting on the board, which is what pre-level Boosters are for.

storyngton hall boosters

The pre-level Boosters are the same as the Boosters you can make in game and below we are going to detail them each:

Rockets – players can create one by matching four tiles of the same color in a line. Depending on their orientation, Rockets can either be horizontal or vertical. When launched they clear all the tiles in one row or column.

Bombs – players can take advantage of Bombs by matching five or six pieces in a L or T formation. Once activated they can clear a 3×3 tile radius.

Bugs – will remove one random piece of the field (usually one that needs to be cleared away). What’s more, when taking off, Bugs also destroy neighboring pieces. You can create one by matching four pieces of the same type in a square formation.

Rainbow – destroys all the pieces of the same type from the board. It’s possible to create them by matching five pieces in a line.

All these Boosters are available in the form of pre-level power-ups and you’ll need to activate them before a match starts. There are three options: Rocket+Bomb combo, Double Bugs and Rainbow.

Going into very difficult challenges, it would be a most excellent idea if you could activate all three of them at the same time. Of course, you shouldn’t rely solely on the destructive powers of these Boosters, and try to do your best to spot favorable matches that would ideally result in more Boosters on the board.

storyngton hall booster combinations

Speaking of Boosters players create during the game. Should you ever notice two of them on the board sitting side-by-side, don’t hesitate to combine them. In doing so you will be creating a super power-piece combination that can have devastating effects on the board. Here are all the possible permutations:

Rocket+Rocket – creates a cross-shaped blast that clears an entire row and column at the same time;

Rocket+Bomb – creates an explosion that clears three rows or columns depending on the rocket’s direction;

Rocket+Bug – the Bug takes off and lands the Rocket over a tile that needs to be cleared a way; the Rocket then takes off from that position;

Rocket+Rainbow – a very powerful combination, as the Rainbow transforms all tiles of a certain color on the board into Rockets which then take off all over the board;

Bomb+Bomb – two bombs combined trigger a bigger explosion with a radius much larger than a single bomb;

Bomb+Bug – the Bug takes off and lands the Bomb over a tile that needs to be cleared away, and the Bomb will then explode from that position;

Bomb+Rainbow – another powerful combination, as the Rainbow transforms all tiles of a certain color on the board into Bombs which then explode all over the board;

Bug+Bug – the Bug duo creates a larger explosion at takeoff and clears two tiles that need to be removed from the board, as well;

Bug+Rainbow – the Rainbow transforms all tiles of a certain color on the board into Bugs which then take off all over the board;

Rainbow+Rainbow – the most destructive combination you can make, as it clears the whole board of tiles.

Remember, the ability to make combinations of Booster is essential when you’re dealing with difficult puzzles.

While power-ups super helpful, there’s another set of tools you shouldn’t ignore. These appear a bit later in the game, and they can provide one last push towards achieving success. There are three of them, and you can find them in the menu located in the right part of the display.

storyngton hall new booster

Seal – removes any tile from the board;
Quill – destroyed all the tiles vertical and horizontal from it;
Glove – swaps any two adjacent tiles without spending a move.

These tools can be applied at any time during the match, but players will probably want to use them towards the end of the match. These tools are perfect for when you’re having trouble finishing up a match and you’re about to run out of moves. The Seal or Quill might be exactly what you need to finish off the challenge in glory. As for the Glove, it’s great for turning a dead-end into a possibility.

4. A Few Tips On How To Deal With Different Special Items

New special items are constantly added to Storyngton Hall, as you unlock new chapters. These can take the form of objects you need to collect or obstacles that you have to destroy and they are always part of the level objective.

While targets will always vary, there’s one tip that can be applied regardless of the level you’re currently playing. Whenever you can, try and make matches towards the bottom of the board. This allows new gems to fall from above, and quite possibly even make one or two spontaneous Boosters, in the process.

Storyngton Hall is an extensive game and throughout it you’ll have to deal with numerous special items. In this section we’re going to look at some of the most common ones and we will suggest some tips regarding how to tackle them when they inevitably make their appearance.

storyngton hall special items

Single-Match Obstacles – these can be boxes, plates, lotus flowers etc. These obstacles can be removed simply by matching in their vicinity. One match and players can get rid of them with ease. When playing a level where this kind of obstacle is involved, it’s best to concentrate on removing them first, as to clear space and allow an uninterrupted flow of gems to stream on the board.

Multi-Blast Obstacles – these are more difficult version of the obstacles detailed above, because you’ll need to match multiple times in their vicinity to be able to destroy them. These include things like encased lotus flowers, sealed boxes and more. As before, focus all your efforts on getting rid of these obstacles first, because they’ll most likely block parts of the board you need access to in order to complete the level objective.

Booster-Only Obstacles – these are obstacles which can only be removed by using a Booster, for example, the double ropes. When you stumble upon such an obstacle, you’ll need to quickly figure out how to make a Booster in its close proximity, because matching next to it won’t help at all.

Spreading Objects – includes special tiles like the carpet which needs to be spread all across the board. When dealing with such a challenge, players need to make matches with a piece covering a carpet tile to keep laying the carpet. It’s also recommended that you try and use Boosters when dealing with spreading objects including Bombs or Rainbows which will help you with rapid spreading. Bugs are also useful because they can transport the carpet to a random tile on the field.

Hidden Objects – these might be things like envelops that are hidden behind layers of other stuff, for example, glass. In some cases, you’ll need to match across the surface at least two times before you can release the envelops from their prison. In such scenarios, it would be extremely useful if could make one or more Bombs as these power-ups help clear an area fastest.

Falling Objects – includes objects like keys that usually need to drop all the way to the bottom of the board of the field in order to be collected. Alternatively, there will be levels featuring portals where you’ll have to get the key to fall through the left or right side of the board. Portals connect separate parts of the field and once pieces or other elements enter a portal, they immediately relocate to a different part of the field.

Whichever the case may be, the basic idea is to do everything in your power to free up the path for these objects as fast as possible. This might imply clearing away other obstacles that are blocking the way as fast as possible. During such levels, Booster use is highly recommended to clear a larger area quickly and painlessly.

5. Save Your Gold Coins

Gold coins are the other reward you receive for completing a puzzle. Players often have the option to double the amount (which isn’t much by the way – approximately 50 coins) by watching a quick ad. We recommend that you do so whenever the option is available, because you’ll need all the coins you can get.

You see coins can provide you with the last resort when you’ve tried your best to solve a level, but you eventually failed. In exchange for 800 coins, you can purchase 5 additional moves. But given the small amount you receive for each stage, you need to play a lot of levels to be able to accumulate the sum.

how to earn more rewards in storyngton hall

This is why, spending coins should be done only if believe you truly have no other choice. Make sure that before you do so, you also take advantage of the option to watch a quick ad in exchange for an extra move.

If you’re dealing with a particular hard level and the free extra move is not available, make it a point to leave the game and come back to it, first thing in the morning. This way you’ll be able to take advantage of the watch an ad in exchange for a move offer, which pops-up only during the course of the first few levels you play during a day. The offer expires later, but that’s OKEY since it returns every day.

Another solution for getting more coins is to use the Ad chest (find it in the top left corner of the screen) and watch an ad for 50 coins. Watch 5 in a row and you’ll be able to unlock a chest filled with goodies.

6. Don’t Forget To Join A Club

Unlike most match-3 games we’ve played before, Storyngton Hall isn’t flooded with in-game events of all kinds. Which is why you won’t have many opportunities to win additional Boosters or extra lives.

As we discussed above, making progress in the game is constantly rewarded with chests which could contain extra lives or not. Given the difficulty of the game, you’ll probably find yourself in need of more lives to continue playing, at one point or another.

how to join a club in storyngton hall

This is why we encourage you to join a club. Find one that has a decent number of members and join it. Then if you notice that your life meter is running low ask your friends for help. Make sure to return the favor, as well in order to maintain a healthy sharing relationship between the members of the community. Sending lives is also rewarded with a few coins, so you won’t be doing it in vain.

We this we wrap up our Storyngton Hall guide and we hope you’ve enjoyed reading it. Most importantly, we hope you’ve managed to find some useful tips and tricks that you’ll be able to apply to your own in-game strategy. If you’ve become quite familiar with Storyngton Hall because you’ve played the game for quite some time, and you’ve discovered some strategies that haven’t been touched upon in this guide, we encourage you to share them with the community via the comment section below!


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