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Storage: Auction Legends Cheats – 5 Awesome Tips to Outbid Your Opponents

Storage: Auction Legends is an iOS-only game by Everthrill that allows you to bid on rare items and compete against fellow bidders. As you progress in the game, you’ll be competing against craftier opponents with refined strategies, while you’re trying to make a lot of money. The game boasts of unique artificial intelligence and a whole lot of exclusive items, as well as several locations that you can unlock by winning auctions. In short, it’s like a mobile game version of Storage Wars. So with that said, we shall now be providing you some useful Storage: Auction Legends cheats and tips that will help you win those auctions and earn a tidy profit on all levels.

1. Purchase Storage Units Based On How Much Space You Have In Your Car

You may find it tempting to buy so many storage units, but there won’t be much use for all that storage if your car can’t handle it. With that in mind, you’ll want to buy storage units based on the free space inside your car. You won’t be able to earn money if you’re able to win a number of items, but not be able to fit them inside your ride. As a rule of thumb for those playing the free version, one storage unit is usually good enough to fill all twenty spots inside your car.

2. Take It Easy When Bidding

In Storage Wars, everyone who’s bidding on items has to keep their own finances in mind. That’s not the case in Storage: Auction Legends. You won’t be able to up the ante when bidding on a storage unit and look forward to getting the next unit at a more affordable price. That would require you to bid at a reasonable pace; wait till the three other bidders slow down with their bids, and once the counter reaches two, that’s when you can place your bid. Aside from throwing off your competitors, this also results in lower increments when the auction price goes up.

3. Be Familiar With Pricing

You’ll only be able to see a few items when previewing a storage unit, but you would, at least, be able to see how much these items cost. We’ll tell you more in a bit about how Storage: Auction Legends can get random, but if you know how much the known items cost, you’ll have a better idea of how to proceed with your bid.

4. Not All Fragile Units Contain Something Valuable

Storage units can be misleading. You may see the “Fragile” warning on a unit, only to find useless, inconsequential items inside. Conversely, a unit that looks like it’s seen better days or looks completely worthless to begin with may contain something worth a fortune. In other words, Storage: Auction Legends can be random like that, so it would behoove you to open as many containers as possible.

5. Use The Time Lapse Cheat For Extra Energy Boost

The ubiquitous time lapse cheat is also available in Storage: Auction Legends. In here, you’ll use this to replenish your energy without having to wait – as a reminder, setting this up is as simple as going to your iPhone or iPad’s settings and advancing the time by an hour or so.