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StoneAge World Beginner’s Guide: Tips, Tricks & Strategies to Build a Strong Team and Protect Tectonika

StoneAge World by Netmarble immerses players in a prehistoric MMORPG where you will collect and train dinosaurs and other ancient creatures as you try to protect the land of Tectonika.

Netmarble, the developer behind mobile games such as Marvel Future Fight and Magic: ManaStrike, continues the adorable StoneAge franchise with StoneAge World. This new MMORPG features colorful characters and lush environments, with a story that revolves around defeating the Machine Life.

StoneAge World follows the same formula of the Pokémon series, as you will be building up a team of pets that you can rely upon in battle. The combat system is similarly easy to learn, but mastering it is a different story as StoneAge World offers additional mechanics such as weapons and battle formations.

Players who pick up StoneAge World may expect an MMORPG that is hard to stop playing, as the combination of its story, graphics, gameplay will keep you in Tectonika until you are sure that the land is free from all danger.

1. Don’t Forget To Collect Rewards

StoneAge World features a variety of currencies. Stones are the game’s basic currency, and may be used in the Shop to purchase items such as meat for your pets and equipment for your character. Blue Gems are the premium currency, which are much rarer to come by but may be purchased with real-world money. The other currencies include Core Components for creating Mecha pets, Tribe Contributions for use at the Tribe Shop, and Insignias, Feathers, and Bones, for various upgrades to your pets.

how to get more rewards in stoneage world

To progress faster in StoneAge World, and to strengthen your team, you should always remember to collect rewards from the several sources that will be available to you as you play the game. This includes the Reward screen that offers several tasks for you to complete, ranging from logging in to the game and spending time in it to increasing your character’s level and your team’s Power.

Other sources of rewards include the Recharge menu, where players can acquire Stones by simply taking a look at what’s being offered; the Mail screen, where some of the messages contain rewards waiting to be claimed; and the Growth screen, accessible through the bar at the left, where players may unlock different tasks as their character levels up. You should also regularly check the Quests icon at the bottom, particularly the Sub Quest list, as completing those also grants experience points and Stones.

how to earn growth rewards in stoneage world

Some of the rewards are unlocked as you play the game on your own pace, while others will require more effort. Of course, the rewards you can get for the more advanced achievements will be better, but in the early game, you will want to focus on something else. And that’s where our StoneAge World beginner’s guide comes in, as it contains several tips, tricks and strategies to jumpstart your adventure!

2. Play Through The Story First

The story of StoneAge World captures how it feels like to live in the land of Tectonika, as players are required to visit the land’s four villages for various quests. Completing them is relatively easy, as tapping on the quest marker automatically moves you to the person you need to talk to, the item you need to acquire, or the enemy that you need to defeat.

stoneage world quest

While the quests start to feel repetitive after a while, it is important that you focus on playing through the game’s story first. This is because completing the quests is the best way of accumulating rewards and experience points in the early game.

The rewards that you will accumulate from the story quests will set you up for the game’s late stages, but more importantly, the experience points will level up your character quickly. Not only does this also increase the level cap of your pets, but moving up to the higher levels unlocks all the features of StoneAge World, most of which will be used to further strengthen your team, or to acquire resources for doing so.

stoneage world tips

Examples of things that will be unlocked as you increase your character’s level are the Get Pet and Auto options at the left side of the screen, for acquiring pets and materials, respectively, and the options for improving your pets through the Growth Rate, Skill, Research, and Amulet screens on their profiles.

3. Keep Expanding Your Team

You should realize after a short while that the pets that you have in your arsenal will determine how far you go in StoneAge World. This means that to have the best chance at forming an unstoppable team, you will need to keep catching pets whenever you can.

storage world lineup

Unfortunately, catching pets is limited by your Vitality, so you should not try to catch every single creature that you see in the open. At the start of StoneAge World, you should catch enough to form a serviceable team, but as the game progress you can be choosy in which pets you want to have in your stable. It is a good idea to catch at least one of every new pet that you encounter, and then acquire more of that pet to try to get better versions for your team.

how to acquire pets in stoneage world

There are other ways to acquire new pets though, which you unlock later on in the game through the Get Pet icon on the left side of the main screen. The Capture feature is handy as it shows you where specific pets may be acquired, in case you forgot where you saw a certain pet. The Hatchery is where you place Eggs that you obtain through methods such as Auto, where you and your pets are left to automatically roam certain areas in Tectonika to farm resources.

It is important to maximize all these ways to acquire pets, to increase your chances of getting the rare pets that will form the best version of your team.

4. Get Used To Fighting Manually

As you play through StoneAge World’s story, some quests will require you to battle against enemies in a turn-based combat system that remains popular among RPGs such as Pokémon. There are two ways of fighting in the game – manual and auto.

how to fight manually in stoneage world

Controlling your team manually is the best way of fighting in StoneAge World. This is because you will have complete control over each of your pets’ moves, including who they will target and the skill that they will use, but with a time limit on your decisions. You will be able to decide whether you will use basic attacks to build up your pets’ skill points so that they can use their more powerful abilities, or if using your pets’ weaker abilities that use up less skill points will be enough to give you the win.

Placing your team on auto comes with some significant disadvantages, primarily the loss of micro-managing your pets’ targets and skills. Your pets may spread out their attacks too much, resulting in opponents with low health wiping out your team. Additionally, your pets may be using the wrong skills to beat your enemies.

stoneage world auto battle

There are some ways so that your team can perform better when fighting in auto mode though. You can tap on an enemy so that your pets will focus their attacks on that target until it dies. In addition, you can set the skill that your pets will use on the row of icons at the right side of the screen. While this gives you a bit more control over them, if you are not fast enough in issuing these commands, they will only kick in on your next turn.

Fighting in auto mode will never be as efficient as issuing commands manually, but in the early game, it will be enough to still win against the opponents that you face. However, in the late game and when going up against other players, it would be very hard to win without taking control of every aspect of the match.

5. Take Advantage Of Elemental Matchups

One of the most important aspects of combat that is fully maximized when issuing commands to your team manually is taking advantage of elemental matchups.

Your pets’ elemental characteristics are determined by the distribution of 10 points to four elements, namely Earth, Water, Fire, and Wind. Pets may have two elements, with their primary element being the one with the more points.

elemental advantage in stoneage world

The elemental affinities of your pets and your opponents determine the effectiveness of their attacks against each other. Earth is strong against Water, Water is strong against Fire, Fire is strong against Wind, and Wind is strong against Earth.

A pet that has 10 points in Earth will deal 30% more damage to an opponent that has 10 points in Water. The percentage, however, is reduced if the attacker or target has less than 10 points in the element that is part of the weakness pairings. Conversely, a pet with 10 points in Water will deal 30% less damage to an opponent that has 10 points in Earth.

elemental disadvantage in stoneage world

When issuing manual commands during combat, you will see percentages appear at the top of opponents when selecting your pets’ target for the turn. Green numbers indicate how much more damage your pet will deal to that target due to an elemental advantage, while red numbers indicate the opposite. You should have a good idea which of your pets will deal more damage to which opponents based on their elemental affinities though, so it is recommended to reserve your pets’ strongest attacks against the opponents to which they will deal the most damage.

Having more leveled up pets with different elemental affinities as backups to your main team will also help you in fielding the best possible combination against your opponents. In fights where you are provided information on your opponent’s lineup before entering the match, you will be able to fill your team with your pets that can best take advantage of the elemental matchups.

6. Choose The Best Pets To Train

Since you’re always looking to expand your team, and with elemental affinities in mind, how do you choose which pets to spend your hard-earned resources on for training? Setting aside how cute they look (though that is certainly not a wrong thing to consider!), you will have to look into your pets’ profiles to make this decision.

pet information in stoneage world

The Info screen shows your pets’ stats, and obviously, the higher they are compared to your other pets, the more powerful they are. However, you should also look at your pets’ Growth Rate screen, which provides information on the potential for their HP, Attack, Defense, and Dexterity statistics. Your pets’ growth rates for each stat will be ranked from S to C, and the best pets to train will be the ones that have high ranks for most, if not all, their stats.

how to change pet growth rate in stoneage world

Eventually, you will be able to unlock the Growth Rate Modification feature, which further increases the growth rate for each stat. The feature, however, doesn’t change the rankings, so it will still be important for you to focus training pets with high-ranking growth rates.

Another important thing you should consider when choosing which pets to train are their elemental affinities. You don’t want most of your strongest pets to be leaning towards Fire, for example, as you may come across a tough opponent with a team mostly composed of Water pets, which will put you at an extreme disadvantage. You generally want to diversify the elemental affinities of your strongest pets to make sure that you have at least one that can serve as your trump card against an opponent.

stoneage world transfer xp

However, if you’ve spent resources on training a pet, but eventually come across another pet with better stats and potential, you may use the Transfer XP feature to transfer the experience points of one pet to another. This doesn’t include any Stones you spent on Growth Rate Modification though.

7. Look Closely At Pet Behaviors

Pets that you capture all come with a Behavior assigned to them, which may be seen in their Info screen. At first, it may look like they don’t mean much, but they actually affect your pets’ stats or their abilities in battle.
There are 10 Behaviors in StoneAge World:

stoneage world pet behavior

You will eventually unlock a feature for upgrading the bonuses that your pets’ Behavior will provide. You may also change a pet’s Behavior if they don’t fit their role – for example, an defense-focused pet would benefit more from being Reliable or Composed, rather than being Brave.

The bonuses that the Behaviors provide may look small on paper, but when going up against late game opponents and other players, every single advantage helps.

8. Don’t Forget To Have Fun

StoneAge World is a deceptively deep game, with multiple mechanics hidden underneath layers of adorable pets and an engaging story. As with most MMORPGs, taking time to leisurely explore the game’s world will prevent you from suffering fatigue from the game’s more complicated aspects.

stoneage world life

When you find yourself stuck at a certain point of the story because your pets are not strong enough, try looking for other things you can do such as taking on Sub Quests, catching more pets, and trying other missions such as those listed in the Life section on the left side of the screen. Eventually, your team will be strong enough to advance, and for an added bonus, you had more fun along the way as you were able to know more about the land of Tectonika.

And this is where we end our beginner’s guide for StoneAge World. Do you have anything to add to our list of tips? Let us know your thoughts in the comment area below!