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Stickman Warriors 2 Epic Tips, Tricks, Cheats & Hints to Win More Battles

Cyber Pony Games has a new entry to the Stickman series called Stickman Warriors 2 Epic, and it’s now available for Android and iOS devices alike. This is a game that takes place inside an arena, where battles between popular Stickman characters take place, and as Cyber Pony says, you’re going to have to fight to the last drop of your blood if you want to survive in the arena. The game promises unequal battles, which suggests that the odds are really going to be stacked against you, as you’ll have to deal with multiple challenges and enemies with speed and precision. You can use different body parts to launch attacks, as well as wield a number of different weapons. Can you survive the arena and emerge on top in this battle of Stickmen?

In this game you do need to be fast, and you do need to be accurate. But we can help you last longer in the arena and defeat more enemies. Check out our list of Stickman Warriors 2 Epic tips, tricks and cheats, and you’ll be winning more often and playing better in no time!

1. Familiarize Yourself With The Controls

You’ll need to be prepared for some in-game quirks, such as the controls of Stickman Warriors 2 Epic being a little clunky. As the best thing to do would have to wait and hope for updates that would sort this problem out, you’ll need to get used to these controls and adjust your attack accordingly. There’s also the physics of the game to take into account when moving your character around. And speaking of movement, that’s the button you’ll need to press to make your character move. Use this to avoid getting hit by enemies, while adjusting your positioning in such a way that you’re able to get in as many hits as possible.

2. Avoid Getting Painted Into A Corner

The game’s makers suggest that you’ll be in many a situation where you’re crowded with enemies, and with that in mind, the last thing you want when confronted with a slew of bad guys is trapped in a corner. If you’re cornered, the enemies will gang up on you and put a quick and brutal end to your game. In relation to the above tip, you’ll want to move around frequently – hit-and-run tactics could work to your advantage, just as long as you don’t run so far that you end up cornered. The bottom corners are the hardest to get trapped in, while the top corners will still leave you some wiggle room to head to safer ground.

3. Use Your Weapon As Much As Possible

If your character is wielding a weapon, then you want to use that weapon and take advantage of the additional oomph you’ve got on offense. Hit-and-run tactics are, once again, a good idea, so keep moving around as you try to sneak in some quick hits against the enemies. But be careful, as there’s a chance that you may lose your weapon while in the thick of the battle! Your enemies can take your weapons, and it’s also possible that you may lose your arms – how can you use your weapons when you don’t have any arms? And while you can get your weapons back, it’ll always be better if you’re able to hang on to them, and make the most out of them while they’re still in your possession.

4. Is Button Mashing A Good Idea?

We mentioned a couple of times above that precision and speed are equally important in this game. Some claim that button mashing is a good idea when you reach a point where you’re losing far more often than you’re winning, and that is true to a certain extent. But instead of button mashing, it’s ultimately better if you take those losses for what they’re worth, and maybe lose more than your fair share for the sake of learning the proper technique. You may also team up with a friend to defeat a bunch of AI enemies, or compete against those real players in an attempt to hone your technique for those AI battles, or simply for the heck of it.

5. Do The Optional Tasks

All of the levels come with optional tasks that will allow you to increase your star rating once completed. We would recommend trying to complete these tasks, and do more than just kill all of the enemies in the level for one measly star. But the operative word above is “trying,” as a lot of these optional tasks are quite difficult to pull off! Make sure you don’t lose focus of the main objective of each battle.

These would be our tips, tricks and hints for Stickman Warriors 2 Epic. If you do know additional tips for the game, let us know in the comment section!