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Stellar Wanderer Tips, Cheats & Guide for First-Time Space Explorers

Stellar Wanderer is a new iOS game by Crescent Moon Games, and it’s interesting that the company describes it as a “space opera” – is it anything like Star Wars, though? That may be quite debatable, but this is quite a good game where you can choose a career path matching your play style (Fighter, Trader, Tank, Engineer) and complete storyline missions as well as optional side missions. You can mine for resources or concentrate on being the “most dangerous pirate” in the galaxy – the choice is yours, and it all depends on how you prefer to play. The game developer claims that you may need more than ten hours to complete the storyline, use more than 100 items to tune you ship, and play in a “variety of gorgeous space sets,” among other key features.

This is a very comprehensive space exploration title, and it’s clear that completing missions is essential to your success in the game. Fighting battles is another key aspect of the game that you’ll need to master. But how do you start out as a space explorer or, as the game calls itself, a Stellar Wanderer? Check out our list of Stellar Wanderer tips and tricks if you’re looking to start playing this game on the right foot.

1. Choose The Control Option That Suits You Best

The game can be played with the in-game joystick or with your iPhone’s accelerometer, and we would suggest that you try both methods if you’re just starting out in Stellar Wanderer. Using the accelerometer means you’ll be controlling your ship by moving your iPhone around, while using the joystick allows for a more fine-tuned method of controlling your ship.
Generally speaking, we find that using the accelerometer is best for exploration purposes, while using the joystick is most ideal for battles, where you need to control your ship in a more specific way.

2. Your Choice Of Class Also Depends On Your Preference

Each of the four classes we mentioned above have their own special abilities, bonuses, and career paths; none appear to have the edge over the other, and none seem to be less desirable when compared to other classes. That means it’s going to depend on your desired play style when it comes to choosing a class. For example, if you want to focus on the combat aspect, you can be a Fighter, but if you want to focus on the resources side of things, you might want to choose Trader instead.

3. Do Not Fire Directly At Enemy Ships

This sounds like a rather strange tip, but in this game, you do not want to fire direct shots at the enemy. As enemy ships move very fast, it will be futile to aim for a direct hit. Instead, you should fire your weapons so these enemies are trapped by your attack; let the tiny dot on the screen serve as your main form of guidance. It won’t always be 100 percent reliable, but firing directly would be less helpful anyway, as we explained.

4. Use The Time Multiplier

The Time Multiplier button allows you to skim through your space exploration; you’re traveling across galaxies in the vast, wide world of outer space, so you can always use Time Multiplier and go back to normal speed when you encounter an enemy. Somehow, that makes the game less boring, though if you’re a beginner, you might want to practice your navigational skills by playing in normal mode for as long as possible.

5. Complete Main And Side Missions Alike

It’s definitely important to complete the main storyline and finish the missions therein, but you should also take on the side missions. That’s going to earn you more rewards and experience than you would in the regular missions.

When in doubt, follow the purple indicator, as that’s going to tell you what you need to do next when choosing those missions!