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State of Survival Codes (December 2022 Codes)

The end of the world is upon mankind and it comes in the endless horde of rotting, shambling, flesh-eating zombies. When push comes to shove, it takes but a handful of well-armed survivors to conquer the creeping undead, and this brings us to the world of State of Survival.

State of Survival, a game by KingsGroup Holdings, is a tactical RPG featuring intense combat, large-scale skirmishes, and resource management. As the head of a settlement in zombie-infested America, you are to find any survivors nearby through expanding your settlement. Such survivors may help defend the settlement, but you have to ensure that the settlement itself is well-sustained and well-protected. Will you succumb to the flesh-eaters or will you prevail?

state of survival codes

As we’ve previously mentioned, resource management plays a big part in this game. Food and wood will be consumed easily and other commodities such as Biocaps and speedups will come in handy for when you need to keep your settlement in tip-top shape. While earning these manually may seem like the only practical choice, there’s also keeping yourself ahead of competing survivors through the use of coupon codes.

How Do Coupon Codes Work?

Coupon codes are special strings of characters that can be used to redeem a slew of prizes. Each prize contains a bundle of items used for the improvement of a player’s gameplay experience. In the case of State of Survival, these codes contain prizes that may help the player advance or improve their settlement in terms of progress, or even contain valuable resources like food, wood, or Biocaps.

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Each code can contain different rewards every time, and thus, it’s important for each player to try out any and all codes they may come across. Such codes can be made available during special events, promotion of major patches or updates, holidays, or even the release of a new character. Be on the lookout!

How To Redeem Coupon Codes In State Of Survival

Redeeming coupons in State of Survival is a simple process. Be sure to follow our step-by-step guide below!

Step 1: Look for Your Profile

state of survical codes step 1

While you are at your home base, tap on your profile which is located on the upper-left portion of the screen.

Step 2: Go to Settings

state of survival codes step 2

At the bottom of this screen, you should see a row of icons: Collection, Talents, Stats, Army, Leaderboards, and Settings. Tap on Settings.

Step 3: Find the Gift Redemption Button

state of survical codes step 3

On the second row of icons, you should see Language, Gift Redemption, Help & Support, and Terms of Service. Tap on Gift Redemption which looks like a red present bearing a golden ribbon. This should open a dialogue box.

Step 4: Enter the Code

state of survical codes step 4

Enter the code you found into the dialogue box and hit REDEEM. It should tell you that the redemption is a success and that the delivery will be in the mail.

Step 5: Claim Your Gift

state of survical codes step 5

Go back to your home base and find the row of icons at the bottom. You should see Missions, Heroes, Alliance, Shop, Backpack, and Mail. Tap Mail and you should be able to find your gift there.

State Of Survival Coupon Code List

Feel free to try out any of the codes below and see which of these might work for you. Be sure to bookmark this page and keep track of any new codes you might want to use!

These codes are case-sensitive.

  • trickortreat2021
  • Halloween)
  • MondayCode2021
  • Halloweek2021
  • Mexicanaster
  • Happy365days
  • survivaldaily
  • sos2021
  • mapleleaves
  • 100mxbithday
  • gaecheonjeol
  • SOS100Mdownloads
  • sos999
  • 2s2o2sanni
  • Happy2AnniversarySOS
  • 2ndMemorialBook2021
  • AirshipGuardian
  • AnniversaryBoss
  • 5daystoairshipdesign
  • FrameHQskins
  • sos119
  • NewheroBecca
  • CherokeeRose
  • LongLiveDaryl
  • Welcome2021
  • sos1234
  • Raphael0827
  • TheDestroyer
  • superstition13
  • livestream
  • Sos6666
  • catzillas
  • Catzilla
  • wonderboy
  • TheZombies
  • h20fa21ther06
  • Code123
  • sos8282
  • SFA773217A67
  • S13A9A1D3804
  • SD406B202C12

Where Can I Get More State Of Survival Coupon Codes?

You can get more by following the game’s official social media pages or by joining their official Discord server (if they have one). Regardless, you may have to wait for them to promote the code if they have a major update, an in-game event, an anniversary, a holiday, etc. New codes will be released eventually. As we’ve stated earlier, you may also bookmark this webpage.

Got any more codes or are some of these codes no longer working? Be sure to comment below!