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Stardom: Hollywood Cheats: 10 Tips & Tricks to Become an Instant A-Lister

Stardom: Hollywood is a game by Glu, which is making its name as a maker of celebrity-endorsed titles from the likes of Kim Kardashian, Nicki Minaj, Katy Perry, and even action star Jason Statham. And it’s no surprise that this game is all about becoming a big star in Hollywood. In this Android / iOS title, your goal is to go from nobody to A-list celebrity, as you create your own actor or actress, star in television programs and movies, and hang out in the hottest clubs and attend the most exciting parties. You can also flirt with other Hollywood figures or network with Tinseltown’s bigwigs and try to land bigger, more important roles.

If you’re looking to become a Hollywood superstar, at least in the in-game world, we have some Stardom: Hollywood cheats, hints and tricks we’d like you to check out.

1. Complete Tasks, Even The Most Mundane Ones

When you start out the game, you’ll be telling reporters about how you started out in the entertainment business. And that’s going to bring you back to the start, where tasks are as basic as turning on the TV. Complete these tasks and go to the task board for new ones. And tap on your cat so you can earn more cash and energy to keep you going.

2. Take On Different Job Opportunities

Speaking of money, you’ll also want to take on some odd jobs whenever available. For example, you’ll be informed that Starbeans (obviously a parody of Starbucks) is hiring; that coffee shop is right next door, so head there and talk to the manager, Warren. He’ll ask you if you know what ingredients are included in a cappuccino, and that’s one of the many things you can do as a Starbeans employee. You earn based on your performance, and how much you do – in other words, it would behoove you to work hard at your in-game job, just like we hope you do in real life.

3. Be Fashionable

Working at Starbeans doesn’t give you carte blanche to wear anything you please. If you want to be an A-list superstar in Hollywood, you’ll want to update your wardrobe regularly. You’ll only have a limited number of items when you’re starting out, and you’ll only be able to unlock other items as you progress through the game.

4. Use Your Charm

As a struggling actor or actress, you’ll have some difficulty at first when paying the bills. Your landlord, in particular, will keep chasing you for rent money, but you don’t have to pay him right then and there. Select the Use Your Charm option (and no, you shouldn’t insult him, as is the alternate option) and you’ll get another week to pay your five hundred dollars rent. And while talking to the landlord, tap on the items you see to get more cash and energy.

5. Let The Paparazzi Take Your Photo

Paparazzi may be an annoying sort, but these surprise photographers can help further your career. Let them take your picture so that you can appear on Starnews, and if the paparazzi are impressed with you, that will only add to your fanbase. And with more fans, you’ll climb higher up on the game’s leaderboard.

6. How To Be A Party Crasher

Now, we won’t exactly recommend that you attend parties uninvited in real life, but in Stardom: Hollywood, you can crash parties, meet new people, and add them to your contacts. For example, if you’re using a female character, flirt with Jacob (star of Big Bang Theory parody Static Universe Theory) and let him know you’re willing to date a celebrity. He’ll ask you about work, and you can go tell him that you’re working as a barista for Starbeans. After Jacob tells his agent Arnie that you want to be part of a commercial, you can leave the bar, collect some cash when you tell the woman that you do indeed work there, and head to Arnie’s office.

Once there, you’ll be informed that Arnie did get you an audition for the commercial, which will earn you extra points, then extra cash and energy once you tap on all of the birds at the audition.

7. Be Nice To Your Fellow Celebrities

You may have read all those articles about celebrities being jerks, and with that being said, we hope you learned from those articles. In Stardom: Hollywood, you have to be nice to everyone, even celebrities who are teed off about something. For instance, you’ll encounter TV crime drama actress Isabelle Smith after getting your first acting job. She’ll be unhappy because you got a role that was supposed to be hers, but even if she is a bit nasty, you have to be nice.

8. Make Sure Your Crib Is Fit For A Celeb

Furnish your condo once you’re in there – this may include upgrading items such as your couch, your TV set, etc. Add some wall art, replace your old mattress, and make your condo look aesthetically pleasing to match your rising star. You’ll also be able to buy luxury condos once you’ve got more cash and become a bigger star, and you’ll still want to spiff up your more luxurious digs. Additionally, you can adopt cats if you’ve got enough stars.

9. Explore If You’re Out Of Energy

Go exploring the city if you’re low on energy, and you’re sure to earn more cash and bonuses, meet and network with more people, and do more things to go further in your Hollywood career.

10. Don’t Be Afraid To Go On Dates

When at the bar, click on the heart icon so you can go on a date with a celebrity. Dating celebrities earns you bonus points, particularly if you and your date are photographed by the paparazzi. Again, you’ll earn more fans if they say something nice about the two of you. In addition, you will also be asked if you want to call your date a “real” one – tap on okay, and decline any jobs Arnie may offer you. Chances are he’ll have another one for you not long after.