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Star Wars Puzzle Droids Cheats, Tips & Tricks: 5 Hints You Need to Know

Star Wars Puzzle Droids is a a brand new match-3 mobile game from Disney. The game features characters from the popular movie franchise and it’s available for both iOS and Android devices. Pump up your droids and prepare your lightsabers its time go solve some puzzles with the help of our Star Wars Puzzle Droids tips and tricks!

1. Don’t Forget The Mission

The game gives you a mission at the start of each level. You should focus on doing the mission and completing the requirements as fast as you can. This doesn’t mean to just match everything you see. Have a plan and check the board first. Make sure you have a purpose with each move. Even though luck usually plays a big part in match three games, it wouldn’t hurt to have a strategy when you are playing the game.

2. The Worm Is Your Friend

As you play the game you will encounter some help along the way. One such help is the worm. The worm will clear the way for you so look for him often. He is incredibly useful especially when you are in a jam. You can use the worm to clear several circuits at once. Doing this will give you a huge boost in your score. Analyze the board and always try to find ways to use the worm. Following this tip as often as you can will help you breeze through the puzzles.

3. Use Special Tiles

Most match three games have a mechanic for creating special tiles. In this game, you will be able to produce several different special tiles by matching more than three tiles in one move. The effect of the special tile varies depending on the number of tiles you combined. Check what each of the special tiles can do so you can maximize their use. Also keep in mind that combining two special tiles will give you even better effects. Try different combinations of special tiles. These will come in handy especially later on when you are facing more difficult challenges.

4. Save Your Power Ups

Power ups will be available to you as you play. The power ups are extremely useful and can get you out difficult situations. However, it is difficult to obtain them without the use of real money. The best thing to do is to hold on to them until you really need them. Think of it as a last resort. Use them only in the most difficult stages as they can win you the game. Always make sure that every use of a power up is strategic, and not just a way to complete a stage quickly.

5. Create Chain Reactions

One thing you should always remember when playing match three games is to start at the bottom of the puzzle. Doing this can trigger chains with new tiles dropping in. Always check the bottom half of the puzzle before clearing any tiles at the top half. It takes a while to be able to spot these patterns quickly so don’t be too hard on yourself. You can always just replay a level if you fail.

Conquer the galaxy by solving puzzles in Star Wars Puzzle Droids! Just follow the tips, cheats and tricks we listed above and the Force will definitely be with you!

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