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Star Tap (iOS) Cheats, Tips & Tricks to Complete Stella’s Journey

One of the usual problems of idle clicker games is that it gets mind-numbingly boring after a while. Star Tap finally solves that problem by coming up with an engaging narrative that will have you tapping like mad just to find out what will happen next. Available on iOS and Android devices, this game takes you on an adventure with Stella – a girl who is out to fulfill a promise. With your help, she will travel across the galaxies in order to find her old friend. With endearing visuals and a touching story of friendship, this game has taken endless tapping to the next level. Check out our Star Tap strategy guide in order to rake in all the points you need to help Stella reach her destination!

1. Do Not Stop Tapping

Tapping gives your ship a speed bonus and that bonus will keep on building up until you reach your destination. That means tapping more will help Stella reach her destination faster. The speed bonus does not disappear so just keep tapping. You can just tap furiously at the beginning in order to reach a decent speed then tap at a more relaxed pace in order to maintain your momentum.

What’s even better about this game is that the Slipstream bonus and number of taps recorded will not be reset. You will be able to achieve bonuses and boosts by just continuously tapping no matter what. Not a single tap is ever wasted so keep tapping until you reach the next milestone!

2. Upgrade Your Ship and Drones

The game gives you two options when upgrading. You can either upgrade the ship itself, or upgrade the drones that are hovering around your ship. There are benefits for upgrading both so pick the ones that will work best with your chosen strategy.

Ship upgrades primarily work on your speed boost per tap. You will be able to unlock special skills when you hit certain upgrade milestones in this category. Special skills include moving time forward and automated taps among other things. You can also upgrade these skills after you unlock them. Make sure you prioritize upgrading the tapping skill as it will make your life easier.

Drone upgrades boost the resources you get per minute. Just like with the ship upgrades, you will earn additional benefits when you reach certain milestones in upgrading drones. The drones have different benefits so make sure you read up on their descriptions. You will be able to unlock them all eventually so the strategy is in knowing which ones to prioritize.

The drones you unlock also have affinities that you can choose. The three major affinities are listed below. Read up on these before deciding which affinity you want your drones to have.

Starsoul – This affinity fills up the Slipstream meter faster by multiplying the number of tap counts. Choosing this will also reward you with more resources when tapping.
Resource – This affinity helps you gain more resources when you are flying.
Thruster – This affinity increases your speed, making it easier to reach the next planet quicker.

3. Always Pick Resource Boost

Although Stella’s mission is to reach her friend who is lightyears away, she cannot realistically do this in a single trip. She needs to make several stops and land on planets. Upon landing on a new planet, you will receive rewards as well as the option to choose between three boosts for your next trip. The best option among these three is the Resource Boost because it is the only permanent one. On top of that, you need a lot resources to upgrade everything so you should take advantage of any opportunity to boost your resource generation.

4. Watch Those Ads

The game gives you the option to watch advertisements in exchange for doubling the amount of resources collected by your drones while you are away. It only takes a few seconds to do this so there is no reason to skip this step. Make sure you watch ads to boost your resource collection before you log off from the game!

Help Stella keep her promise! Just follow the Star Tap strategy guide above and you will be able to help her reach her destination in no time!