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Stan Lee’s Hero Command Cheats: 6 Exciting Tips & Strategy Guide to Complete All Stages

Stan Lee’s Hero Command is a brand new game from Floor 84 Studio that features none other than the man behind Marvel, Stan Lee, as the main character and leader of Hero Command. The game will also let you play as Captain Steamhammer, who’s described as a steel working strongman with a steam-powered suit, the kid genius and psychic Seer, and the high-wire trapeze act simply known as the Twins. You’ll get to fight villains such as Dark Gnome alien leader Lord Hibiculus, the ancient mummy Sand Witch and more. No, you won’t be able to play as a well-known Marvel superhero against well-known supervillains, but if you’re looking for a fun diversion with a touch of Marvel in it, this game may be for you. Now, check out this list of Stan Lee’s Hero Command cheats, tips and tricks, which will help you progress faster in the game.

1. Watch A Free Video To Get Three Extra Energy

We wouldn’t call it a cheat in the truest sense, but if you start a mission even if you don’t have enough energy, the game will ask you to watch a free video so you can get three extra energy points for free.

2. Try The Time Lapse Cheat To Get More Free Energy

Yes, it works as well on Stan Lee’s Hero Command. The time lapse cheat, as many people call it, simply involves quitting the game, advancing the time on your device, and returning to the game. In here, you can advance the time by 100 minutes and restart the game; doing that will give you ten energy points, all free of charge.

3. Watching Videos Can Also Keep Your Game Going

When you reach the harder levels, you’ll find out that your heroes are mortal after all – they may possibly get killed before you complete a mission. The game will ask you if you want to watch a video to continue for free, though we’d only suggest doing this once you’re in the really hard missions.

4. You Can’t Grind In This Game, So Upgrade Instead

It would appear that the developers of Stan Lee’s Hero Command have made it impossible for players to “grind,” which is to replay levels to earn additional resources. What you should do instead of this old reliable cheat is to play all the missions so you can upgrade your characters. It’s most advisable to upgrade health and defense before any other skills.

5. Complete The Daily Challenges

Playing every day does have its advantages, and by this we mean daily challenges, which usually consist of completing so many missions in one day. Complete these and you can earn free Shields or other rewards.

6. Need More Health? Destroy All Crates

Be sure you’re doing this only after you’ve taken out several enemies and lost at least some health. If you want to keep your heroes alive, watch out for the crates that randomly drop in some levels; these include Shields, as well as orbs that can refill your health.