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Spirit Guardian Tips, Cheats & Tricks to Help You Free the Spirits

GTArcade has released a new mobile RPG for iOS and Android called Spirit Guardian, and here’s what it’s about in a nutshell. The Lord of Discord invaded the world in an “era long ago,” and the Spirits, who protect the in-game world, fought the Lord of Discord’s Army of Chaos for a number of decades before sealing the Lord of Discord “within an eternal dream” and emerging victorious. But after years of peace, a “sinister evil” had been sneaking in the shadows, eventually awakening the “chaotic power” and bringing back the Lord of Discord. That said, you’re the Spirits’ last hope, as you “rush into the Eternal Dream” to free the Spirits and bring peace back to the world.

This game has over 70 customizable heroes and over 300 skills that you can use to string together combos, and several multiplayer modes that the game recommends you try as it’s “dangerous to go alone.” Other than that, you can expect some rather quirky and humorous characters. But as there’s no humor in having difficulty learning a new game, we’ve come up with some Spirit Guardian tips and tricks that can help you in your quest to save the Spirits and bring that peace back.

1. How To Earn Gems

It’s as simple as going to the Quest menu, then to Achievements, then checking all the achievements you should pull off to get the rewards, or simply checking your incomplete achievements. The special tasks to complete this are usually quite tedious as compared to normal quests, but with tedium comes easy gameplay, not to mention a lot of gems, or diamonds.

2. Should You Let Battles Play Out Automatically?

Like many other RPGs, Spirit Guardian allows you to play in Auto Battle mode, which delegates battle strategy to the game’s artificial intelligence. You should use this mode during easier battles, as it would help you skip past the unnecessary stuff and allow you to progress faster through the game.

But if you’ve got a tough enemy to deal with, then forget auto mode and switch to Manual mode. This allows you to use more intricate strategies, or even simpler, commonly-used ones like the hit-and-run technique. As the AI can only do so much when it comes to strategy, you want to control the battle yourself if you’ve got quite a challenge on your hands.

3. Replay Previous Stages

It’s okay to replay older levels that have a star score above it; this process, known generally as “grinding,” allows you to raid earlier levels, letting you finish the attack immediately and skip the battle scenes. This allows you to earn experience points pronto, while having a better chance of collecting a lot of runes and new characters. You’ve got 60 free raids per day, with more raids available to VIP players, so go nuts with them while you could.

4. Sacrifice Your Commons

Extra characters whom you no longer need, or used as a stop-gap, can be used to level up a more powerful character. You’re limited to using ten Material Cards per level-up session, and it’s possible for characters to give you more experience if your XP is similar. It’s also possible to imbue a character with runes; there are five slots, one per rune, and once they’re filled, you can evolve your hero. That gets rid of the runes and makes you slower, but increases your base stats as the runes disappear forever.