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Spinning Blades (Voodoo) Guide: Tips, Cheats & Strategies to Dominate Each Battle and Earn More Coins

As a top-tier game developer and publisher on both Android and iOS platforms, especially considering total number of downloads for apps, Voodoo has established itself as a dominant force in in the mobile gaming arena. With over 60 apps on its game portfolio and a wide range of fun, unique, and addictive casual games that has won a lot of gamers over from other games within and outside the genre, the French company has continued on with its success with a plethora of releases one after another.

With its many successful games on both the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store, Helix Jump, 2, and Pottery continues to lead the pack earning downloads covering 8 to 9 digits and amassing largely positive reviews as well. Considering these achievements, it’s no surprise that every game that comes from Voodoo has grown to be a highly anticipated one especially with the voluminous fan base that the company has earned since its inception in 2014.

Spinning Blades is the latest addition to the massive game portfolio that Voodoo has and is currently available for iOS platforms. Like most of its games, Spinning Blades is a competitive casual arcade game where you battle with A.I. opponents and the last man standing wins. Being last won’t leave you empty-handed, though, and every bit of coin you earn can help make you stronger as you invest them on various upgrades. Each game can start and end quickly, making it a great game to spend time on during short free and idle times. If you are looking for a casual game that is very easy to learn yet difficult to master and full of action and excitement, then Spinning Blades may just be the game you have been waiting for.

spinning blades strategies

Armed with 10 spinning blades around you, the game sets you up in a simple arena along with 5 other enemies. Clashing between players will shed blades and destroying others as well as picking up some loots on the ground will increase the number of blades you have. You can defend as well for a limited time, but moving around the arena replenishes your ability to guard from attacks. As the arena begins to shrink over time, you will be forced to compete with the remaining combatants as power and strategy become more integral to winning the match. Each match rewards you with coins to make you stronger and the amount you will receive is based on your overall performance considering the number of blades you hold at the end of the match and your rank for the match as well.

Considering the simplistic tap and hold controls that Spinning Blades has, maneuvering your character as you run to and from battles all around is an easy feat. A simple release of your hold will cease your movement and raise up your shields up until your guard meter runs out. Although there are hardly any tutorials available in the game, its basic mechanics can easily be understood in just a matter of time as you play a match one after another. As easy as it is to pick up and play, mastering the strategies behind this simple game can be quite a challenge. If you are yearning for more wins and becoming a dominant force in the arena, then check out our Spinning Blades guide for helpful tips, cheats and strategies to earn you more wins and coins on each battle you engage in.

1. Keep On Moving

The battle starts as soon as you hit the play button and staying idle, especially at the start of the match, won’t do you any good. You will mostly have to keep moving in this game as you need to pick up swords that fall of from the sky to increase the number of blades that you have and you will also have to move to strategize against an opponent or a group of them.

spinning blades voodoo tips

While the ultimate goal is to earn top rank which can be achieved by being the last man standing, you should play a little more defensively on the first few matches that you engage in. What you should primarily focus on in scoping the area out for more blades and engage in battle only if you have to. If you always keep moving around, you can be confident that your shields will almost always be fully charged and ready when you are in a pinch or similarly tight situations.

Constantly moving around the arena and covering more ground can also lead to unlocking more treasure chests and earning power-ups that can help you turn the tide of battle with much ease. This, combined with a healthy amount of shield meter can open up tactical advantages that enables you to earn more blades, keep a healthy distance from a threat and close in on some prey, or even make quick work of an otherwise strong opponent.

2. Find And Maintain Your Sweet Spot On The Screen

Relative to the above tip, ensure that you find a good spot on your device’s screen where you can tap and hold for a long time while also have a clear view of the screen at the same time. Preferably, it would be on the lower part of the screen but then, anywhere you are comfortable with is the best way to go.

As you continue to hold down on the screen, it is difficult to prevent your finger to move towards a certain position until you would have to let go of the hold and tap again on your original position. As this may pose certain dangers on your during climactic encounters, be sure to stay conscious of this probable predicament and relocate you hold on a comfortable position regularly and as aquickly as you can.

Although matches can end in as quickly as a minute or two (or seconds if you have bad luck), playing continuously will soon have its sweaty effects on your playing finger and screen. As you would want to always be at peak performance, be sure to keep your finger and device at optimum playing capacity as this can directly affect your performance in every succeeding match.

3. Size Doesn’t Always Matter

Perhaps on the initial battles you engage in you will be awed by larger opponents and be especially at ease with smaller ones, you should come to realize soon enough that the number of blades around each combatant isn’t all that matters in the game. On equal footing without shields and power-ups that may very well be the case but as you learn and improve over time, you should manage to beat every opponent with some patience and sound strategies.

spinning blades voodoo tricks

For starters, playing on the sidelines and watching as two enemies smash against one another can be seen as an opportunity for you to grab the blades that they drop. More often than not, the more blades each fighter has, the more will fall off against any enemy with his shields up. Although you may want to keep your distance from the ensuing chaos, you can still stay close enough to nab a few free blades and as moving constantly will keep your shield bar up, whoever won the recent scuffle will surely be at a disadvantage against you if you engage them.

4. Don’t Be Afraid To Touch The Outer Barrier

In contrast with shrinking safe zones you can find in MOBAs and similar games, you might initially perceive the same to be the case with Spinning Blades. On the contrary, though, the only thing the barrier does in Spinning Blades is to reduce the arena size and make everyone within more likely to come in contact with one another. From the get-go, you can immediately head on and touch the invisible wall surrounding the arena, and it won’t cause you any harm whatsoever.

Knowing this is especially helpful considering that you can still acquire blades and unlock chests outside the movable ground if the spinning blades around you can reach those loots. As more encounters, clashes, and mayhem likely take place at the center of the battle arena, spending time lurking on the outermost edges of the battlefield can sometimes be a more rewarding approach. If you subscribe to this strategy, though, keep a watchful eye on any incoming opponents as you can get pinched easily into an awfully tight spot if two or more enemies suddenly come in to you from different sides.

5. Spread Investments Across Upgrades

Every bit of coin you earn as you play Spinning Blades is valuable as you would want to level up each of the available upgrades as fast as you can. Each of the upgrade options may not seem equally valuable but considering the increase in cost as you reach each higher upgrade level, you would want to get the most upgrades with your coins as fast as you possibly can.

spinning blades voodoo upgrades

Each of these upgrades won’t do you any good on its own as you would still need to unlock the respective treasure chests in battle to receive their effects. The Speed Boost which increases your movement speed based on the upgrade level can be obtained from blue treasure chests.

Magnet Range, which enables a radial vacuum ability that sucks up surrounding blades on the ground within a certain distance from you can grow wider in range as you upgrade it. This can be obtained from pink treasure chests. Lastly, and probably most importantly, the
Invincibility upgrade increases the duration of your temporary invulnerability and can be obtained by unlocking the gold treasure chest.

Knowing what each of these power-ups do and how to utilize them best in battle will be crucial to your standing at the end of each match. As you continuously upgrade these power-ups, it becomes even more rewarding, and thus important, to grab them whenever you can. The speed boost can both be an offensive and defensive ability as you can charge closer to the fray or run away from potential scuffle depending on your status.

With the magnet exclusively for amassing additional blades, taking it a little close to where the action is may reap you better rewards as you absorb blades that drop away from two enemies battling one another. In most situations, this can very well be your golden opportunity to eliminate both enemies as their shields may already be depleted and you will continue to reel in additional blades for a constant supply of arms and life.

6. Lure Then Destroy

If you are familiar with Pac-man and how you would want to lure those ghosts close to you before chomping down the power pellet and gorging on all four of them, then the same strategy can be used in a similar manner to every match in Spinning Blades.

spinning blades voodoo cheats

As we mentioned earlier that size doesn’t always matter in the arena, this strategy makes it so that it won’t matter at all provided that you are close to a golden chest and it’s all yours for the taking. As gold treasure chests require a hundred hits to be opened, what you ought to do whenever you see one is to hit it only up to a certain extent and wait for an opponent to come close to you. Leave about 5 to 10 hits remaining on the chest to unlock the invulnerability boost, and unlock it when an opponent is close enough for you to destroy him.

This strategy is a lot more challenging to pull if opponents are close by and you may not have enough time to unlock it all the way. Depending on the situation, you can move around a bit to charge up your shields and park on the chest itself to try to defend it against your enemies. In any case, be sure to consider what to do next after you acquire the power-up before you even unlock it. Simply opening the chest without some tactics in mind may leave it to be a waste of a good opportunity.

In more advanced scenarios, keep in mind that power-ups can be combined if you happen to unlock two or more at the same time as the other is still in effect. Although the chances of treasure chests being close to one another is not that common, being fortunate enough to have both a speed-up chest and an invulnerability chest within your reach can make turn you into a raging warrior that can decimate everything in its path. If you chance upon this golden opportunity, be sure to trim down each chest’s hit points just right so you can quickly unlock both at a time closer to one another and be able to ravage through all enemies in the arena.

7. Watch Ads To Boost Your Earnings

At this point in time, if you have played a lot of free-to-play mobile games then you should already know that video ads have grown to become a staple part of these games. Although some pop-up rather excessively and leaves you no benefit to it (aside from playing the game entirely free of charge), most games provide benefits like extra life or income multipliers to encourage optional decisions to play some ads.

spinning blades voodoo earnings

As Voodoo is a company known for rewarding players for playing or watching in-game video ads, the same mechanics are available in Spinning Blades. The best perk you can get out of watching these ads is the revive option which enables you to continue on with the match after you have been downed by an opponent. Any opportunity to come back into battle should not be wasted as it will provide you chances of securing higher spots, more kills, and even more coins.

Another common, but otherwise useful benefit of watching or simply playing video ads in the game is the 2x multiplier bonus you can get after each match. This is especially helpful if you have performed well enough in battle as coins are not that easy to earn and a double boost can help you purchase upgrades at a much faster rate.

You can always turn your Wi-Fi or mobile data off and avoid seeing ads altogether. Keep in mind, though that while you can do this and play continuously without any interruptions, it will be a longer grind to earn coins for all those necessary upgrades. For one, thinks of the ads as your means of controlling actual playtime as these ads can be positively seen as moments to rest your eyes and playing finger.

That is all we have for our Spinning Blades guide. We know that there are some players struggling to seize a win on this wacky game but with the help of our tips, cheats and strategies, we hope that everyone who reads it can learn a thing or two and be able to dominate their succeeding matches. If you discovered some tips and would like to share it along with your views of our article, then by all means let us know through the comment area below!

Wetpussy Lovr

Monday 4th of May 2020

Iv been reached Stage 163 and it stay stuck ther nonprogression after


Saturday 6th of July 2019

I win 95 % of the games. Bots are dumb.