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Speedy Ninja Tips & Cheats: 4 Tricks for Unlocking Special Items

Speedy Ninja is a game by NetEase Games that, as the company admits, is part of the ever-popular endless runner genre. You can “use your dexterity and skill” to overcome obstacles and monsters, and you won’t just be on the run. As a ninja, you’ll need to dodge these obstacles in the air and upside down – in fact, you’ll need to dodge them everywhere you are. You can unlock new characters, dragon mounts, weapons, and more, but in order to do this, you’ll need to beat high scores and climb up the leaderboard.

All told, this is a nice, retro-style casual game for Android and iOS devices, but if you want to go farther and want to score higher so you can unlock all those goodies, we suggest you read these Speedy Ninja tips and tricks.

1. Kill Enemies And Destroy Obstacles

Your score goes up organically as you go farther in the in-game world, but you can also do a couple of things on your end to increase your score even more. By killing enemies and destroying the obstacles you encounter, you will also get a higher score. Depending on the weapon you use, you’ll activate a different skill once you do enough of the above mentioned actions, though these skills, if you come to think of it, really don’t differ much from each other.

2. Complete The Mini-Games

Speedy Ninja has some mini-games within the actual game, and you can play them after you’ve cleared about 1,000 meters or so. That will take you to a different area, and your dragon mount will be the one to take you there. These bonus mini-games either would have you collecting lots of silver or running through enemies; once you complete them, the background will change, and that, for you, should be a reliable way of marking distance-based milestones.

3. Know The Differences Between Weapons

Just because this is a casual endless runner doesn’t mean there’s no difference between the weapons you use. There are rare weapons that do have better skills, and could also give you some nice bonuses in both points and critical hit. Skills also last longer when you use rare weapons. Use the Enhance option to sacrifice weapons you no longer need, in order to make your current weapon more powerful. And if you’ve got two weapons, you can Evolve them, making them more powerful but also increasing their maximum level. Yes, it’s indeed some vintage RPG mechanics in an otherwise casual game.

4. Get More Weapons, Here’s How

Opening chests could get you more weapons, and the price you’ll have to pay for them varies based on the type of chest. The Epic Chest would require jade (the premium currency) to purchase, while the Silver Chest merely costs some silver, which is your main currency. You can also spend some fish at the lottery area, and see if you can win a weapon from the cat. Aside from weapons, you can also win new skins, mounts, and characters through the lottery.