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Space Snake (Ketchapp) Cheats, Tips, Tricks & Hints to Get a Super High Score

Are you feeling the pressure from too much work? Are you frustrated and nothing is working out for you? Or are you just plain bored out of your mind? The solution to all of your problems in life is finally here. Battle your frustration and boredom by swiping away on the screen of your smartphone in this brand new release from casual gaming giant Ketchapp. Space Snake is a swipe to play game that operates on a pattern and objective collection based gameplay style. Space Snake is available to download and play for free on iOS devices from the Apple iTunes App Store as well as on Android devices from the Google Play Store. The game comes in a reasonable package size of only 191 MB and provides days and days of gameplay in that size unless you become so addicted that you manage to end the game in 24 hours or even less. The game receives regular love from the developers and they pay close attention to the suggestions and criticism from players striving to always maintain and increase the standard of this game.

Space Snake is one of the rare purely swipe to play arcade style games available both for Apple and Android operating devices that also has a strategy and pattern recognition based gameplay element in it. Space Snake builds upon an interesting storyline and takes you on an adventure as you compete with your friends on Facebook for the title of the most skilled fingers in Space Snake! The gameplay mechanics of Space Snake are very straightforward and the game is designed to be played by players of all ages and genders so naturally the difficulty level is quite low. However, earning the title of Ultimate Snake in the game is something reserved only for the most dedicated and passionate players. The game has an exponential reward rate but that comes coupled with an even more sharply increasing difficulty as you move ahead in the game so you always have to stay one step ahead of the artificial intelligence in the game if you plan to go much further than your friends and family have been able to reach.

Purchasing in-game items or the Gems as they are referred to in Space Snake is also an alternative option for those players whose fingers start aching from swiping on the screen too much or if you believe that the video advertisements after each level are too annoying for you, you can remove ads permanently for a small payment. Also you can use real money to buy upgrades for your snake in the game which would give you an extra life but it really takes the fun out of earning your way through the game. Check out our exclusive Space Snake guide, as it includes some tips on how to proceed in order to reap the best rewards, level up the fastest and follow the chosen path to becoming the Ultimate Snake Legend in Space Snake!

1. The Ultimate Snake Path

Just like with any other arcade game, Space Snake also gives out maximum rewards to players when an optimum pattern of movements is followed during a level. The sweet spot of any level can be achieved by balancing your planning and execution of the movement sequences in such a way that you do not take too much time to plan out before you act and once you initiate the sequence, you are able to complete it using the least possible number of steps. The game confuses you by displaying no dedicated timer for you to make a move. If you take too long, it will become very hard for you to control your finger trail and your entire planned sequence will be reset to the beginning. You do not lose any score at the end if this happens but you will have to redo all the steps you had already planned out again from the beginning. This will not only lead to frustration on your part but also be a source of annoyance especially if some kids are playing the game.

In order to avoid being trapped into a continuous cycle of planning steps and taking too much time to confirm leading to a reset, you should always divide your planning into stages. Think of it like mini stages within a level. For example if you have 5 obstacles to dodge on a stage and they are divided into two and three per section, you should plan out your moves for the first set of obstacles, enter these moves into a program sequence which you should make while deploying this strategy and then move on to the next set of obstacles on the level. This will not only enable you to keep track of all the moves that you are making and whether they are the most optimum set of moves, it will also ensure that your snake does not stay inactive for too long which could lead to a move reset occurring. This sweet spot of planning and execution is by no means easy to achieve but the rewards are very high if you are willing to invest a small amount of your time into practicing for the best movement sequences that would take the least time to execute.

You must select the option that allows you to dodge all obstacles on a level while undertaking the smallest number of steps. One way to do this is to make sure that you never take off your finger from the screen and anticipate the movement of the obstacles beforehand. This might seem like a very difficult strategy to follow when you play the game because the developers have made every effort possible to confuse you at each level. However, once you get enough practice, you will be able to predict the ultimate Space Snake pathway to get a perfect score and this will definitely lead to a much better gameplay experience for you and you will be able to progress to the higher stages much faster than your friends.

2. React Fast Or Die

Space Snake is a game that pits your skill against the talent of thousands of players from all around the world. In order to prove yourself worthy of being called a Legendary Space Snake player, you have to practice as much as you can in this game. An essential part of being called a pro player of Space Snake is to have killer reflexes and an extremely short reaction time. This perfect timing that you will notice in many pro games and competitions is a product of sheer hard work and countless hours devoted to practice in the game.

In the first few levels of the game you will be falsely led to believe by the in-game tutorials that there is plenty of time available for you to easily swipe your way out of every level. However do not trust the developers on this because they have made sure that you are forced to try hard to even barely survive during the later levels. During the higher levels, you will instantly feel pushed by the need to swipe your finger across the screen as fast as you can because if you don’t the time bar will deplete faster than you can swipe and you will ultimately lose and have to start all over again.

A key reflex that you need to focus on developing is the use of your skills. Instead of trying out a new gameplay style every other day, choose a single style that you like or you think you can play well after trying it once or twice in the game. Give two to three hours of practice to fully understand how you can dodge the different kinds of obstacles on each level and which style suits you best. Therefore more practice beforehand will help save you from hours of frustration later on in Space Snake.

Another key aspect of Space Snake is the intensity control of the swiping mechanism. The initial in-game tutorial will familiarise you with the basics of how to control the time your finger stays on the screen of your smartphone in order to make a long turn or a sharp short turn. This feature gains much more importance during the later stages when you have to turn to catch the gems much more sharply and from much longer distances and therefore you should start practicing intensity control from the earlier easy levels.

3. Challenge And Upgrade Your Limits

Space Snake has one of the most unique and interesting ways of giving you a real challenge during every level that you play. This is the life bar that acts as the level timer plus your game over cue. You will have to take care to increase the frequency of your swipes as you move on to the higher levels because the life bar starts to decrease at a very rapid pace when you proceed past the second stage of obstacles in Space Snake. The first and foremost requirement of the race against your own health is to make sure your fingers are very well rested and you are not in a family gathering or public event where you could be scolded for the extreme swiping behavior that is required of you. You begin with a standard sized health bar which is located in the center of the screen of your smartphone. The size of your health bar will increase as you collect more food and move to higher levels and dimensions in the game.

No extra perks or benefits are available to you at the start of the game but as you progress to the higher levels more and more bonuses and boosts will become available to you along with many upgrades and power ups that start to unlock. Remember, you have to always keep up with your ever depleting health bar so it is best to invest your earnings and rewards into upgrades and perks that increase the power of your finger trail and allow it to sustain for longer. Always keep in mind while playing Space Snake that your finger must be in contact with the screen at all times because as soon as you lift your finger off the screen, the snake will slide out of your control. Therefore before playing an intense session of the game, do make sure that your phone is well charged and you have enough stamina to keep swiping away on the screen of your smartphone for so long.

Try to get as many levels as possible into the “snake size” upgrade as this will be your main counter measure for the challenging health bar situation in the game. Getting too many levels into this upgrade will be quite difficult as the gems requirement for each successive upgrade exponentially increases. There is a solution to this problem: if you haven’t noticed it yet, you can jump backwards onto levels that contain gems as well thereby creating a pattern of dodging the obstacles and collecting gems at the same time. This trick can be quite hard to execute for new players but with an adequate amount of practice in the right direction, it becomes a force of habit and allows you to collect gems much faster.

At the end it all comes down to how much time you can spare for this epic time wasting game. This factor becomes all the more apparent when your friends and family also install and start to play this game as it introduces a highly addictive competitive edge to this already addictive arcade game. Be mindful of the fact that swiping away to slide your snake across space and dodging hundreds of obstacles is a very addictive experience and you will find yourself unable to think about anything else while you are senselessly swiping away on the screen of your smartphone. So pick up your phone and begin your journey towards conquering space in Space Snake!