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Soundtrack Attack Tips, Tricks & Cheats: 5 Hints You Need to Know

Cartoon Network’s Soundtrack Attack is a new game based on Steven Universe, and featuring the animated series’ characters, as well as songs used on the series’ soundtrack, including remixes of some of these popular numbers. As the title suggests, this is a musical platformer that allows you to tap, hold, and swipe in tune to the music so you can launch attacks and outrun the Homeworld gems. You can make your own gem and customize it with hair, outfits, accessories, and weapons, and as you keep on playing the game, you can unlock more cool customization options. To summarize things in just a few words – if you’re a fan of the show, you’ll definitely find this game quite interesting and enjoyable, especially since it’s an official product.

Alas, it might not be that way at first, as some of the game’s mechanics may seem a bit challenging for first-timers. But everybody’s got to start somewhere, and we have, as usual, a new guide that we hope would ease you in as you start playing this game. So check out the following Soundtrack Attack tips, tricks and cheats to help you learn the game faster as a first-timer.

1. Play The Game With Your Headphones On

This is a musical platformer, and that means there is simply no way to play this game without the benefit of sound. And while you might have tried winging it a few times without sound, it’s just too hard to do so with accuracy. So play this game with your headphones plugged in to your device, and listen to the music so you can properly time your tap-and-hold actions and swipes. The folks at Cartoon Network, quite obviously, designed this game to be played with music in the background.

2. Focus On The Beats

You should always be keeping your eye out not on your gem, but on the sides of your device’s screen. Yes, we know it’s cool to watch you gem in action, moving in time to the beats, but you should pay closer attention to the sides, as that’s where the beats come down. Once again, it all boils down to being able to listen to the tunes so that you develop a good rhythm.

3. The More Beats You Land, The Better

The game will give you stars at the end of a level, and it will all depend on your rhythm meter. You can get three stars by taking it to maximum rhythm, but don’t celebrate too early – you’ll need to keep that meter at perfect level until the level actually completes. That’s the only time you will be awarded the three stars. If you don’t keep that rhythm meter at perfect level, you’ll get less stars, but you don’t want to go for less than perfect, right?

4. Use The Power-Ups To Your Advantage

Buying power-ups could be a good way for you to handle some of the game’s tougher levels. Buying the Shield, for instance, prevents the rhythm meter from going down should you miss a beat. Slow Motion, on the other hand, slows the game down, giving you an easier time when trying to get the beats right. These power-ups can be purchased with crystal coins, but speaking of those, read on if you want to know how you can get more of them.

5. How To Get More Crystal Coins

The crystal coins you earn while playing the game’s levels normally will also allow you to buy more clothes and accessories to customize your gem. You can double those coins, especially if you earned a lot during a level, by watching an ad video once you’re prompted by the game. The ad videos last only about 30 seconds at most, so keep watching as many ads as possible to earn more coins and buy more customizations.