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Ghostbusters: Slime City Tips, Cheats & Guide to Take Down All Ghosts and Demons

To celebrate the recent premiere of the new Ghostbusters film, Activision released Ghostbusters: Slime City earlier this month, making it available for both Android and iOS devices. The game has you playing a new Ghostbusters recruit dealing with unusual paranormal activity in New York City, and it’s your job to save the city and, at the end of the day, save humanity too. You’ll be armed with your Proton Pack like every good Ghostbuster should, forming your own team of real-life players (much like you’d form or join a guild in RPGs), and owning and upgrading your own Ghostbusters headquarters. You can also accept and complete jobs that will reward you with new, more powerful equipment.

That pretty much sums up the basic features of Slime City, but in terms of its game mechanics, the game incorporates city management, first-person shooting, and trading card collection. Each distinct mechanic takes center stage in individual parts of this game, and truth be told, we wouldn’t blame you if you found it to be a bit too daunting at first. So read on as we now present to you our list of Ghostbusters: Slime City tips, tricks and cheats. You can refer to this guide if you’re a beginner looking to get started, but you can also learn a thing or two if you’ve been playing the game for some time already.

1. Collect Your Bonuses And Upgrade Your Bank

You can collect a variety of resources in Slime City, primarily the money that your R&D Facility earns you, as well as the free reward which you can claim every few hours or so; these rewards typically contain more cards for you to collect, and powerful ones in most cases.

Also be sure that your Liberty Bank is regularly upgraded, and that you closely monitor your total money; upgraded banks hold more money, and any money that cannot fit in the bank gets wasted! It’s best to work on your upgrades once you’re close to your limit, so no cash gets wasted in the process.

2. Play The Slimer Mini-Game Once A Day

If you’re familiar with the Ghostbusters franchise, mainly the 1980s live-action films and cartoon series, you definitely know who Slimer is. He’s the friendly green ghost who eats practically everything out there, and annoys the heck out of the Ghostbusters, who care for him nonetheless. And he also makes an appearance in Slime City (hence the name?), where you can play a mini-game at the hot dog stand, feeding him as many hot dogs as possible within a specified period of time. This is a great way to earn cash, as more hot dogs fed to Slimer means more money. You may even earn yourself some gold, which is the game’s premium currency. But take note that you can only play this mini-game once a day, and no more than that.

3. What Are Pack Parts And How Do They Work?

You’ll need a couple things in order to upgrade your Proton Packs. First would be the required amount of cash, and second would be certain Pack Parts which, naturally, you can find inside card packs. The game comes with various types of card packs, each of them containing their own unique parts. Putting this in practice, you wouldn’t be able to upgrade your Electron Pack through the parts you have for your Proton Pack.

Pack Parts can be earned by opening packs (of course), and also by playing certain levels. It pays to check the rewards for completing a level before actually entering one, so that you know what to expect and whether your efforts would go to naught or not.

4. You Can Keep On Returning To The Reward Box

Once you make it to Floor 8, your goal would be to find a reward box and open it. Just as you did in the previous floors, you’ll be up against a number of ghosts, but you will be asked to choose one out of 15 boxes once you reach the end of the level. Tap the box you’ve chosen and collect the contents, but keep in mind that you are only allowed to open one box at a time! You’ll need to replay the reward box level/floor if you want to see what’s inside the other boxes, and while this could make for some tedious grinding, we do often advise you to grind it out to farm for resources anyway.

5. Play The Side Missions

Slime City also includes contracts, which are side missions or quests that become available for you to accept once you’re at level 5. And while these aren’t essential missions to the main storyline, they can be a bit more challenging than the regular ones. Still, this could help you earn some extra parts and/or cash; start out with the easy ones, and as you get better over the course of the game, you can move on to the more difficult contract missions and win yourself some top-flight rewards in the process.

6. Reload Your Proton Pack Manually

One of the most important skills for you to learn in Slime City is the “art” of reloading your Proton Pack manually. There’s nothing more tense than dealing with several waves of ghosts with little to no charge remaining on your pack, so hit the green button at the bottom left of your screen in order to reload. Use your left hand/finger to reload and your right hand/finger for firing, so that you have a good idea of which hand controls which tasks. But when would be the best time to reload your Proton Pack? We’d say do so when you’re making the transition from one area to another.

7. Don’t Be Too Aggressive – Take Cover Whenever Possible

A lot of new players would take a go-go-go approach to killing ghosts, but it may only end up in you getting slimed, as you get overwhelmed by the sheer volume of these spooky creatures. So what should you do instead? Take it easy, don’t rush your attacks, and don’t focus on offensive maneuvers alone. It’s better to take cover at first, and only make yourself visible once you see the right chance. Most of the time, there’s no time limit when making a move, so you can take as much time as you need to reduce the amount of damage you may potentially receive.

This completes our detailed guide for Ghostbusters: Slime City. If you happen to know other tips and tricks for the game, let us know in the comment section below!