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Soul Seeker Cheats & Strategy Guide: 5 Tips You Need to Know

Com2uS’ action RPG is an anime-inspired role-playing game that puts you in a quirky in-game world and up against a variety of different monsters. It’s one of those RPGs where you get to put together a team of heroes in your quest against evil, and if you’re looking for a couple of Soul Seeker cheats, tips and tricks to help you to this end, you have come to the right place. So without further ado, let’s take you to those tips.

1. The Goblin Marble Can Win You Some Prizes

In fact, you can say that the Goblin Marble is a prize in itself, as it comes for free when you hit the dice button on top of your screen. Simply roll the dice to determine how far the goblin will move, and you’ll win a prize based on wherever the goblin lands on the board. The best thing about this is that it isn’t a daily prize – you can actually roll the dice for the Goblin Marble every four hours.

2. Combine More Common Heroes To Make A Rare, Powerful One

This is a common feature in many role-playing games for mobile, and it’s also available in Soul Seeker. If you’ve got two heroes with maximum experience and upgrade levels, you can combine them to create a rare hero. But what do these levels mean? Experience level refers to the experience a hero gains through fighting, while upgrade level refers to the times a hero has been upgraded. And in order to upgrade your hero, you’ll have to sacrifice other ones for power.

3. Substitute Heroes Once They Gained Max Experience

Before you combine heroes to create a rare character, you’ll want to swap your maximum experience hero for another character, one who hasn’t reached their maximum experience level just yet. This allows everyone on your team to get as much experience as possible.

4. Play In Auto Battle Mode

You’ll see an “Auto” button next to your movement stick, and tapping on this would allow your character to go on automatic mode, thus letting them attack and kill any foes by themselves. This a great timesaver if you’re in a rush and can’t really be bothered to play Soul Seeker for more than a few minutes. However, there is a catch to playing in auto battle – your hero won’t be using any of their skills. That’s something you’ll have to do while actually playing the game and being involved in the battle.

5. Treasure Goblins Can Be Tough, But Rewarding To Defeat

And we mean this literally – treasure goblins, which you’ll encounter once in a while, have a lot of hit points compared to other monsters in Soul Seeker, but if you’re able to defeat one of them, you’ll earn yourself some extra equipment. You can spot treasure goblins by the burlap sack they’re carrying around.