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Darkness Reborn Cheats: 5 Tips & Tricks to Become the Most Powerful Warrior

Darkness Reborn is a mobile role-playing game for the iOS and Android platforms that allows you to become a warrior and face the wrath of the Cursed Knight. This Cursed Knight used to be a powerful hero fighting in the name of good, until he was corrupted by a dragon’s evil, and it’ll be up to you to defeat this knight and his minions of darkness. But since your goal is to create the ultimate warrior, and by this we don’t mean the late WWE superstar, we’ve got some useful Darkness Reborn cheats and tips that will help you do just that and develop said warrior to the best of his capabilities.

1. Understand Each Slots

This isn’t fully explained in the game, but you have four slots for your skills. Slot One refers to your evasive maneuvers, which won’t inflict a lot of damage, but rather allow you to escape your opponent with little to no damage. Slot Two attacks are smaller-scale ones that give you “Super Armor,” which prevents you from staggering when hit by an enemy. Slot Three attacks refer to your character’s unique skills, and lastly, Slot Four attacks are your high-damage, wide-range attacks that can break an opponent’s Super Armor.

2. Use The Burst Mode

Once your hero hits Level 4, you may spot three orange bars underneath the health and mana bars. These bars activate burst mode, and fill up each time you attack an opponent. Once the bars are filled up, you’ll see a blue button in your skills list – tap on this button and get yourself a nice power-up for your attack. The orange bars fill up rather fast, so don’t be shy to use burst mode whenever it’s available.

3. Fuse Older Equipment To Make Newer, Stronger Items

Eventually, you’ll reach levels where you notice your attacks are losing their punch and your armor not holding up as well as it usually does. If this happens, you can fuse your older weapons and armor with newer equipment, thus creating something that’s even newer, and more powerful. This is called “enhancing,” and while this can cost some gold, it’s always a good idea to make use of extra gold and equipment in this way.

4. Always Pay Attention To Your Skills

With each level your warrior reaches, your active skills level up as well. But you’ll need to keep a close eye on those active skills, as well as the passive ones. In fact, we’d argue that passive skills are more important, as they’ll give you permanent health and damage boosts, among other benefits.

5. Spin The Roulette To Get Daily Rewards

Darkness Reborn is one of those games that offer daily rewards to regular players, and these rewards can be won through a roulette that can be spun once per day. Again, Darkness Reborn doesn’t tip players off about this, but if you head west in town, you’ll want to look for the roulette and give it a spin for some sweet rewards, including extra gold.