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Soda Dungeon Tips & Tricks: How to Get More Essence and Relics

We’ve got more Soda Dungeon goodness for you right now, and this time we’re going to teach you how to get more essence and relics. But before that, here’s a brief preview of Armor Games’ iOS title that has added a new and unique twists to RPGs. As a tavern owner, your job is to source out fighters who visit your tavern, and the stuff they earn while dungeon crawling can be used for tavern upgrades and such.

The game also has an interesting portal within it, one we briefly mentioned in a previous Soda Dungeon strategy guide, and this portal has you playing a new game where a lot of things are reset, but where you also start out stronger and earn relics and essence. The former is used to power up your team, while the latter powers up your relics. Sounds easy so far? If getting more relics and essence isn’t, then read on as we’ll show you how to do that.

1. Beat The Boss And Go Through The Portal For Relics

As we stated last time, you can only access the portal if you beat Julius, the game’s Level 100 boss. After beating him, go through the portal once, and you’ll be guaranteed at least one relic. In this new game, your next final boss encounter will be in Level 200, so when you beat him, you can go through the portal once again and earn more relics.

2. Watch Ads Before Entering The Portal For Essence

Before you make your way through the portal, there’s one thing you might want to do before anything else, and that’s to watch an ad video. Watching these videos can earn you free gold, and after you’ve gone through the portal, ad videos will now earn you free gold and essence.

3. Watch For Random Essence Drops

Enemies can also drop essence, though it won’t happen as often as they drop gold. This is usually based on the number of enemies you kill in a round; the more of them you kill, the bigger the chances of earning some essence. Watch for the enemies that have a glow surrounding them, as they’re sure to have some essence drops for you.

4. Buy The Gnomes From The VIP Store

The VIP Store is something we referred to last time, and once you’re there and you’ve unlocked VIP Mode, you can buy the gnomes, who can gather more essence in the dungeon while you focus your energies on questing.

5. Buy The Magic Well Upgrade

Last, but not the least, the magic well upgrade is another item you’ll want to purchase at the VIP Store. That’s going to allow you to buy essence for gold, thus giving you an easier time scoring essence if you’ve got more gold. And with more essence, you’ve got more resources to power up your relics, thus converting your fighters into true warriors, even those who don’t look like much on paper. Yes, that’s right, even the Soda Junkie!

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