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Smashy Road: Arena Ultimate Guide: 12 Awesome Tips & Tricks to Survive Longer

Smashy Road first came out as an offline-only experience in which your only goal was to stay away from police for as long as you can. The game is explosive, fast, best when played in short bursts and brimming with unlockables. Smashy Road: Arena expands the classic Smashy Road formula by adding multiplayer free-for-all mode with the goal of holding the cube for 100 seconds while trying to survive attacks from other players. The game also features a single-player mode, containing lots of different maps, which are smaller when compared to the original game.

Smaller maps mean that you’ll be constantly on the edge, always trying to run away, with more and more cop cars (and helicopters) chasing you. Games usually end in just a couple of dozens of seconds, making the game a perfect time passer while waiting for a bus, or just waiting your line at a cash register. The game is very, very hard to master. Learning how to drive while staying on an open road will take at least a dozen of games. And multiplayer can be frightening, especially during the first couple of games, while you’re still pretty unknown with rules and while constantly getting killed by other players.

Fortunately, we played the game for hours and hours, gathered a bag full of handy tips, and ultimately written this guide in order to help as much Smashy Road: Arena fans as we can. Stay with us, check out all of the tips, and try beating your high score in single player mode, or try winning a multiplayer game. Enjoy!

1. First, Learn How To Drive

Smashy Road has pretty delicate driving model. You turn left and right by pressing the matching sides of the screen, but that’s just the beginning. Since maps are tiny compared to the original, your first couple of games will end with your vehicle being flooded since avoiding the water is really hard. Once you get the feel of driving, you’ll be able to stay ahead of the police, but hitting almost any obstacle will stop your car with police cars all around you; you’ll end busted.

Don’t give up, play one game after another and after ten or so games you’ll start to get the hang of it. Driving will become much easier, you’ll be capable of avoiding most obstacles, and running from cops will be a joy. Just bear in mind that, even if you know how to drive, most games will end after just a couple of dozen of seconds because the police can be extremely aggressive.

2. Try Shooting Cop Cars While They Are In Group

Second after second, there will be more and more cops chasing you, but fortunately, you are equipped with a weapon capable of destroying police car in just one hit. Although you can hit them one by one, it is best to wait for the cops to gather in a large group (by large we mean three cars or more) and then try launching your missile. If successful, you’ll destroy a couple of cars, making the chase easier and giving you a couple of seconds of pure freedom before backup arrives.

3. Pick Up Surprise Boxes And Cash

Surprise boxes (blue boxes with a question mark on them) should be picked up regularly. They give you different bonuses such as shield, Molotov (great for busting those large SWAT trucks), mines, weapon refills, and more. Pick up every box you spot, and use bonuses as frequent as you can.

Levels are also spotted with cash and although you’ll pick up just five to ten bills per one game, on a long run this could mean the difference between unlocking one or two new vehicles. There are plenty of dollars on multiplayer maps, so before you enter the fight in the middle of the map, drive around it and pick up all cash.

4. Watch Out For Small Obstacles, Some Are Destructible, Some Aren’t

While buildings (obviously) can’t be destroyed, many of smaller obstacles can. Just be careful; trees can be destroyed, rocks can’t; destroyed cop cars will still stop you in an instance if you hit them. Oh, and if you do hit an obstacle, there is a huge chance cops will chase you down and bust you.

5. Try Losing Cops By Driving Around Buildings

In Smashy Road: Arena cop car AI isn’t brightest, they can be easily driven to hit into buildings. Just drive around buildings and as soon cop cars gather in one large and tight group, try making sharp turns just as you pass next to the building. The Police will try chasing after you, and most of the cars will just hit into the nearby structure. Also, most levels feature trains; trains are great since they are the ultimate cop-stoppers. Just wait for one to arrive and then pass in front of it just before it passes. Since you are the only target cops are looking for, they will try chasing you, ultimately hitting the train. This will give you plenty of seconds to roam freely and to pick money and bonus boxes.

6. Try Driving On The Road

Yeah, this may seem like a strange advice, especially since Smashy Road: Arena should be a game about cop chases were driving everywhere except on the road is the way to go. But, driving on the road is better than you think. For instance, there are no barriers placed in the middle of the road. Also, while you are on the road you have the best view of surrounding buildings, allowing you to quickly maneuver around one when a chance arises. Further, it’s easy to turn when on the road since you can see where the next intersection is. And finally, there are other cars on the road, a perfect cop trap; just try driving around a vehicle and at least one cop car will hit it, making the chase a bit easier.

7. Be Careful, Cops Can Tip Over Your Car

If a car hits you with enough force, it can tip you over, making you unable to move, quickly getting busted and losing a game. For this to not happen, always try maintaining a certain speed, always be on the lookout for cops, and never let cops to hit you sideways, that will surely end up with your car getting on its roof.

8. Don’t Allow For Cops To Surround You

If you get surrounded, it’s most certainly game over, expect if your weapon is loaded. Don’t let the cops to surround you; never stop your car, try to quickly continue driving after hitting a barrier, when there are lots of cops around you try performing sharp turns, or just drive near buildings. Do anything, just don’t stop. And don’t try hitting cops since if you hit their car you’ll stop for a couple of seconds, allowing others to quickly surround you.

9. Be Aware Of Multiplayer Glitches

If you want to try multiplayer it’s good to know that online play is very buggy. So, if you see that there are no players in the lobby, cancel the game and try entering online mode again. If you see other players playing a match while you are still waiting to enter, exit the online component and try it again.
There’s no cure for these problems (at least for now) so if you encounter one, it’s best to just exit the game and restart it.

10. If You Pick Up The Cube And Return To The Spawn Area, The Cube Will Be Lost

The main goal of Smashy Road: Arena multiplayer mode is getting the cube in the middle of the map and holding it for a total of one hundred seconds. The cube is placed in the middle of the map (battle area), divided from the rest of the map by four bridges. Players start in spawn area, placed on the other side of bridges. Battle (and wearing the cube) is allowed only in the battle area, so don’t try going over a bridge, you’ll just lose the cube and will be forced to try getting a hold on it again.

11. Once You Get The Cube Drive In Loops Around Buildings

The best way of staying in control over cube while playing Smashy Road: Arena online mode is driving in loops around the battle area. Try going near buildings but don’t hit them. Being the cube wearer gives you bonuses every couple of seconds. Try placing mines and oil spots on the road leading to bridges. That’s the direction where other players arrive and placing mines and oil on the road will increase the chance of them stepping on a mine, or roll over after driving above an oil spot.

12. Always Target The Player Wearing The Cube

After spawning, always target the player having the cube. If you manage to eliminate her, you’ll be automatically granted with the cube. Also, after you spawn, wait a bit before going over the bridge to the battle area; wait for other players to destroy each other, leaving the cube undefended.

Thanks for reading Smashy Road: Arena guide, we made it just for you, the players. We hope this guide will make the game at least a bit easier, and that you’ll become a proper Smashy Road: Arena master. Thanks for reading and happy gaming!


Saturday 16th of October 2021

I know I do that to but sometime I fall in the water but if your playing swr2 then you just get out and SWIM FOR YOUR LIFE!!!!!


Friday 25th of October 2019

Another tip drive close to the river it tricks the police cars to go in the water it is quite funny!