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Sky Dancer Cheats, Tips & Tricks to Extend Your Runs and Make Better Landings

Pine Entertainment’s Sky Dancer is now out for Android and iOS, and we’d say that’s a very interesting title for a game that is filed under that all-too-common and popular genre of mobile gaming – endless runners. The game invites players to join the dangerous Sky Dancing and push yourself to limitation with wild jumps through the stunningly beautiful planet. You can probably call it an endless skydiving game, as these jumps are done while you’re airborne, and just like in other endless runners, you will have to deal with your share of challenges along the way. There’s also a collection mechanic in here, as you can collect ten unique Sky Dancers, with more to follow in upcoming updates.

Despite the intricate graphics, this is, in its truest form, an endless runner/endless skydiver. But you know the deal with these games – they can be easy to learn, but ultimately hard to master. Let us be your guide to mastering this game, as we’ve got some Sky Dancer tips and tricks that are designed to help you last longer on your runs and make more Perfect Landings, while also unlocking more characters/Sky Dancers to complete your collection.

1. Tap Lightly To Land Perfectly

Perfect Landings take place when your character lands right in the center of the next platform. And if you’re trying to get this done right, you’ll need a certain amount of precision while moving yourself in the air. That’s the reason why it’s best to tap lightly on your screen, instead of tapping more aggressively. Tapping in a direction will cause your character to drift in that direction, even if you let go of your finger. Holding on to the screen will allow you to move faster and longer. Keeping this in mind, you want to have a good idea of how far you will move, and how quickly you will do so as you descend, and the best way to gauge this is to keep your taps light and easy. The tap-and-hold is best used if you’re far away (as in very far) from the next platform.

2. How To Get More Characters

As you continue diving and landing on platforms, you will see some shining objects along the way. You want to collect these objects, as these are character parts that you need to gather in order to unlock more characters. For starters, you will unlock the young boy Quin Quin if you find 100 small boots. If you find 200 robot legs, you’ll unlock the Sad Robot. And if you get 500 devil horns, you’ll unlock Satan. Keep collecting these items and keep playing the game and you’ll have more Sky Dancers to play as, although the difference between one character and the next is mostly aesthetic in nature. (Again, you know how it is with casual endless runners.)

3. Complete More Missions

Missions are certain tasks that can be accomplished by naturally playing the game, and unless specified beforehand, you can accomplish the missions over a series of multiple runs. Work toward completing more missions, and more mission sets – doing the latter would increase your score multiplier. To keep it short and simple, more missions mean more points!

4. Practice Your Diving Technique

And we have come to this – the final tip in this guide. And that final tip is to practice regularly. The main mechanic of this game is landing on as many platforms as possible, and trying your best to make those landings perfect. While it sounds easy enough to tap lightly, it may be challenging at times to tap with the right intensity, which oftentimes isn’t that intense at all. And you may also be confronted with multiple platform choices; if you come across such a situation, you should try to land on the widest platform, as that gives you more wiggle room. Also watch out for the obstacles – you may encounter rock chunks, which are not platforms. They’ll end your run if you land on them, so make sure you’re trying to land on a flat surface!

And this ends our guide for Pine Entertainment’s new mobile game, Sky Dancer. Do you know additional tips, tricks or hints for the game? If you do, be sure to drop us a line!