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Sir Match-a-Lot Tips & Cheats: How to Solve More Puzzles

Big Fish Games is a well-known name in the casual mobile gaming scene, and its latest title Sir Match-a-Lot is – you guessed it right – a Match 3 game for iOS and Android. But it claims to be more than that, as the titular character is an “ambitious knight looking for nobility,” out to complete more Match 3 puzzles and more quests. Sir Match-a-Lot will move faster as you make bigger matches, and just like you would expect from most other games in this genre, you’ll get help along the way, enlisting “special” fireflies and grabbing more coins and keys. Resources are super handy – indeed, you won’t be merely matching three pieces or more and solving puzzles the conventional way.

So what can you do if you want to succeed in this game, complete more puzzles and quests, and collect more coins and resources? We hope to get all of these covered, as well as teach you some of the basics of the game and Match 3 in general, in this list of Sir Match-a-Lot tips and tricks.

1. Go For Bigger Matches

The old rule of Match 3 gaming applies to this title, and we did tell you a bit about this in the game overview. Don’t settle for basic matches of three identical pieces; go for four pieces, or better yet, try to match five or more identical pieces. The bigger your match is, the faster Sir Match-a-Lot will run, and the less moves you’ll need to clear out the board and complete the puzzle. Nothing new here, just good old vintage Match 3 mechanics at work.

2. Take Your Time

Once again, there’s no need to rush things when playing Sir Match-a-Lot. Mechanics-wise, there really isn’t much separating this title from others in the genre, so you can focus on clearing out the board regardless of how long it takes, though sooner is better in terms of moves used. Take your time and study the board carefully, as the only primary limitation you have is the number of moves.

3. What To Do If You Hate Waiting For Your Lives To Refresh

The worst part of games like this is that you will have to wait some time before your lives refresh. The game only starts you out with three lives – that’s two less than the usual five in Match 3 games – and once you’re all out of lives, you’ll have to wait 30 minutes each for your lives to refresh. That’s an hour and a half in total if you want to get all lives back, and simply waiting for one life to refresh could become too much at some points, especially if you’re trying to beat a hard level.

Fortunately, there are a couple ways around this long wait. The risky route would be to use the time lapse cheat by setting the time ahead by an hour and a half, then returning to the game. But since that could potentially get you penalized by Big Fish, the safe route would be to connect your game to Facebook and ask your friends for lives.

4. Getting Social May Be The Better Option

Some might not see the value in setting up a gaming account on Facebook when you’ve already got one. But if you don’t have any friends who play Sir Match-a-Lot, you can create a dummy account and add friends from Google Play or App Store review pages, then ask them for lives once they accept. You just might make a few real-life friends in the process, especially if you add someone who lives in the same country or area as you do!

5. Enter The Battle Arena For More Coins

The game comes with a premium form of currency – coins – and normally, you’ll have to spend some real-life money and buy them at the in-app store. But the good thing is that there are several opportunities for you to earn free coins, including the battle arena. Take part in the battle arena, and defeat the monsters you encounter. You won’t just get coins if you’re victorious; you may also end up winning some power-ups.

6. Complete Achievements For More Premium Goodies

Want another way in which you can earn coins and other premium items? Head over to the hero menu, choose the Achievements menu, and claim the prizes that are available to redeem for unlocked achievements. You can also do this early on in the game and view the list of achievements, may they be locked or unlocked. A lot of these things can be done through naturally playing the game, though you can make things go quicker by centering on the achievement’s requirements when completing more puzzles.

7. Complete The Quests

Quests are different from achievements; they’re more like side missions that, despite not looking too important, can reward you richly if you play them. For instance, you can earn a sword by collecting lightning spheres, or you can open the prize cage by collecting enough golden keys and using them to open the cage. Check the sticker packs and go to the specified level, or if you don’t happen to have sticker packs just yet, work early on in unlocking the sticker packs, as that’s also going to earn you some additional prizes.


Wednesday 14th of April 2021

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Saturday 28th of November 2020

DO I lose my points and my coin when traveling to a new world ?

Roberta Surro

Tuesday 8th of September 2020

I have received quite a few bonus nets and they never show up to help for the fire flies. Why?

Linda Whisler

Monday 7th of May 2018

World “Lunar Base”. Stuck on level 64. Any tips. I have tried everything short of spending a fortune. Not willing to pay in real money.


Saturday 10th of March 2018

How can you beat level 38 in world woodland?