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Silly Sailing Cheats, Tips & Hints to Complete More Levels

There is just something so relaxing about sailing on the open seas. It is even more relaxing when you are sailing on a saucepan. Wait, what? Silly Sailing is a semi-realistic sailing simulation game for Android and iOS devices. While the game’s mechanics are fun and easy to learn, what really draws players are the quirky boat options that you can unlock. There are several boats to choose from, including a banana, a saucepan, and even a shoe. It is ridiculous, but it is also a surprisingly fun way to travel the world. You can explore and sail as much as you want in free sailing mode. Or you can get a little competitive in race mode. Silliness is the name of the game, but it takes a lot to unlock everything. Make sure you read our Silly Sailing tips and tricks if you want to unlock all of the boats!

1. Check The Wind Direction

Sailing is difficult if you don’t understand the importance of wind direction. Pay attention to where the wind is blowing so you can use it to your advantage. If you are going in a certain direction, and the wind is behind you, go on full sails. This will use the wind’s power to boost your speed. However, if the wind is going in the opposite direction, make sure you retract your sails. The wind will push on your sails, so if you don’t retract, you will slow down by a lot.

2. How To Boost Your Speed

Even if the wind is blowing in a perpendicular direction, you still have a way of using it to your advantage. For example, if you need to go west, but the wind is blowing south, you can adjust your direction a bit so that you are facing southwest. This will put the wind slightly behind you which will allow you to go on full sails. Once you gain a bit of speed, retract your sails and correct your path. You will still be able to travel with improved speed even if you change direction as long as you were able to retract your sails on time.

3. Practice Before The Race

Racing is a big part of the game. After all, what good is a silly boat if you can’t show it off? With that said, you can’t show off if you don’t win. That is why you should practice your moves before you invest a lot of time in races. Play a couple of trial races and go back to them to practice. You can also play in free sailing mode in order to test out different maneuvers that you can use during actual races.

4. Buy More Boats

There are a lot of boats that can be unlocked in the game. At first, you will only be able to afford smaller boats. After you win more races, you will be able to afford larger boats. All the boats work pretty much the same way, though. They don’t have any stats that will influence your performance in the game. Feel free to choose your favorite, or even use a different boat for each race if you can afford it.

5. Just Keep Playing

One of the good things about this game is that you can proceed to the next level even if you lose. That means you will be able to keep progressing even if you do not do well. You can replay levels until you get better, or you can just keep going in order to see the rest of the content. The first race in each level is usually more difficult since you will be going against ghost racers of the developers. After that, you will be playing against ghost racers of other players, so it will be a little more relaxed.

It is time to explore the seven seas in Silly Sailing! Remember all of the tips and tricks listed above and you will eventually have enough to unlock every boat!