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Siegefall Cheats & Strategy Guide: 6 Awesome Tips You Need to Know

Siegefall is an epic new strategy game for Android and iOS mobile devices created by Gameloft. This is a game where you smash the castle gates and leave nothing but rubble behind and serve as builder, strategist, and destroyer. You’ll get to face millions of players around the world, as you break through their defenses by means of your troops’ skills, as well as magic. And speaking of troops, you’ll get to recruit interesting troops such as rogues, trolls, and knights, while controlling your hero, leading the way, and building a city to sustain your army. With all that in mind, our collection of Siegefall cheats, tips and tricks could allow you to transition smoothly and get off on the right foot while playing this game.

1. Focus On Producing Resources

When starting out in Siegefall, your main focus must be on producing enough resources. This would mean upgrading your farms and sawmills, and also upgrading your storage facilities. After that, you can start upgrading your defenses. Once you’re done with that, that’s the only time you can start upgrading your barracks and your troops.

2. Stick To Single-Player Mode

Playing against other gamers from other parts of the globe can be fun, but if you’re just starting out, it may be better to start out in single-player campaigns. We’d suggest moving on to multiplayer once the single-player campaigns become challenging; by that time, you would ideally have upgraded your city (or should we say, your base) well enough to justify your competing in multiplayer mode.

3. Don’t Use Your Cards Right Away

Unless you really, really need to use them, we’d advise you to hold on to your cards. These cards, after all, will cost you 400 coins for two cards, so be prudent and be absolutely sure that you’re receiving a decent amount of resources proportional to the cards that you use. And speaking of cards, we also suggest that you have a diverse collection of them in your deck, and upgrade your Card Keeper so you can have more slots.

4. Control Your Hero

Your hero is the only troop you can directly control in battles, so you should always focus on your hero and what he/she can do out there. Monitor your hero closely and you’ll be on your way to a successful battle.

5. Finish Single Player Campaigns

A lot of mobile games with social elements don’t really require you to complete single player campaigns. Not so in Siegefall – you would really have to finish these stages in order to unlock new heroes. The first chapter, we’d say, is especially important to complete.

6. Keep A Close Eye On What Others Are Doing With Their Bases

There is a city building element in Siegefall, and this would require you to take stock of what you see out there and observe how other players set up their bases and place their buildings. If you see something good, there’s nothing wrong with mimicking these bases’ design, especially if you’re having trouble with your present setup.