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Human Cannonball Cheats: 4 Amazing Tips & Tricks to Get a High Score

If you’re looking for something simple and casual, Human Cannonball might be the game for you. This new title by Roflcopter Ink is only available for iOS device owners, but if you own an iPhone, you can kill some time with some one-touch action that allows you to reach as many platforms as you could. There aren’t too many bells and whistles to this game, as this is an endless platformer that can go as long as your character could – the real goal in here, to be perfectly honest, is to score as high as possible as you collect coins and shoot yourself to as many platforms as you could. So if you’re looking to top your highest score or reach platforms you haven’t reached before, we have some Human Cannonball cheats, tips and tricks you can try the next time you play the game.

1. Focus On Your Cannon’s Angle

Human Cannonball is a physics-based game, which means you have to pay close attention to your cannon’s angle right before you fire it. This angle will play a key role in determining how long you have to charge it. So if your cannon is angled upwards for a long time, you will need to charge it for quite a while.

2. Earn Coins Faster, Here’s How

You can earn coins in Human Cannonball by platforming, but there is one faster way in which you can do this. For one, you will occasionally see a gold button after you’re done with your game – click on this button and you’ll be asked to watch an advertisement video, which would normally be about 30 seconds long. After you watch the quick ad video, you’ll be rewarded with coins. So with this in mind, you may want to kill your character more often so you can see this gold button more frequently; you won’t always see it after your character dies, but there’s a decent chance that you may.

3. Get Special Power-Ups

You can use the coins you earn to buy some stuff in the in-app store, but bear in mind that the only changes you’ll get are cosmetic. Sure, you’ll have your character looking real spiffy, but don’t expect any special abilities, unless you buy a power-up. Fortunately, these power-ups are helpful – the aim helper, for instance, will point you towards the perfect flight path, while the parachute will break your fall right over a platform in the event your original aim falls off mark.

4. Unlock Power-Ups Without Paying For Them

As you can see, these power-ups are cool, but you don’t need to spend coins in order to earn them. Once you’re in the in-game store, you’ll have the option to click any item you’re interested in. After doing this, click the trophy icon underneath the item, and you’ll see the achievement you’ll need to pull off in order to unlock the power-up. Some of these achievements may be tough, but the good thing is that once you’ve unlocked a power-up, it’s yours for keeps, and not a temporary thing.