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Shop Heroes Cheats: 5 Awesome Tips & Tricks for Rookie Shopkeepers

Shop Heroes is a unique simulation game, because your goal in this Android and iOS game is to become the ultimate shopkeeper. You will do this by building a fantasy item shop and managing it to the best of your capability. This game takes place in the fictional Kingdom of Aragonia, and as you try to maintain your shop, you’ll hire workers, train them, craft items for your heroes, and dispatch them, sending them off on quests. You can also customize the shop, collect and unlock new blueprints, and take advantage of the multiplayer element by trading with other players.
While Shop Heroes is such a different game from other simulation games you may be used to, there are other mechanics that will undoubtedly be familiar to you. But if this game is just too overwhelming for you as a new player, we’ve got some Shop Heroes tips and strategies for beginner players.

1. Surcharge Your Premium Items

Your lives in this game, or your hearts, can be used to do a variety of things with your heroes. Surcharging their items is one of the more essential things you will have to do. By surcharging, you can increase the coins that you will receive when somebody buys your items. Keeping this in mind, you want to surcharge the most expensive items, as opposed to the more affordable ones. In the real world, that’s gouging, but in Shop Heroes, it’s all good for you as the shopkeeper.

2. Use Hearts To Change A Customer’s Mind

Hearts can be used for surcharging, as we said above, but you can also use them for a number of different tasks. You can use hearts to change a hero’s mind with regards to the items they are planning to purchase. By doing this, you can convince them to buy a more expensive item than the one you’re planning to buy. Again, if you’re a real-life shop owner, you don’t always want to do this, but it’s what you need to do in Shop Heroes.

3. How To Get More Hearts

Now, if you’re almost out of hearts, you can get some help from your customers. For one, you can compliment them, which may cost you a heart but win you one or two, or give them a discount. This time, you’ll want to discount your more affordable items, e.g. knives, and not the premium-priced ones.

4. Maximize Your Income By Keeping City Buildings Active

It’s up to you how much you want to invest in the city buildings, but the important thing is making sure they’re operating all the time. This allows you to make the most out of your income and improves your bottom line. Leveling up city buildings depends on how much gold you’ve invested

Also, we suggest that you invest in the Iron Mine and Sawmill so you can unlock more items.

5. The Inn Is An Important Building

Usually, this is where your heroes will take a rest, but you should also have them explore there, ideally “spamming” the same heroes so they can level up faster. Also upgrade all the items at the Inn, as those small increases will pay off for you in the long run, especially when you need a lot of time to craft higher-end items.