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Shooty Skies Tips & Tricks to Unlock Secret Characters and Defeat All Your Enemies

iOS game Shooty Skies isn’t available for Android devices yet, but we’re figuring that it’s a matter of time before it arrives for Android phone and tablet owners. After all, it’s (sort of) by the same makers of Crossy Road – Mighty Games is actually a team-up between Hipster Whale, which gave us the aforementioned casual title, and a few other big names in the mobile gaming scene. Like Crossy Road, you get some unorthodox situations, with some quirky characters to match, and you can also launch some interesting attacks and unlock secret characters. Of course, the main difference here is that you’re in the sky and not on the road, and that’s what makes it such a fascinating new title.

We already shared with you a couple of Shooty Skies tips and tricks earlier here on Level Winner, but we’re going to give you more right now – as we’ve realized, one set of tips isn’t enough for a game like this, even if it’s safely in the endless/casual territory.

1. You Can Only Avoid Projectiles, But Not Take Them Out

The main thing you should remember in Shooty Skies is that enemies will be firing at you. And you can’t shoot those projectiles, or bullets. They can shoot you, though, and if you get hit, that’s the end of your run. As we said last time, hit-and-run tactics work here – fire at an enemy and dodge their attacks. Practice avoiding those shots and you’ll be going farther in the game than you ever did before.

2. Get Some New Weapons

The weapons menu is a useful place to visit when playing this game – drop by and you’ll have a chance to buy new weapons with coins, or watch ad videos to get double shots or quad shots, among other power-ups. You can also get these without paying with every 500 points you score. Then again, there are some high-end weapons that can only be purchased with coins, such as the Homing Missiles and the Honey Badger.

3. Deal With Boss Characters Effectively

As boss characters are much tougher than your ordinary, garden variety enemies, you’ll need to get yourself ready for them. Shoot the blue treasure boxes when you see them, and gather whatever you find inside. These boxes include sidekick characters, such as the rabbit, the goose, and the pug, as well as power-ups like the aforementioned double- and quad-shot boosts and wide shots.

4. Unlock New Characters, Here’s How

Once you get 500 coins, you can spend them for a chance to win a new character. Or you can reach certain milestones, such as hitting a certain number of shots.

Once you unlock a new character, there will be some cosmetic changes, but no actual change to the gameplay mechanics. For instance, if you choose to play as Screech the Bat, you’ll get a backdrop of red rolling hills, or you’ll get a Wild West setting when playing as Pew Pew Pew.

5. Use The Time Lapse Cheat To Get Your Free Gift ASAP

You can get a free gift right after your character gets killed, but you won’t get one all the time – typically, you receive one every six hours. You can bypass this wait time by doing the time lapse cheat and setting the time on your phone ahead by six hours. This will allow you to get a new free gift, and you can repeat this cheat as often as you like. Just beware of the catch here – once you set the time back to normal, the next time you will get a free gift would be six hours after the last time you set your device to.