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Are you a huge fan of Naruto Shippuden and the Ninja characters? If so, then check out the latest online PVP game,! You will be able to experience your favourite Shinobi world when you play this smash hit game. After all, the addictive multiplayer online game promises exciting play with dozens of other players. Besides, the gameplay is yet another simple and intuitive to learn style for many beginners. You join the action by just shooting other players to gain points. So, the most important skill for you to learn is to move around the arena quickly to avoid from being shot by other players.

Now, if you want to survive the highly challenging game, make sure you boost your various Ninja skill and weapons. To have what it takes to be the strongest Shinobi in, learn to customize skills and weapons for your selected Ninja. On the other hand, take note that you will need to stay online in order to keep playing the game. Still, with game fully optimized for the mobile game fans, many will find a delightful challenge. Now, be sure to read our list of Shinobi. io cheats, tips and tricks to learn more on how to climb up the ranks in the game.

1. What To Know When Starting Out As A Rookie Ninja tips

First of all, before starting your Ninja career in, make sure you select the game server which is the closest to your location. After that, you will also be asked about the kind of account you want to use when playing It is better to connect to your Google Play if you want to use real money to make any in-app purchases. Otherwise, for many curious beginners, the guest account will be more than enough to begin. However, you will face the possibility of not having many friends when you first join the game.

Once done, you will be brought to the home screen. Here, you can easily check out your current gameplaying statistics and customise your very own game experience. At the top left corner, you will see your username. This you will key in at the very beginning of the gameplay too. Also, you can learn about your current gameplay level and how much more EXP you need to upgrade your level. Bear in mind that tapping on your Avatar will show your even more statistics. You will be able to edit your Avatar as you unlock more of the choices when you play You have your own unique ID as well. Moreover, you can check out the number of Wins and Kills you have done in the game so far. Besides, the number of times you joined Battle and Assist will also be shown here. You can also find out your current equipped Ninja and weapon too.

Moving on, the Shuriken icon on the right side of the home screen indicates the current number of Mission Reward you own. These interesting form of in-game currencies can be used to buy some Character, Weapon and Pet in the Mission Shop. These items may not be found in the Ninja Shop. You can easily collect the Mission Rewards by completing the Missions given. Missions in may range from using the Emote 20 times to killing 20 enemies. Make sure to complete them before time is up as the Missions will be reset from time to time.

Meanwhile, if you are a player who is keen to upgrade your playing level quickly, there is the option to buy Gems packages at the Gem symbol. The Gold icon next to it has the same function as well. Check out your current number of Gems and Golds here or choose to support game developer by purchasing the in-game currencies. A note to remember is to use the option of watching advertisements to obtain 25 Golds as often as you can. Standing beside the game currencies’ icons are your Internet connection and phone battery indicators.

Going down the right-hand side of the screen, you will find the Mail icon first. Selecting the icon will present to you your Mails collection. On another note, Daily actually represents the Daily Login Rewards in This screen will pop out each time you log in for the first time every day. So, don’t worry that you will miss out on any of the rewards. Naturally, rewards may range from Golds to Silver Box containing items important to enhance your gameplay experience. Just below the Daily is the Reward feature. Not to be confused with the Daily Login Rewards, this one shows your current Achievements in the Shinobi world. Complete as many as you can to earn even more Golds for you to buy more Skins and Weapons in the game. Some may be as simple as having 3 different Ninja characters and weapons to picking up 10 power-ups at any match. guide

Continuing down the list of icons, you will see the Friends icon. Here, you can check out your current Friends in the game. Besides, you can also manage your Friends list by putting certain people in the Block List or entertain new requests. If you have asked or know any friends joining the game, you can also easily use the Search function. Make sure you know their username or ID beforehand. As usual, always remember to use the Settings feature to get the most out of your gameplay. Check out the options to manage your Sound FX, Music and Vibrations here. You can also choose to activate the Sticky Joystick or Login using your Google Play account here.

Returning to the home screen Menu, you can visit the Ninja Shop at the bottom of the Battle modes. Here, you are free to use Gems and Golds to purchase Weapons and Skills as well as Chests containing items. Be sure to visit the Special Shop from time to time for more choices as it will reset itself. Else, head over to the Customize features to select your Shinobi or learn more about the Ninjas you owned. You can also customise your Weapons, Pets and Emotes here. Besides the icon, you will be able to access the Mission function. Below them, you will be glad to access the Chat function in if you want to connect with the other Ninja wannabes around the world.

2. Kickstarting Your Ninja Career Officially In The Battle cheats

Next, we have come to the main parts of, the two Battle modes. Situated at the centre of the home screen, you will be able to opt to play alone or join a team. For the Team Battle, the playing style is a team of 4 Ninjas against another opponent team. You can invite your friends to join when you tap on the icon provided that they are online. You can find out at the list beside you. Of course, remember to customise your Shinobi first before starting the battle to guarantee your Battle win. Pressing Start will start the process of Finding your Match. You will be shown a brief summary of your team and the opposing team before entering the battle mode.

Once you join the Battle, your main goal is to defeat the enemies. At the left side, you will find the grey circle for movement control of your Shinobi. Above this, you can see the current situation of your Team members and that of the enemies. At the very top, your number of Attacks, Defences and Kills are shown alongside the players’ Avatars and remaining gameplay time. On the other side, you can use the Emote option as you play.

At the same right bottom corner, you can pull the icon to direct your Shinobi where to use the Skills. You need to wait for your Main Skill to charge beforehand. Otherwise, select the Shuriken and another skill to attack enemies and defend your team. You can also choose skills to retreat to regain your Health. Bear in mind that Shuriken will require Chakra which you need to wait to recharge as well. Use the Chat function above this wisely in the fast-paced game. tricks

If you die while the Battle is still ongoing, you can respawn in 3 seconds. Charge towards the field once you respawn as you need to win by the number of kills your Team made. The game will end when you run out of the time. Your own statistics will be shown to you once the Battle is completed. You can also watch the advertisement to double the Battle Rewards. A screen showing the statistics of the Battle and the teams’ MVP will be shown too before you return to the Menu.

For your information, the Team Battle gameplay is almost similar to the Battle Royale. Although you will be playing alone in the Battle Royale, you will be able to earn more Golds and Rank Point in An interesting feature is that the Battle Arena will shrink every 30 seconds to eliminate even more players. Any players trying to hide outside the Arena will receive continuous damage. Survive in the Battle as long as you can to win more rewards.

And this concludes our list of cheats, tips and tricks. We hope you’ve enjoyed this guide and if you know additional tips or tricks, you can always let us know through the comment section!