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Seashine Tips & Cheats: 4 Tricks You Need to Know

New endless swimmer game Seashine comes to us from Pated, and you can now get it for your iOS or Android phone or tablet. According to the story of the game, you start out here as a fragile jellyfish, and you’re trying your best to maintain a fading light in the darkness of the deep ocean caves. You’re basically trying to live in the depths of the ocean, exploring the mysterious underworld and trying to avoid sea creatures that are out there, “waiting to take a bite of you.” This game also makes no bones about the fact that it’s an endless game – each game is unique, and Pated says you’ll never take the exact same challenge twice.

Before you dive into the waters and meet the various fish, plants, and other sea creatures of this in-game universe, we recommend that you read our compilation of Seashine tips and tricks; who knows, they just might help you live a lot longer and keep on swimming longer than you did in the past.

1. Swipe Towards The Light

When moving your character, all you have to do is swipe towards the direction you’re going to. You should also swipe towards the light sources, which would allow you to collect them; remember what Pated said about your light fading out over time. If your light goes out, that’s it for you, and that’s the end of your game. Keep collecting light creatures regardless of what path you take and you’ll be in good shape.

2. Grab All The Stars

If you see stars, you should also direct your character towards them and go grab them. If you’ve got enough stars on you, that will allow you to buy power-ups – these include antidotes, as well as a shockwave that allows you to ward off enemies. There’s also a speed boost available, one that’ll help you avoid enemies; the good thing about this boost is that it’s permanent!

3. How To Avoid The Sharks

There’s a particularly nasty shark in Seashine, and we know just how you can avoid it. Any time you see a large circular area that doesn’t have any outlet, that’s a sign that you should go back and avoid that area; a shark will emerge from there and attack your character. And while you may be tempted by the prospect of buried treasure, there’s a good chance you may be eaten by a shark if you open a treasure chest. Granted, not all chests have sharks inside, but since that’s the big gotcha when it comes to treasure, you’ll have to be on the move and fast right after you open a chest.

4. Watch Ad Videos To Get More Stars

Stars, as you may have guessed, are Seashine’s main form of currency. And you can earn more of them without having to pay by watching ad videos. For each video you watch, you’ll get three stars, though it will take you some time to earn a substantial number of stars if you go that route. As such, it might be better if you fork over a nominal amount of money and pay for a whole lot more stars.


Thursday 25th of October 2018

Question How big is the jellyfish in comparison to a human?(Just Curios)


Thursday 26th of January 2017

The game is amazing, but these tips arent the greatest. Here are some better ones 1. Save stars to build your combos - you can select up to three abilities at a time and have them all go off together when you use your star power (speed boost is NOT permanent) I particularly like the blast, stun, and attract combo the best

2. Hang around sea anemones or crystals - When you use your star power, you can wait for your star power to come back by hanging around the anemones or crystals. Anemones preserve light, and crystals give you light energy.

3. Let the big guys eat what eats you - Certain predator fish that would eat you are also prey for other larger predators. If you find yourself being chased by something little you might be able to get something bigger to eat it if you swim sneakily around it. Another option is to let the Mutamara (The big fish that comes out of the darkness) snack on a group of predators trailing you.

4. Be still little jellyfish - Sometimes it is possible to just be moving around too much. When it seems like there are obstacles all around you, and swimming in any direction would get you hurt at that moment, just relax for a moment and wait for your opening before you swim forward again. Also it's ok to backtrack, and to hang around in an area for a few moments even after all of the light fish have been eaten. It is helpful sometimes to lure predators out of tight areas back into wide areas so that you can circle around them and speed off leaving them in the darkness.

Hope these tips help you while playing this awesome game!


Tuesday 11th of October 2016

This game is too damn hard.


Thursday 29th of September 2016

I know thay ruins it if thay just left and said there would be ending then the game (seashine) would be better