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AdVenture Capitalist Strategy Guide & Tips to Earn More Mega Bucks and Mega Tickets

Kongregate’s popular mobile game AdVenture Capitalist has been out for a good long time, and in the past we’ve shared a few sets of tips and tricks with you, dealing with general strategies, angel investors, a couple of ways to get unlimited money without hacking, and a recent update that added some new features, particularly investments outside of planet Earth. But before we get to the latest features that have been added to the game, let’s give you a brief refresher on AdVenture Capitalist. The game is, as Kongregate puts it, the “world’s greatest capitalism simulator,” and as you keep on clicking, you’ll keep earning more and more in-game money, earning in the millions, billions, trillions, and even far more than that. The game’s description adds that the “only way to go is up, up, up,” and keeping that in mind, Kongregate wasn’t lying at all.

The new feature we were referring to was Mega Bucks, which Kongregate said was a ranking system of sorts for players, but we didn’t quite know at that time what you could get from these Mega Bucks. Well, as it turns out, you can spend it on Mega Boosters, or Golden Investments, which are an even newer feature. So having said that, join us as we give you some quick tips on how to earn more Mega Bucks and Mega Boost Tickets in this AdVenture Capitalist strategy guide.

1. A Look At What’s New

In case you’ve just downloaded the game and are all ready to play, Mega Bucks can be purchased with either your Earth Money or your Moon Credits; as such, you can use them anywhere, may you be on Earth, the Moon, or Mars. And when it comes to spending Mega Bucks, you’ll get a Mega Boost Ticket when you spend ten of those Mega Bucks. This ticket can be spent on any investment regardless of planet or satellite. Spending 90 Mega Bucks will get you ten Mega Boost Tickets, which is, in effect, a ten Mega Buck discount if you consider the price of a single ticket.

2. What Happens When You Tap The Mega Boost Ticket Icon?

This is the next thing you’ll want to do after buying at least one Mega Boost Ticket. Tap on the appropriate icon and choose any investment you wish to make – again, it could be an Earth investment, or one in the Moon or in Mars. Regardless of where invested or what the investment is, your income will go up by 777 percent. Provided you don’t delete the game (lest you lose all your progress), you’ll still have the Mega Investments in place.

3. Make Those Investments On The Moon

For now, or at least until Kongregate releases another update, the best investments are the ones you can make on the Moon. When making investments on Earth, there doesn’t seem to be any fixed choice for most productive investment, as this seems to change from time to time. Likewise, Earth doesn’t have a clear-cut choice for least productive or lucrative investment, or middle-of-the-road investment. But on the Moon, a couple of investments are quite predictable in their being lucrative options, specifically the Helium 3 bar and cheese farm. And once you reach Level 100 with it, the Giant Laser will also make you a ton of money.

4. More Cash, More Mega Bucks

Talking about how you can maximize your Mega Buck earnings, the solution here is quite a simple one. We advise stocking up on as much cash as possible by coordinating with managers and making regular updates. Of course, you want the money to flow in steadily, and this is the best and most basic way to do this. And you shouldn’t forget your Angel Investors either; we’ve told you several times about how important they are, and you can practically kiss those dreams of ludicrously lucrative investments goodbye if you don’t have the right Angel Upgrades.

5. How About Saving Those Mega Bucks For Another Time?

This could be something worth considering, as the AdVentures launch sub-tab presently has a notification reading “Coming Soon.” This placeholder hypes up an upcoming mission to Mars, and that explains why we did mention the Red Planet earlier, and not just Earth and the Moon. We’re guessing this would be the most difficult place to make lucrative investments, so be prepared, as we will certainly be covering Mars once the update finally rolls out.

6. Buy The Ten Mega Ticket Package

We told you above about how you can buy ten Mega Tickets by spending 90 Mega Bucks, aside from buying one Mega Ticket for ten Mega Bucks. We really suggest that this would be the best way to go, as you’d effectively have enough Mega Bucks to buy one more Mega Ticket, assuming you had 100 to begin with. Still, it’s advisable to go the 90 for ten route as much as possible, so you can maximize your Mega Bucks while you still have them with you.

7. Don’t Forget Your Home Planet

The Moon update may have caused some players to overlook planet Earth, but you shouldn’t do the same. Then again, you shouldn’t forget the Moon either if you did download that update. What you want to do here is to manage both your Moon and Earth investments, and watch advertisements for each area so you can increase your income twofold.

8. Take Advantage Of The Time Lapse Cheat

Not all of us are patient enough to wait a while to get lives or energy back, or in the case of AdVenture Capitalist, to wait for more cash to roll in. Android and iOS users alike can use the time lapse cheat and set their device’s time ahead for as long as they want so they can earn more cash without having to wait. This could allow you to buy more Mega Bucks or upgrade your Mega Tickets, though you shouldn’t forget to take your Angel Investors and reset afterwards.