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Seaport – Build and Prosper (iOS) Guide, Tips & Strategies to Build a Prosperous Port City

Looking for an adventure to brighten up your dull weekend or have you recently watched a pirate movie and want to experience the life of a sea wayfarer yourself in the comfort of your home? Fret no more because Seaport – Build and Prosper has come to your rescue straight from the app development house of Pixel Federation. The game is available to download and play for free on iOS devices from the Apple iTunes App Store as well as on Android devices from the Google Play Store. Seaport – Build and Prosper is a fan favorite due to the immense popularity of the Sailor and Pirate movie genre and therefore regular feedback and suggestions are provided by players of all ages and from all around the world. Pixel Federation also regularly updates the game according to user reviews and it has so far managed to maintain a very favorable response from the gaming community. Seaport – Build and Prosper packs beautiful graphics, animated characters and a vivid gameplay into a reasonable app size of only 75 MB.

Seaport – Build and Prosper is basically a strategy simulation game with heavy elements of a building simulator and a storyline that keeps you engaged for many hours on end. You play as the main character of the game, the Naval Captian who is the most competent man on the Island and is all set to become the next ruler of the Island. However before assuming this all commanding and powerful post, the captain must learn the ways and secrets of his own island as well as the neighboring people so he can become a popular and effective ruler for the entire area. To this end, the game helps you with directions through a quest mechanism which is more prompt at the beginning and continues to decrease in sensitivity as you progress to higher levels. In addition, your Seaport Kingdom contains a wide expanse of area that is unexplored and will start to unlock as you move to higher and higher levels. This also serves as a constant motivation factor for players like young kids who possess a short attention span and tend to get bored much more easily.

Seaport – Build and Prosper is rated as 4+ on the iOS Apple iTunes App Store and therefore is suitable for players of all ages but this does not in any way entail that it is a very easy game throughout the entire story. You might find the starting levels up to level 5 very simple due to the detailed instructions and prompt tips available to you at all times but as you progress beyond level 5, you will begin to notice a marked increase in the difficulty level and quests which seemed simple before will start to take more and more time and effort from your side to complete successfully.

The game has a smooth learning curve which means that you are able to learn a new skill or acquire new information related to the gameplay at almost every consecutive level and this will no doubt help you if you are a player who is dedicated and passionate about the game and about his duty to the people of the Island. Regardless of this fact though, it will be much easier for you to progress quickly through the game if you have some handy tips to go by and this is where this guide comes into play. After careful play and evaluation, the most useful tips and tricks have been mentioned for your convenience so that you do not have to worry at such a young age and are truly able to live the adventurous life that a Sailor should be living.

1. Looking After Your Seaport

Seaport – Build and Prosper is a complete simulation management game and as the Captain, it is your responsibility to ensure that life on the island is running smoothly not just for you but for all the inhabitants. To this end, you need to make sure that the people on your Island have enough resources and food at all times. Your explored farm lands are a major source of food for the people but given the constantly expanding population, you need to keep other sources of survival and development in mind. This is what most of your construction and repair activities and quests on the island will revolve around. In order to ensure a continuous pave of construction and repair in your town you will need to keep a close eye on the main raw materials like brick and wood which when out of stock can cause a significant delay and this extra time multiplies over time as you progress to the higher levels.

At the start of the game you will be instructed to construct a workshop which should ideally be placed at the center of your town for ease of accessibility and control. This building will serve as the central hub from where you will be able to process the raw materials that you harvest from your farms and forests into wood planks, ropes and other construction materials as required for your selected activities. Ropes will be your main source of repair at the lower levels and this will be replaced by bricks for wood planks as you start building more and more huts, houses and skill centers on the island. In addition to looking out for the construction and repair tasks on your island, you will often receive requests from your neighboring islands to send over some help when they are shorthanded. Having extra raw material in your warehouse ensures that you are always ready to help everyone out and remember do not be selfish and ignore these requests as the bonuses and relationship rewards that you gain as a result greatly outweigh any losses.

As Seaport – Build and Prosper is based around the life of a Captain and his people, it is a major cause of concern for everyone if one of your trading boats or exploration ferries gets damaged. Such incidents greatly slow down trade activities with other islands and as a result you lose quite a significant amount of easy revenue for your town. Therefore it is very important that you focus on repairing these boats as soon as possible and do not allow them to stand stagnant at your ports as that will cause hidden costs that you will not be able to control or track. The main raw materials mostly used for repairing boats are wooden planks. These raw materials are processed in the central workshop that you have constructed on your island and as such you need to stay aware of how much stock of wood planks and cement you have available at all times especially as you progress to the higher levels of Seaport – Build and Prosper.

Once you have built a long lasting friendship with your neighboring islands, construction of bridges to gain foot access to these islands will be another activity that you will have to partake. This is a much more advanced construction and you will require a greater amount of raw materials as well as processed construction items. Therefore plan ahead of time so that you can immediately carry out these advanced construction activities when the time comes.

2. Exploring New Lands

Living at sea is all about setting out on adventures and exploring new lands and corners of the deep blue sea. Seaport – Build and Prosper has an extremely detailed and adventure friendly quest system which rewards you based upon how much you travel in search of new islands and fun things to do. These adventures can be accessed using the map feature from your screen and you will notice some adventures are locked at the earlier levels. This is because you do not have large enough boats and a high enough level to successfully venture so far and therefore the game has set an appropriate level at which you can unlock the adventure. A difficulty meter in the sidebar serves as your guide before you select which adventure you want to embark on. As a rule of thumb always watch out for adventure specific instructions and make sure to have the minimum requirements ready beforehand otherwise you risk a chance of failing during an adventure. There is no concept of death or loss in Seaport – Build and Prosper but failure sets you back by a significant amount of resources and raw materials which you had expended not to mention the damage that your exploration boats will sustain and the subsequent repair costs as a result of those damages.

Exploring new islands also gives you rewards in the form of level up experience and gems which you can use to purchase all kinds of stuff on your main island. Gems are the main source of currency on Seaport – Build and Prosper and it is always a good idea to have as many gems available in your balance as possible because some tasks which would otherwise take 15 to 20 minutes to complete can be performed immediately using the speed up feature which costs a set amount of gems to activate.

While exploring new islands, you will also get the chance to pick up a lot of seashells, clams and start fishes lying on the beaches. These extra collectibles provide you with a minute amount of experience which may not seem a lot but given the high frequency with which they appear, you can collect many of them in a short amount of time and actually reap a considerable amount of rewards for your efforts. These collectibles are also available on the beaches of your main island and can be accessed anytime by just being aware of your surroundings while playing.

3. Build And Foster Relationships

Seaport – Build and Prosper introduces its players to the concept of real life activity and interaction simulation with the possibility of building and fostering new relationships with every character and civilizations that you meet on your adventures. You are instructed to the importance of maintaining these relationships during the earlier levels of the game when you build your first relationship with your sailors as the Chief commander of the seaport. Although being the Captain and the intended ruler of your people, you do not have any reason to get to know your own sailors but the game makes this a dedicated task for you by assigning various quests and missions that your sailors give you on different levels of the game. These missions start from being as simple as helping your sailors find raw materials at the earlier levels of the game to getting as complex as making new allies on the far flung islands when you progress to higher levels.

Similarly you must also take care of all the people on your island and you will notice that if you ignore anyone, your relationship level with that person will not improve. In order to advance to a higher level you must ensure that you have the highest amount of relationship level possible with everyone on your main seaport city therefore do not think of the tasks that they assign you as chores and rather take them in a positive sense as challenges which will have a guaranteed level up as a reward for you. In addition, when you help an inhabitant who is in need, they will profusely thank you for it and whenever you are short of any materials during the later levels, they will be able to come to your aid just like you would expect from a mutually beneficial relationship in real life. Therefore make as many friends as you can while you are the captain because this will make your experience in Seaport – Build and Prosper much more interesting and worth remembering even after you have put down your smartphone to take a break from your virtual kingdom.