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Scrubby Dubby Saga Tips, Tricks & Cheats for a Fast Track to Three-Star Levels

It’s practically given – if the game is by King and it comes with the word “saga” at the end of it, you know it’s going to be a Match 3 title. The king of Match 3 games has a new one for casual gamers out there, and once again, it’s available on both the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. Scrubby Dubby Saga takes place in Soapland, which is full of mysterious foam, although nobody is sure why. Instead of candies or farm animals, you’ll be “sliding” soaps and unveiling secrets while you remove the foam. As usual, you can expect the same vintage Match 3 mechanics that you can normally expect from a King “saga” game, but with a few twists along the way to differentiate it from Candy Crush Soda Saga, Diamond Digger Saga, and other similar titles.

Now, that you know what to expect from this game, we shall now help you ace it, meaning complete more levels with a perfect three stars. So read on as we bring you a quick list of Scrubby Dubby Saga tips and tricks.

1. Take Your Time And Plan Your Slides Properly

Most Match 3 games do not have any time limit, but rather a limited number of moves. That means you’ve got the luxury of time on your hands, and all the time in the world to plan your slides. And when you’re planning your moves, you should put a premium on stringing together combos, so as to allow you to clear out the board faster. Nothing new here, but we thought we’d remind you, or bring it up in case you’re new to this type of game.

2. Match More Than Three

Once again, you want to match more than three soaps of the same kind for best results. But that’s where the twists start – in the all-familiar process of stringing combos together. If you’re able to match four pieces, that will leave behind one bottle; bottles come with a purple liquid that automatically matches soap in a certain way. Playing two bottles adjacent to each other creates a rainbow bottle that has an even more powerful effect.

Look at the markings on each bottle to find out how it’s going to explode. Plus signs mean it will explode in a plus pattern, horizontal lines pop horizontally, and so on.

3. Accept And Complete Quests

Quests will be given to you when you start the game, and they would require you to do certain things that can be completed as you keep playing the game. Completing quests earns you gold, which you can then spend on power-ups, the option to continue, and other goodies.

4. Take Note Of The Objectives

Each level has a specific thing for you to achieve, and you should make it a point to remember those objectives. Most of the time, you’ll need to match a certain type of soap; you can refer to the top right corner of your screen to see the soap type that has to be matched and how many more of each you have to match. Unless you’ve got a sure shot at a bottle, you’ll want to ignore other types for the meantime.

5. Make Every Move Count

In Match 3 games, you can score higher by ending a level with as many leftover moves as possible. That too applies to Scrubby Dubby Saga, and aside from finishing with a lot of leftover moves, you’ll also want to, going back to the previous tip, complete the objectives. Those tips, we’d say, will be most helpful for anyone looking for consistent three-star levels.

This is our list of Scrubby Dubby Saga tips and tricks. If you’re playing the game and managed to come up with some more hints to complete three-star levels, please share them with us!