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Sature Cheats & Strategy Guide: 5 Awesome Tips to Beat Your Opponents

Sature is an exciting new title by S.S. 64 Games, and if you’re curious to try it, it’s available for both Android and iOS platforms. In this title, you are essentially a virtual painter who starts by mixing colors on a palette, but with a lot of strategy involved. The tiles you place mix with neighboring colors to create new tactical situations and opportunities for inventive play, resulting in a game that goes beyond being a painting game, turning into one that involves as much strategy as a game of chess. To be sure, it’s a peculiar idea for a mobile title, but it’s an idea that could really draw one in. So with that said, here’s our share of Sature cheats and strategies for you to try in your next game.

1. Analyze The Entire Board And Your Tiles

Each board you’ll encounter in Sature is different from the other, same with the pieces you’ll have to work with. Similar to how you would when preparing to play a game of chess against your opponent, visualize how you’ll be placing your tiles before you even place them on the board.

2. Take A Look At Your Opponent’s Tiles As Well

Once again, the chess analogy comes into play here. There are a lot of qualities you have to look out for – the color, brightness, and arrows on your opponent’s tiles, to be exact. Compare the opponent’s tiles with yours, and visualize things in a way where you can neutralize those opponent tiles and maximize the effect of yours.

3. Save Brighter Tiles For Later

For an additional tip in conjunction with the first one, we’d suggest not placing the brighter tiles until later on in the game, allowing you to make full use of their effect on other pieces. You want to aim for big differences when playing those bright tiles – for example, you can play red on yellow as that’s going to affect a lot of your opponent’s pieces negatively.

4. Offense Is Your Best Bet For Success

In a lot of games, defense is your best offense. Not so in Sature. Many players have reported a lack of success when playing defensively, so with that in mind, you may also get good results when focusing on your attack. Place the tiles with the most arrows at their ideal position, and always go for offense when your opponent starts making their moves. In other words, you want your offense forcing your opponent to play defensive.

5. Use Your Bright Colors Wisely

Now, we’ve got another tip that’s related to the third tip, that was in turn related to the first. We did say it’s a good idea to save your brighter tiles for later in the game, but you don’t want to make wasteful moves with them either; it’s not very practical to use them in a way that will only affect a couple of tiles at most, or no tiles at all. Once again, we cannot underscore the importance of this – make sure your bright tiles have an impact on the opponent.