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SailorMoon Drops Tips, Tricks & Strategy Guide to Complete More Levels

Bandai Namco usually specializes in in-depth role-playing games based on popular anime and manga series, but this new game is a bit of a diversion for the company. SailorMoon Drops is an Android and iOS game – this is again, a bit unusual, since Bandai often releases games for one platform alone, but this time, the company is taking a more simple route by releasing a Match 3 game based on the SailorMoon series. As you keep on completing more Match 3 puzzles, your characters will level up, and you’ll also be able to unlock more poses and more special moves for them. You can also unlock collection pieces and wallpapers, and compete against, or with your friends.

Clearly, this is not your average Match 3 game, and Bandai Namco has made sure of this. Do the same rules apply? For the most part, they do, but there are other elements that make this more than just a casual title. Read on, as we now bring you a SailorMoon Drops strategy guide, covering the basics, but also a few advanced tips more experienced players may want to keep in mind.

1. Take Your Time

Some makers of high-profile Match 3 games have added an extra challenge – aside from having you complete levels in so many turns, you may also have to complete levels within a given amount of time. There are some timed levels in SailorMoon Drops, but most of them, fortunately, are standard Match 3 levels where your only primary constraint is the number of moves. That means you can take your time in those levels, and evaluate the board in front of you. Look for moves that will improve your high score, and don’t just match three pieces just because they’re identical.

As a bonus tip, you can review the board before you even make your first move, looking for potential matches and checking out your missions, which we’ll discuss later. Better to do this than be forced to do most, if not all your thinking on the fly, with limited time to work with.

2. Remember Each Mission’s Objectives

All of the levels in this game come with specific missions, or certain tasks you have to achieve. For example, you may be asked to drop so many accessories down to the bottom, or clear a specific group of gems. And these missions, while simple enough at first, may come with their share of curve balls, such as obstacles that randomly appear on the board. Keep those missions in mind and again, remember that you only have so many moves to use. Would your next move put you closer toward accomplishing your mission, or is it an empty move that simply increases your score? If it’s the former, then go for it. If it’s the latter, then look for something better.

3. Make Your Moves From The Bottom

This is a Match 3 game, which means there are some classical rules that apply, regardless of how intricate the game is on a broader sense. One of those rules is to make moves at the bottom of the board. For Match 3 newbies, this is important, as matching from the bottom (assuming there isn’t a better move to make higher up on the board) could allow new matches to appear as new pieces drop down.

4. Charge Your Skill Gauge

Aside from everything you have to think about in the game, you’ll also have to consider the heart gems on the board. Matching these gems charge your Skill Gauge, and once you’re able to fill up that gauge, you can let loose with your characters’ Sailor Soldier moves. That allows you to clear a good number of gems, while allowing you more moves, and in timed levels, more time. Utilize your powers and put them to good use whenever possible!

5. Be On The Lookout For Special Events And Items

It’s a good idea to play SailorMoon Drops as often as possible, maybe every day if you have the time for it. That’s because there are special events that allow you to win items, though these are limited-time events that you’ll need to act on rather quickly. Fortunately, the game has a couple ways to help you clear levels faster, and these are your conventional boosters. Let’s take a look at the three boosters that you can encounter in the game.

6. Use The Item Catcher Booster

As we said earlier, there are some levels in SailorMoon Drops that have missions that require you to drop so many accessories, such as ribbons, to the bottom of the board. Obstacles will make that hard for you, and so will other challenges such as locked gems, and those move and time constraints. Oftentimes, it will all boil down to sheer luck, but you can similarly get around this by making the right moves. And sometimes, you’ll have some much-needed help in the form of the Item Catcher. This is a booster which allows you to pick up any item you wish, and you can use this to push yourself closer to completing the level if you use it the right way.

7. About The Color Crusher

We’re going to be talking about another booster up next – the Color Crusher. This is best used if you want to clear a specific type of gems while not wasting any more moves. It clears all gems of a certain color, so you’ll want to use this during those levels where you’ve got a mission of this kind.

8. When Should You Use The Piece Crusher?

Lastly, the Piece Crusher is probably the simplest, least useful booster. This booster can be used to remove one specific piece from the board, and while you’ll only be removing one lousy (or so you think) piece, it can be more helpful than you imagine. You would want to use this during those levels where you’re dealing with accessory drops or locked gems, or also when you’re low on moves and need to complete the stage with whatever you have left.