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Rush of Heroes Cheats & Strategies: 5 Tips You Need to Know

Rush of Heroes is an Android-only action RPG from Firefly Games that features more than 150 quest zones and battle areas, over 40 heroes which you can upgrade in full, 160 different skills and abilities, as well as a variety of occupations you can master. Your goal is to command a really self-aware team of heroes as you fight monsters and engage in boss battles, gathering loot along the way. While this sounds like your typical RPG fare, Firefly describes the title as a highly complex game with endless items and updates. Yes, highly complex does seem daunting, but we hope to get you through this game with the following Rush of Heroes cheats, tips and strategies.

1. Level Up Your Heroes Regularly

While hero level and player level may sound like similar terms – and they are – they are actually different. With your player level on its way up, you’ll want to focus on your hero level; you can do this by bring your heroes along with you in battles. EXP Potions and cheese can both help your hero level up quicker, and with that in mind, it would be a good idea to regularly check your bag’s Useable Section to see if you have these items at your disposal.

2. Complete Daily Quests For Higher Player Level

By now, you’re probably wondering about your player level and how you can level it up. All you have to do here is to complete all of your daily quests, which can also reward you with additional gold, runes, EXP Potions, Clear Tickets, runes, and a lot more.

3. Pay The Shop A Visit

Got too many items you no longer need? Simply head to the shop and sell them. As your VIP level increases, you’ll unlock more tiers in the shop, and that also means better items for you. You can buy a variety of items in the shop, including, but not limited to EXP Potions, Hero Shards, and materials that you’ll be needing for your next upgrade. Refresh the shop if ever you do not like the items that it is offering you at the moment.

4. Join A Guild

Once you reach Level 10, you’ll be able to join a guild. Like many other RPGs, joining a guild is Rush of Heroes’ main social feature. For you, you’ll gain access to the Guild Shop, Guild Workshop, and Guild Instances. The shop allows you to buy rare heroes with your Contribution Points, the workshop awards buffs to everyone in your guild, and Guild Instances will give you a chance to play to win unique items.

5. Sign In Daily To Get Better Rewards

If you sign in to Rush of Heroes every day, you’ll get better rewards with each passing day. Check the Daily Login tab to see which rewards you’ve already won, and how many consecutive days you’ve logged in – this goes up to 30 days, though if you miss one day, you’ll have to start from scratch once again.