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Pou Cheats & Tips: 6 Fantastic Tricks for Effective Pet Management

Pou is a massively popular pet management game where you are tested on how well you take care of your very own alien pet. Like in other games of this genre, you’ll have to feed, bathe, and play with your pet. You will also be seeing it grow as you level up, and when you successfully do that, you’ll be able to access new wallpapers and outfits. So if you don’t quite know how to take care of an alien pet, we’ve got several Pou cheats and tips that could help turn your baby pet into a well-adjusted adult pet.

1. Feed Your Pet Regularly

All real-life pets need to eat sometime, and so does your virtual pet in Pou. But while humans are ideally fine with three square meals a day, your Pou would ideally need about four meals or so – these include a breakfast meal (pancakes, toast, etc.), lunch (sushi and drinks), dinner (junk food, vegetable), and a dessert (cake, donuts, etc.). Failing to feed your pet could result in its Food and Health statuses declining precipitously, so be sure that your Pou has enough to eat and drink at all times.

2. Keep Pou Clean

Unfortunately, Pou isn’t unlike many real-life pets, in the sense that it will take a dump after it’s done eating. This makes your pet dirty – why wouldn’t it? – and that’s where you come in. As the saying goes, it’s a dirty job, but someone’s got to do it! Tap on your pet’s poo and you’ll clean it, getting five coins in the process. And once you’ve taken care of the Pou business, wash it with soap and water. Failing to discard the poo or clean your pet would result in its Health decreasing.

3. Play The Mini-Games

Pou, the game, has several mini-games you can play, and that’s going to increase your pet’s Fun status, while earning you coins and potentially giving you some achievements as well. The coins can be used to customizing your pet’s house and for buying food, while meeting certain achievements would unlock a special item.

4. Use Potions To Ensure Pou’s Good Health

There may be times when you have no other choice but not to take good care of your Pou. Then again, there are potions you can buy in order to restore its stats, such as the Health Potion, which restores 25 or 50 percent of your pet’s life, depending on whether you choose a Small or Large bottle.

5. Check Your Stats Regularly

You may have noticed that your Pou has four core stats, namely Energy, Food, Fun, and Health. By checking your stats, you’ll know which one needs the most work on, and which activities would be best suited for improving those numbers.

6. Allow Pou Some Time To Sleep

Your Pou needs to get a good night’s sleep apart from its daytime nap. Simply take your pet to the bedroom, turn off the lamp, and your Pou will automatically turn in for the night and go to sleep. Take note that your pet will still have 100 percent energy even if it wakes up while the lamp is still off.

Wendy hiltebeitel

Tuesday 13th of December 2022

How do I make you jump or does all it do is sit there ?one time I had it jumping I forgot how n what r some tricks it can do names wendy


Saturday 28th of May 2022

Is this game still played?