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Runnin Through the 6 Cheats: 5 Tips & Tricks to Help You Get on the Leaderboard

Runnin Through The 6 is a mobile game featuring the rapper Drake and it’s named after a line from one of his songs. Nico Uribe’s iOS-only title Runnin Through the 6 is an endless runner game and you will be controlling Drake himself as he avoids obstacles along the way while you continually boost your score. Sounds easy? Well, like most endless runners, it can get frustrating when you’re unable to chase your high score successfully, so here’s our list of Runnin Through the 6 cheats, tips and hints to help you progress in the game and get a high score.

1. Jump To Collect Sixes

Having Drake run will automatically earn you points, but there is a reason why the game is called Runnin Through the 6. Actually, you have to jump to collect the sixes in the game if you want your score to improve exponentially. But that’s where the challenge lies – some of these sixes can be especially tough to collect, and that may require you to do a double-jump. To be exact, gathering a six earns you 100 points.

2. Dodge The Wheelchair Logo

See that blue wheelchair logo right behind Drake in one of the game’s screenshots on the iTunes store? You want to avoid that. If you inadvertently hit the logo, that’ll trap you inside of it and end your game.

3. Don’t Get Stuck Behind The Buildings Either

This is another way for you to end your game prematurely. Getting stuck behind a building, even for a mere second, would end it for your character, as that’ll slow Drake down and have him falling down, bringing your game to a close. As the old saying goes, you have to look before you leap.

4. Some Of Those High Scores Are Impossible To Beat

In particular, some have pointed out that a person going by the name of “Shaky Bird” has the highest score in Runnin Through the 6. Don’t believe that score – it’s a bogus, hacked score that you won’t be able to reach, unless you plan on staying up all day playing (staying alive in the game all day is another story), or if you plan to hack the game yourself. Still, most of the other high scores on Game Center are plausible, so do tap on the trophy logo to pull up Game Center and see which scores you can possibly chase.

5. Switch Your Phone To Airplane Mode

Unlike most other games, the ads on Runnin Through the 6 aren’t that much of a distraction, but many players get better results by playing offline and not having to deal with ads at all. Exit the game and switch your phone to airplane mode, or turn off your Wi-Fi or cellular connection. Restart the game and you’re all set – you can play the game sans distractions, hopefully en route to a higher score.