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Hellrider Cheats: 5 Essential Tips & Tricks to Get a High Score

Hellrider is only available for iPhone and iPad users, but if you happen to own an iDevice, you may want to check out our share of Hellrider cheats, tips and tricks. But what is the game about anyway? For starters, the game is developed by Andrey Chernyshov and he’s described the game as a simple and pleasant one-touch game with five incredible zones with a number of traps. You control Hellrider in this endless runner game and your objective is to throw down the skeletons and avoid the lethal traps. If you need some help in both areas, or if you’re simply trying to top your highest score, we suggest reading on, as we’ve got some cheats and strategies to help you to greater success in Hellrider.

1. Hitting Skeletons Is The Only Way To Score

There are no bonuses or power-ups here that will boost your score. Instead, the only way to add to your score is by hitting the skeletons, but if you want to really improve on your score, it’s best to stay in the same direction after hitting one skeleton so you can hit a long row of skeletons consecutively. But it’ll also be a good idea to do this rather early in the game, as the stages could get really hard and the traps start coming into play in a big way.

2. What To Do About Those Traps?

When the game says traps, it’s referring to rock formations, and these could introduce Hellrider to a world of trouble once he comes in contact with them. This is an endless runner game, which means you have to start from scratch if you get killed off by one of these traps. Rock overhangs are especially deadly, and you have to practice differentiating them from your usual rock formations – this could be the key to survival, so keep in mind that overhangs do look similar, but not exactly the same as walls.

3. How To Deal With Bosses?

Boss battles are also a staple of Hellrider, and they can be quite the challenge. They’ll throw bombs at you throughout the course of the battle, and you’ll also have to contend with fire literally falling from the sky. So what’s to do? Wait for those bombs whose fuses aren’t lit. Pick up one of these bombs by running into them, and aim the bombs at the boss; just make sure to tap so you can stop the arrow once in the path of the boss.

4. Collect All Those ‘Continues’

A “continue” is the V-shaped item you can collect in the game, and you want to collect as many of these as possible. Why should you grab them? It’s quite simple – if you die in the game, you can hit on the continue to revive yourself.

5. Changing Directions In A Rotating Stage

You’ll only be sliding straight if you ever change directions before the stage stops rotating. This can be confusing at times, but you have to remember to change directions again the moment you see an obstacle.