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RPG Toram Online Cheats & Strategy Guide: 5 Essential Tips You Need to Know

RPG Toram Online kicks off where RPG Iruna Online, and it’s by the same company behind the latter game, Asobimo. As the name of the game suggests, there’s a strong social element to the game, and its description reinforces that selling point, saying that you can “go on an adventure” with players from all over the world. You can customize your characters in up to 50 billion ways, team up with other players to take on nasty monsters, and upgrade your character through a skill system. According to Asobimo, this game does not have a “Class System,” so that should make it quite interesting to play, at the very least.

If you’ve just downloaded this MMORPG and are hoping to enjoy some success early on, we recommend reading our compilation of RPG Toram Online cheats, tips and hints.

1. The Game Will Tell You Where You Should Go

RPG Toram Online doesn’t have an auto-populate feature, which is another thing that makes it quite unique. But it will tell you where you should be going. Simply look for the arrow and wait for it to appear on your display. Follow the arrow and you’ll be going where you have to go. In addition, the action button will allow you to talk to other players, fight monsters, or open doors.

2. Get By With A Little Help From Your Friends

With the “Say” button, you can enlist other players in order to get some much-needed help against the bosses. You will indeed need a lot of help, as these bosses can be quite tough customers. Go to the game’s settings and you can find more people (real people, that is) you can interact with; you can always opt to hide other players if you want the graphics to flow smoother.

3. Keep Getting Social With The Game’s NPCs

When visiting a town, it will be in your best interests to speak to as many people as possible. These non-playable characters can strike up some fascinating conversations, but they will typically have some quests for you, which you can then complete to earn more rewards.

4. Attack Properly, Here’s How

When in a fight, tap on the action button so it shows one single sword instead of the usual two. That will allow you to attack enemies. And when dealing with bosses, it’s a good idea to observe how they move around. Figure out their patterns, and hit them when they least expect it. In most occasions, this will be immediately following the boss’ last attack, as it may be cooling down and getting ready for their next attack.

5. Try This If You’re Having Problems Leveling Up

This is actually quite simple, as all you need to do is to go to an area that has more than a few enemies. Hit on the Action button once you’re there, and you’ll be able to kill those enemies automatically, with wave after wave getting killed off. That’ll allow your character to level up faster, and once you’ve leveled him/her up enough, you can go back on quests and get back on track.