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Rotten Escape Cheats, Tips & Tricks to Get a Super High Score

Have you ever wondered what happens to food items that don’t get sold in supermarkets? Well, they fight for their survival, of course! Rotten Escape lets you play as one of these doomed creatures who have been exiled to the supermarket’s garbage dump. They must now continuously jump for their lives in order to escape the dreaded machines that are threatening to turn them into compost. Idiocracy’s new mobile game is all about getting as far up as you can. The mechanics are simple. The game is divided into three lanes, with each lane filled with platforms you can step on. Tapping on a lane will make your character jump on the nearest platform on that lane. It sounds easy until you come across the different obstacles that will increase in frequency as you continue to climb. You will need the help of our Rotten Escape cheats, tips and tricks if you want to survive!

1. Timing Is Key

While it is important for you to climb up as quickly as you can, you will realize that furiously tapping on the different lanes will just get you killed. The higher platforms will start behaving differently, so you will need to pay attention before you make the jump. The ON/OFF platform can only be stepped on when it is ON. You will need to time your tap or risk landing on it while it is OFF. The same applies for the frying pan platform since you need to make sure the flames are gone before you land. It takes a bit of practice to predict the behavior of these platforms, so don’t lost hope if you fail a few times.

2. Use The Pause Button

It happens to everyone. You are on a good streak, your score is soaring, and your palms start sweating from the excitement. Before you ruin your run, hit the pause button so you can regain your composure and dry your hands. Don’t be afraid to hit pause if you feel like the pressure is getting to you. You will also be able to check out the list of tasks when you hit the pause button.

3. Open Gift Boxes For Free

At the end of each run, you will be presented with a gift box that you can tear open by paying 125 coins. You can also open these for free after every four games. On the fourth game, you will receive an ad offer. Accept it and watch the video in order to open up the gift box without spending any coins. Make sure you open it up as often as you can. It contains random rewards that include useful items, new characters, and more.

4. Complete Your To-Do Tasks

Aside from the goal of scoring as high as you can, the game gives you a list of tasks that you can aim for during your runs. Completing these asks will reward you with coins, items, and even new characters. Your To-Do tasks normally include scoring a certain number of points, picking up items, or travelling a certain distance. If you are struggling with a particular task, you can skip it for free by tapping on the Skip button below the task. Keep in mind that this will play a video advertisement that you need to finish watching before the task can be skipped.

5. Use Items Strategically

There are a few items that can be used in Rotten Escape depending on what you need. While you are free to use these items any time, it is best if you utilize them strategically to progress further in the game. Make sure you don’t waste them since they come in limited amounts. We have listed these items below so you have an idea of what you can do with them.

Trophy: This item gives you a 50% bonus on your score. Make sure you use it when you are planning to aim for the leaderboards. Hold on to these until you are able to consistently hit high scores in the game.

Wallet: This item increases the number of coins you collect by 50%. Just as with the Trophy, make sure you use this only when you can confidently score well during your runs in order to maximize your earnings.

Revive Potion: When you die in Rotten Escape, you will be able to revive yourself with coins or by watching an ad but you can only do so once per run. Using the Revive Potion will allow you to revive yourself twice in one run. Use this only when you are having the best run of your life so you can push your scores as far as possible!

6. Take Advantage Of Ad Offers

While exploring the game, you will often see a TV icon. This icon means you can watch a video advertisement in order to receive a reward or benefit. Keep an eye out for this icon throughout the game and take advantage of it as much as you can. Ad offers reward you with coins, items, and even new characters. Each ad takes only a few seconds, so there is really no reason to pass up the opportunities they present.

7. Pick Up Those Boosts

As you jump up the platforms, you will probably notice some jetpacks and magnets along the way. These are boosts that appear randomly throughout the stages. Jetpacks will let you fly up 12 platforms, avoiding all obstacles along the way. The magnet, on the other hand, will pull all coins towards you for 13 seconds. Pick these up whenever you can to help boost your scores and earnings. Just make sure you don’t risk your runs just trying to pick these up. If it is too dangerous to pick them up, you can just skip them.

8. How To Get Free Coins

Every 30 minutes, an ad offer becomes available in the shop. Watching it will reward you with 50 coins. It may not seem like much but if you are diligent in claiming the rewards, they will eventually pile up. Since you don’t really need to be playing in order to take advantage of this, you can just keep note of the time then log back into the game to watch the next ad. If you manage to watch 10 ads in a day, you will have 500 coins without actually having to play a single game.

9. Know Your Platforms

Since you will be encountering a lot of different platforms in Rotten Escape, it can sometimes be hard to figure out which ones are safe to step on. Some of them are helpful, while others will instantly end your run. Some of them, as we mentioned before, can be both safe and dangerous depending on your timing. We have listed them all below to help you figure out when it is safe to take that leap!

Spring – Boosts player up by five platforms
Trampoline – Boosts player up by ten platforms
ON/OFF – Safe to step on when turned ON, unsafe when OFF
Frying Pan – Safe to step on when fire is OFF, unsafe when fire is ON
Broken Wood – Breaks 1.5 seconds after being stepped on
Booger Platform – Sticky platform that can only be escaped by double tapping

You are now ready to make your escape from the garbage dump! Just remember the Rotten Escape cheats, tips and tricks listed above so you can climb up with ease!