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Grandpa (Android) Tips, Cheats & Strategy Guide to Survive Longer

Grandpa is a survival horror game created by PUDDING for Android and Steam. In this game, you are trapped inside a locked house with a murderous old man. You will have to hide from him while solving puzzles around the house in order to escape with your life. Unfortunately, you can’t really fight back. You can’t kill him, but you can slow him down by using syringes you find lying around the house. That should buy you enough time to find a different hiding spot. Be careful because if you get too scared, you will forcefully close your eyes. You will need to wait for a bit until you calm down before you will be able to open your eyes again. That’s not exactly a good thing when someone is trying to kill you. If you find yourself with no place to run, don’t worry. Our Grandpa strategy guide is here to help you survive!

1. There Is Life After Death

Did you accidentally drop something and now you find yourself getting bludgeoned to death? That’s fine, really. While it can be terrifying the first few times it happens, you get used to it after some time. In fact, it is inevitable for you to die in this game. The good news is that your game does not end when you die. Your progress is saved, and you get to play a little further the next time around. It takes a bit of the pressure off if you are not too scared to die in this game. This will help you focus on the puzzles, and maybe even give you the courage to experiment a bit. The game does not really give you much of a tutorial, so you will have to try a few things that may or may not lead to your death.

2. Manage Your Limited Inventory

The game gives you very limited inventory space. You can’t even really call it inventory because it is basically just the palm of your right hand. You have a single slot. That’s it. This means you will not be able to carry around all of the things you find. Make sure you pay attention to the current puzzle you are trying to solve. Do not stubbornly hold on to what you currently have just because you think it might be important. What you can do, instead, is to drop that particular item in a secure location. Take note of the location of the objects you drop, so you can easily backtrack if you need them later on.

You should also not be afraid to explore the house for new items. If you find a dead body, for example, you would naturally want to steer clear of it. Resist that urge because you might be able to find keys and other useful items on the body. Pick up the stuff you think are important and drop them off somewhere that you can easily find later.

3. Put Grandpa To Sleep

One important lesson you should remember in this game is that you should not try to kill old people. In this case, the primary reason is that you can’t. You will find several items in the house that might seem like that can be used as weapons against grandpa, but they won’t work. You cannot kill him no matter how hard you try. If anything, you will just get yourself killed by drawing his attention. What you can do is to jab a syringe into him to disable him for a few seconds. This will let you walk around without worrying about noise until he wakes up again. Keep in mind that you can complete the game even without using any syringe. It’s just a good item to have in case you get cornered.

4. Find Hiding Spots

Since, as we mentioned, you can’t kill grandpa, the best thing to do is to hide from him. Luckily, he has terrible eyesight. If he is in the same room, all you have to do is look for prompts when you are near wardrobes or tables. Tap on these prompts in order to hide from grandpa’s view. Keep in mind, however, that what he lacks in vision, he more than makes up for in hearing. That means even the slightest sound can have the potential to summon him to your side, ready to rake you to death. Be careful when you move around and avoid making any sounds.

5. Use Your Earphones

If you are playing the game on a mobile device, make sure you use earphones that will allow you to hear what is going on in the game. You can just turn up the volume if you are playing on your computer. Sound is a very important part of the game for a couple of reasons. First, no horror game is complete without the creepy music and startling sound effects. Second, and more importantly, sound cues in the game help you figure out where grandpa is. You will hear creaking noises, footsteps, and so on. These will tell you if he is getting closer. It will also tell you if you are making too much noise with whatever you are doing. Part of your success in this game will rely heavily on how well you will be able to tell grandpa’s location.

6. Prepare To Glitch Up

Since the game is still in early access, you can expect quite a few glitches in the game. Some of them are good, while others are a little more frustrating. Some of the good bugs in this game allow you escape from grandpa. He will often get stuck on walls or stairs that will give you time to just walk on. There are times when he doesn’t even notice or recognize you just because you are standing on the other side of a table. The bad bugs, on the other hand, will send grandpa flying in your direction. He will even find you while you are inside a wardrobe. These bugs, however, are all part of the development process. If you are having too much trouble with the controls, you should try adjusting the sensitivity.

Escaping from a locked house while you have an elderly lunatic chasing after you is not an easy task. With the help of our Grandpa tips and tricks, you will surely make it out alive!