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Rotator (Ketchapp) Cheats, Tips & Tricks to Improve Your High Score

French gaming giant Ketchapp is known for continuously innovating and coming up with fun new twists to casual games. Their signature rolling ball makes yet another appearance in Rotator! This endless runner for Android and iOS devices adds a dizzying new twist to the usual ball-rolling gameplay. Instead of simply tapping around to avoid obstacles on an infinite road, you will be rolling around in a tunnel.

The controls are slightly different for this game as well. You will have to tap and hold to make the ball roll to the right. Yes, you can only roll to the right. That means if you miscalculate the ball’s movement, you will have to go all the way around the tunnel to get to the right spot. The obstacles in Rotator cover the diameter of the tunnel, with gaps to let the ball through. Gaps will get smaller and obstacles will rotate faster the further you progress. Make sure you read our Rotator cheats, tips and tricks if you want to stay alive!

1. Shapes Can Be Distracting

One of the primary reasons new players fail in Rotato is because they pay too much attention to the shape of the obstacles. Since the obstacles have different shapes, it can be difficult to gauge whether or not the ball will make it through safely. Instead of focusing on the position and shape of the gaps, you should look at the color of the obstacles. You will notice that the colors change. These colors actually tell you if you will make it through. If the color is red, that means you should continue holding your finger on the screen. The time to let go is when the obstacle turns yellow. Just watch the color of the obstacle and you will be able to go through the obstacles without any problems.

2. Coins Aren’t Worth The Risk

As you progress in your run, you will notice a few coins scattered throughout the tunnel. You can pick these up by rotating to their general vicinity inside the tunnel. Make sure you only pick up coins when they are nearby. Do not sacrifice your run for the sake of a single coin. In fact, the coins are not worth going out of your way. Most of the time they are mere distractions that will most likely get you killed if you are not careful.

3. How To Earn More Coins

There is a right way to earn coins in this Ketchapp game, and it is not through picking them up in the tunnels. Rotator provides you coin prizes at regular intervals, so you just need to wait for them. You can also earn even more coins at the end of each round by accepting the ad offer that pops up. After watching a video advertisement, you will be able to spin for a prize that will give you around 50 to 200 coins depending on how your luck goes.

4. Get New Skins

In Rotator there are several skins available for you to unlock. Most of them can be purchased at 200 coins apiece. You can also get a couple of skins for free by checking out the game’s social media accounts. Just tap on the icons below the respective skins. Some skins can also be unlocked for free if you watch 10 video advertisements. All skins are purely cosmetic and will have no effect on your performance in-game. Still, it is fun to try to unlock them all as a way to challenge yourself further.

5. Fill Up That Star

When you are on the main screen, you will notice a star that slowly fills up as you play more games. The star is filled when you increase your score. Once it is full, you will receive a huge coin bonus. Just keep playing more games in order to fill up that star. The more coins you earn, the more skins you will be able to unlock!

It is time to get the ball rolling in Ketchapp’s new mobile game, Rotator! Be sure to use our tips and tricks above and you will be beating your high score in no time!