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Rodeo Stampede Tips & Tricks: How to Get More Coins

A few days ago, we covered Rodeo Stampede: Sky Zoo Safari, which is a fairly new title from Yodo1 Games that’s now available for Android and iOS mobile platforms. The basic premise of this game is that you run the Sky Zoo Safari, where you won’t be dealing with the standard animals you can expect on a ranch, but rather a variety of wild animals, including elephants, tigers, bears, ostriches, and a whole lot more. You’ll be leaping from one wild animal to another, and once you’re done with the “stampede,” you can fill your zoo’s enclosures with more new animals as you attract more guests.

In order to do a lot of things in this game, you’ll need a good supply of coins, but unfortunately, coins are a bit hard to earn. That’s especially true when you think of the various missions you have to undertake in order to unlock new areas, as well as the upgrades you need to make. Fortunately, though, there are some ways in which you can earn much more coins than you normally would, and we shall discuss this in this brand-new Rodeo Stampede strategy guide. We wouldn’t call all of them cheats, but rather innovative ways in which you can add to your earnings.

1. Use The Time Lapse Cheat While It Still Works

The best time for you to earn coins in this game would be at the time you’ve just opened your zoo for the day and are ready to go on a cruise. In the game, you’ll have a six-hour cool-down period in between the times when you open your zoo, but you can work around this by using one of the most time-tested (no pun intended) tricks in the book – the time lapse cheat. That means setting your device’s time ahead by six hours so you can open your zoo again almost immediately, then go on another cruise.

We suggest using this trick while Yodo1 has yet to nerf it – you never know when game developers roll out updates and quietly get rid of the time lapse.

2. The Time You Lapse Gets Added Back To The Cool-Down

You can keep on repeating the above process for as often as you like, so you can earn more coins – theoretically, infinite coins if you come to think about it. But once you set your device’s time back to normal, all of the time you had lapsed will go back onto the cool-down timer. So if you set the time ahead from 7:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m., then repeated the process, switching the time from 1:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m., then set your time back to normal, you’ll have to wait 12 hours before you can open your zoo again.

3. Watch Videos For Twice The Customers

More customers means more business, so if you want to double the number of customers you have at any given time, go watch an ad video. Customers drop coins while they’re at the zoo, and while it could take you some time to earn coins simply by picking up the ones customers drop while visiting, this is, nonetheless, a solid way to earn money, especially if you watch those ads to double that customer count.

As a related bonus tip, you can also watch ad videos after playing a round, and that will double the amount of coins you’ve earned. So if you earn 100 coins after completing a two-star mission, that’s 200 coins easy, and it’s all yours if you watch an ad afterwards.

4. Earn Money Through The Upgrades

Certain animals in Rodeo Stampede include coin-earning (for you, of course) among their special skills. And if you level them up sufficiently enough, you can earn more in-game money. Also make sure to upgrade your enclosures, as you can collect 50 percent more ticket money, for instance, if you upgrade to Level 4, and bonus coins for riding angry animals if you upgrade to Level 7.

That’s it for now as far as our latest set of Rodeo Stampede tips and tricks are concerned. Want to read our full collection of hints for Rodeo Stampede? If so, please head over to this link.