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Rodeo Stampede Guide: 5 Tips & Tricks to Unlock All the Animals

You’ve probably been wondering how you can unlock all of the animals in Rodeo Stampede: Sky Zoo Safari, that new game from Yodo1 that’s been an impressive hit since its release. But before we get to our tips for unlocking these fine beasts, let’s jog your memory a bit on the game, or orient those who are learning about it for the first time on this guide. Rodeo Stampede: Sky Zoo Safari, or Rodeo Stampede for short, is a game that combines zoo management with animal collection and arcade-like action, the latter of which involves riding the animals until you’re able to befriend them. The animals in here are mostly wild animals, and not the broncos and bulls in real-life rodeos, and once you’ve befriended them, you can add them to your zoo and show them off to your adoring customers.

Now, that we’ve reminded you about the game’s basic premise, let’s move on to this new Rodeo Stampede guide, where we offer some tips and tricks that could be of help if you’re trying to unlock all the animals – standard (common or rare) ones, secret ones, and bosses.

1. Buy A New Territory For More Enclosures And Animals

At first, you won’t have that much to work with – just one animal per enclosure while it’s still at Level 0, meaning the lowest level of all. And that’s going to be provided your territory has been upgraded sufficiently to allow you to find the animal in question. So if you want to unlock more enclosures (or simply the ability to buy more of them), complete more missions to earn more coins, and with the coins you earn, buy yourself a new territory, may it be a savannah or a jungle.

2. Rare Animals Become More Common As You Keep On Upgrading

Most of the time, each enclosure will eventually have four or five different animals, with two or three of them being common animals and one or two of them being a rare animal. But as you keep leveling up, those rare animals will start showing up more often; consider that once your enclosure is at Level 8, the number of rare animals would go up twice or thrice, depending on the type of enclosure. (Pro-tip – don’t expect too many rares to appear in lower-level enclosures.)

3. How To Collect Boss Animals

Boss animals are the rarest of the rare per animal type, and if you want to collect them, you’ll have to complete the in-game missions – map missions won’t do you any good if you want a boss mission to become available. Keep on watching ad videos so you can make more missions available, and once you’ve completed enough missions in the game, the boss mission will become available to you. Completing that one will allow you to collect the boss animal.

4. How To Collect The Secret Animals

We’ve got a separate list of tips for collecting secret animals, and once you’ve collected one, that will raise the number of animals that can fit into an enclosure from six to seven. Typically, you’ll have to complete a secret mission in order to find, and have a chance to tame and befriend, a secret animal, though we must warn you that it can be quite tough to complete these missions.

5. The Farther You Go, The More You Can Find Newer Animals

It doesn’t matter if it’s a common animal or a rare one, even if finding a rare is always better. But one rule of thumb in this game is that the farther you go within a level, the likelier you are to encounter a new animal, especially if it’s rare. Look for the word “NEW” over an animal’s head, as that’s all you need to tell you that this is the first time you’re encountering that animal in the game.

If you want to unlock a certain animal, please check out our other Rodeo Stampede strategy guide, which explains how to unlock all the secret animals in the game.